Baidu’s Apollo organizational structure upgrades to promote commercialization of autonomous driving products


Editor’s note: This article is from Krypton 36 “Future Automotive Daily” (micro-channel public number ID: auto-time), Author: Wang Yan.Author | Editor Wang Yan | Li Huanhuan December 6th news, Baidu Apollo has recently upgraded its organizational structure. In addition to the original business groups such as autonomous driving and connected cars, a new intelligent transportation business group has been added.This adjustment also points to the application of Apollo in the automotive and mobility fields.In this upgrade, Apollo’s self-driving business group has been upgraded and expanded. It now has three departments, including the smart car business department, smart driving map business department and autonomous driving technology department.The original car networking business group continued to develop smart car connected services such as on-board OS.The newly-added intelligent transportation business group will focus on the intelligent upgrade of transportation infrastructure and provide cities with next-generation intelligent transportation solutions such as vehicle-road collaboration systems and regional intelligent signal optimization systems.It is understood that after the adjustment, Apollo will increase investment in technology research and development in the field of autonomous driving and vigorously promote the commercialization of autonomous driving products; it will focus more on customer service in the field of connected cars and intelligent transportation, and further enhance product competitiveness and delivery.The latest data show that Baidu currently has 150 self-driving road test licenses.In addition to autonomous driving, this year Apollo has signed cooperation in the field of intelligent networking and intelligent transportation with more than 10 cities including Changsha, Chongqing, Cangzhou and Baoding.In the field of car networking, there are more than 60 car brands equipped with Apollo car networking functions, and more than 300 models are available on the market.All signs show that commercialization has become the theme of Baidu Apollo, and its commercialization path has gradually become clear this year.In January of this year, Baidu officially released ApolloEnterprise (ie Apollo Enterprise Edition) at the CES exhibition. The target customers are mainly car manufacturers, auto parts companies and travel companies.Apollo Enterprise is responsible for providing autonomous driving and connected car solutions to help it accelerate mass production, customized, and safe autonomous driving capabilities.According to Li Yanhong, Baidu is the “Android” system for autonomous driving.Baidu Vice President Li Zhenyu also said in an interview later that Baidu regards 2019 as the “first year” of the commercialization of autonomous driving.At the Baidu AI Developer Conference 2019 on July 3, Li Yanhong also said when Apollo was commercialized, that Baidu’s autonomous parking function has been ordered and can be installed on mass-produced models.From the current landing speed of autonomous driving, this is also the first technology that is expected to achieve mass production.Since its release in 2017, the open Apollo plan has quickly gathered, including major OEMs and suppliers including the newly joined Toyota.In the opinion of an industry person, although the OEMs have a cooperative need for autonomous driving, how open they can be to gain their trust is still a question mark.

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