In 2020 when MWC is cancelled, domestic mobile phone companies need to work harder


Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Sanyi Life” (ID: IT-3eLife).As early as a few days ago, we at Sanyi Life had speculated that this year’s MWC (World Mobile Communications Conference) may evolve with the retreat of a large number of head companies, and will become the “worst of all time” regardless of scale or display effect..But at that time, we were relatively optimistic that the deepest injuries may be caused by SMEs that have completely lost product promotion opportunities, and for large companies that have independent publicity capabilities, the impact may not have been so great..However, we were wrong at the time.Because only two days later, MWC host GSMA officially announced that it would cancel MWC2020.For a while, many people saw the cancellation of MWC as a microcosm of the huge impact on the entire consumer electronics industry during this particular period, and they were more worried about the potential impact it may have on the global market layout of Chinese manufacturers in 2020..Yes, in fact, Chinese companies originally need MWC. When talking about MWC, friends who know it a little bit know that this is the world’s largest communication technology exhibition and exchange event.From a closer consumer point of view, you can also think of it as a “festival” where global mobile phone companies and communication technology companies come together to “sing against Taiwanese opera” and collectively launch and display products.Because of this, for technology media and enthusiasts from all over the world, MWC is no different than a feast for new products; and it also means that for companies that want to open the market and get more attention, MWCThe original propaganda function should be far stronger than a product launch event.This point can be seen from the “enthusiasm for retreat” of well-known manufacturers before MWC2020 officially announced its cancellation.The earliest announced exit is LG, which is currently facing difficulties in the mobile phone business, and then Ericsson and NVIDIA, Amazon, Intel, MediaTek, and other upstream companies that basically do not promote business promotion to ordinary consumers and also “don’t worry about selling”..In fact, until noon of the day when our previous article was issued on February 11th, vivo, the first domestic mobile phone brand, announced the retreat, and manufacturers including ZTE, Huawei, OPPO, etc. all expressed their opinions at the time.Continue to “persist”, Huawei has even issued a notice about new products to be released during the MWC.Why do Chinese companies value MWC so much?The reason is actually well understood.On the one hand, the domestic smartphone market competition has already fallen into the situation of a few giants’ “close-to-fight”. No matter which one wants to further expand the territory, it is very difficult. In this case, go to MWC and promote it at the “home” of foreigners.Naturally it is very helpful to expand the brand’s influence in overseas markets.On the other hand, due to the current special circumstances, most domestic consumers are “not staying at home”, and the normal promotion and offline marketing activities of enterprises are almost impossible to carry out. At this time, there is a lack of media participation compared to holding online.In theory, the live broadcast conference is, of course, in the MWC venue full of enthusiasm, and the launch of new products under the common attention of the global media, the effect will be better.In the “post-MWC era”, the time has come to test the internal strength of each family. Of course, the current situation is that MWC2020 has been cancelled.Regardless of the manufacturer that announced the retreat earlier, or the one that tried to stick to it, everyone is now back to the same starting line. After the popular exhibition, there will be tests in the next days.The “internal strength” of each family.The first is the capacity.Recently, Li Nan, a former mobile phone product manager, pointed out that when evaluating the pricing of the Xiaomi 10 series, the entire mobile phone industry currently has new Snapdragon 865 models, and only Samsung and Xiaomi will start mass production in 2019.Therefore, there are stocks now, and while other households must have new flagships planned for 2020, but because the current factory is either unable to start or can start and is afraid of accidents, the products cannot be produced and the press conference naturally cannot be held, let alone the realOn sale.What does the camera feature of Xiaomi 10 Pro released yesterday mean?On the one hand, we can say that the reason why Samsung and Xiaomi started to produce new products as early as last year is to “grab the first launch.”However, friends who are familiar with the domestic mobile phone market sales and production models will know that pre-stocking itself has a certain degree of risk, and being able to prepare a considerable number of new products in the absence of market feedback, at least shows that the relevant companies have sufficient power for their productsBe confident and have a fair number of loyal users.Secondly, the product is ready, and it has to be sold to the user to make it work.However, it is well known that the more prestigious and luxuriously decorated offline stores are, the more unable to open their doors for business.For example, in the interview section after the launch conference of Xiaomi 10 yesterday, Lei Jun said frankly that Xiaomi “basically most of the shops have stopped.”However, he also mentioned that Xiaomi Mi 10 can be purchased at Jingdong, Tmall, Suning Tesco, and Xiaomi’s own official mall, and can even be delivered to users through Xiaomi’s offline stores.Obviously, the information revealed by Lei Jun’s sentence, on the one hand, is that Xiaomi 10 has stocked in advance, and all major e-commerce platforms have been allocated sources of supply; on the other hand, it is actually a “show” with the majorThe cooperative relationship of e-commerce platforms, and a huge offline sales network.After all, for this particular period of time, transportation resources are extremely valuable. The more mobile phone manufacturers with partners, the more they can deliver new products to more consumers.Not to mention the purchase method of “online, offline, and offline delivery” also involves the unification of online and offline price systems and the distribution of profits, as well as the trust of dealers in the enterprise, and these factors are not established overnight.Get up.Difficulties continue, and we may see more miracles in fairness. As a science and technology media in Wuhan, our students at Sanyi Life feel the impact of this special period firsthand, which may be better than those of readers and friends.Most of them are more direct and profound.But even if we are seeing Strategy Analytics ’prediction that“ China ’s mobile phone market ’s shipments fell by 30% in the first quarter ”, seeing a recent survey by well-known analyst Guo Mingyu, China ’s mobile phone market ’s shipments decline by 50% during the Spring Festival.-60%, inventory of up to 60 million units, still can’t help but feel frightened.After all, OnePlus has held flash events overseas. Although everyone expects that once this special period passes, the entire industry will usher in a retaliatory rebound that lasts for one to two quarters.But at least for the current mobile phone manufacturers, in the absence of MWC, maybe they can only find a way to go to the overseas market for a country and country development conference; without the planned offline launch conference, onlyI can think of ways to make the live broadcast better; without the store channels that can truly experience the product, how to make consumers feel more product charm through online promotion, naturally also became a science.But there is an old saying in China that there are always more ways than difficulties.For today’s mobile phone market, it is also the time to reflect the creativity, accumulation, and even the real product power.From this point of view, we may still be able to see the ingenuity of more manufacturers in the period to come, or we may be able to witness those companies that are really capable. It may be possible to rebirth after the ordeal and create miracles..

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