36 Krypton learned that the early education app “Zebra Little Horse Early Education”, which has been hatched by ape counseling, has recently been launched in the app store.In the introduction of the app store, “Ban Xiaoma” is a 0-3 year old bilingual early education solution, including physical toys, learning machines, picture books, early education cards, supporting videos and other content, providing users with lifestyle habits and general knowledgeEnlightenment and help in a bilingual environment.From the perspective of pricing, the “Zebra Little Horse” early education app page is priced at 49 yuan for the “Zebra Little Horse” experience class and 2800 yuan for the regular price class.Earlier industry sources told Krypton that the 49 yuan experience class is the Zebra AI class overall calculation of the highest conversion efficiency price, which may also be the reason why the prices of the zebra pony and zebra AI classes are consistent.After going online for the 0-3 year old “Zebra Pony”, the business of ape counseling education has been completed from 0 years old to adults.Ape Counseling Business Layout This is the first product launched by Ape Counseling for users aged 0-3 years old. Prior to this, Ape Counseling and other education giants in the industry have rarely been involved in this field-0-3 years old is nearlyThe emerging education track for several years has a low market maturity and a difficult business.Previously, players on this track had babies playing English, small steps, parenting, etc.Huang Junya, an investor of Zhen Fund, told 36 Krypton: “Online companies in the industry for users from 0 to 6 years old are mainly concentrated in small classes and light classes. In comparison, the small class model is more difficult because the 0 to 3 years oldThe change of children every three months will be very large, and everyone does not have a fixed learning cycle (unlike K12 is fixed in September and March every year), so the difficulty of group classes is higher than other tracks; the market acceptance of light class modeThe degree is relatively high, but due to the short LTV of the user, the difficulty is mainly to find accurate traffic and continue to obtain customers.” For ape coaching, this may be an extended attempt after the sweetness of the Zebra AI class.After all, before Zebra, the monthly volume of Enlightenment English startups was at the tens of millions of levels. At the beginning of this year, Zebra English changed its name to Zebra AI class and combined three subjects of English and Mathematics into one APP. Zebra AI classThe volume of income in April reached 500 million.The zebra ponies may become a user portal for ape counseling for young and old people.Corresponding to the English and English language categories, the ape tutoring has also launched the quality education products “ape programming” and “pumpkin science” in 2019 and 2020. The market that the former cut into is the emerging track of online education in the past two years.”Programming”, the latter is for the children’s science education market.From a horizontal perspective, the completeness of the education business of Ape Counseling is sufficient; from the perspective of the direction of subject expansion, Ape Counselling is likely to complete all the quality education categories in the enlightenment stage in the future, such as art enlightenment and music sparring.

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