36 krypton debut | “Lion Tail Intelligence” won Pre-A round investment, research and development of UAV industrial inspection program


36 Krypton was informed that Shanghai Lion Tail Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lion Tail Intelligence”) announced the completion of the Pre-A round of financing of the Oriental Meigu Industrial Development Fund. The amount of financing was not disclosed.Pusoft Incubator served as the exclusive financial advisor for this financing.Lion Tail Intelligent settled in Pu Soft Incubator in April 2019, and mainly develops industrial inspection solutions for drones.The company combines the needs of UAVs for large-bandwidth, high-reliability, and low-latency networking applications, uses 4G/5G cellular network technology, deploys artificial intelligence technology to UAV platforms, and develops UAV intelligent networked flight managementModules and monitoring platforms to solve the current application problems of drones in vertical industries.The main commercial application scenarios of its products are industry inspections and smart city inspections, including marine rescue search, mobile base station inspection, traffic road patrol, fire inspection, public security patrol, three-dimensional modeling of building construction, etc.Source: Lion Tail Intelligence Currently, there are many players in the industrial drone market.Speaking of competitive advantages, Shi Wei, founder of Shiwei Intelligence, told 36 Krypton that, first of all, their self-developed unmanned helicopter is equipped with a high-performance embedded system, which can not only automatically plan routes, but also complete mission-level automatic flights.The maximum load and cruising range of its unmanned helicopter series exceed that of similar unmanned aerial vehicles. It can be equipped with high-definition photoelectric pods, lidar, multi-spectral analyzer and other load equipment, which is more suitable for industrial inspection scenes. Second,Liontail Intelligence deploys artificial intelligence technology on the edge of the aircraft, which can complete target recognition and tracking in real time, and online to identify the damage and defects of various industrial objects, thereby improving inspection and application efficiency. In addition, Liontail Intelligence has built aThe unmanned aerial vehicle intelligent Internet of Things (AIoT) platform can monitor the flight status of the aircraft in real time through mobile phones and mobile terminals, and can remotely broadcast the real-time situation on the spot.At present, more than 70% of the R&D staff of the Lion Tail Intelligent Team is composed of 985 colleges and universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, China Southern Airlines, and the Electronic Science and Technology University.The founder, Dr. Shi Wei, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and has made academic visits at Iowa State University for many years. He has more than 15 years of experience in the research and development of intelligent unmanned systems.—————— I am Wang Yijin, a 36 krypton reporter. We can add WeChat catherineyijin for business communication. Please note company + name + position + intention.

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