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Although this year’s Google I/O was directly canceled due to the epidemic, the released mobile phone is still to be released. Some time ago, users exposed the relevant configuration and parameters of Google’s new mobile phone Pixel 4a series: Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 mobile chip, 6+64GB of storage space, a 5.81-inch FHD+ screen and a 3080mAh battery cost about $399.
Although the price of $399 is a lot cheaper than the $799 Pixel 4, but considering the actual configuration of the Pixel 4, the words “high cost performance” are obviously not close to it-the same is $399, next door iPhone SEIt is even equipped with Apple’s latest A13 bionic chip; not to mention the domestic Android, and the medium and large cups are complete.
Why are the requirements for the “Middle Cup” so different between the two markets?With two similar phones, why can the price of the domestic “Middle Cup” be much cheaper?
“Middle Cup” is different in different markets
Let me talk about why the mid-range models such as Pixel 4a and 3a are so popular abroad.We know that user experience requires good hardware configuration as a support, but for Android phones, a good software ecology is also important.As Google’s flagship of the year, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL are only equipped with 6GB of running memory, far behind domestic counterparts; but thanks to the Android ecosystem that Google personally operates, 6Gb of running memory can ensure the smooth operation of mobile phones.
And the budget saved from configuration can naturally be put in a place where differentiation can be made.Taking last year’s Pixel 3a as an example, this “low-end Pixel 3” is inferior to the Pixel 3 in core configuration and body design, but it has the same camera and imaging algorithm as the Pixel 3 division.Under Google’s optimization, the Pixel 3a has been named the “strongest Android single camera phone”.
In other words, the core selling point of these foreign “China Cup” is not the same configuration as the flagship, but the same experience as the flagship mobile phone.
But for domestic consumers who value cost-effectiveness, this “experience the same” statement obviously cannot impress them.In order to cope with the software that has started thousands of times under the domestic Android application ecosystem, the flagship processor and large memory package of the season has become particularly important.
For example, Xiaomi 10 and Xiaomi 10 Pro, the core configuration of the two phones is the same: both phones use the annual flagship 865 chip, LPDDR5+UFS 3.0 storage combination, 6.67-inch AMOLED high refresh screen; and another example is OnePlus 8 and 8 ProThe gap between them is also very close.Even if the Qualcomm chip is set aside, the configuration of Huawei Honor’s mobile phones is very close. Some users have asked “Why is the configuration of Huawei Honor so much cheaper than Huawei?”
Configuration is almost the same, where is cheaper?
If you only look at the big pieces such as mobile chips, screens, and memory chips, the gap between the “middle cup” and the “big cup” is really not obvious; but if you consider the composition of the entire mobile phone, the differences between them will gradually emergeToo.
Peripheral configuration
The first is peripheral components other than the core configuration, such as cameras and batteries, which are relatively “modular” parts.For example, in the examples of Xiaomi and OnePlus just mentioned, the gap between different “cup types” is mainly reflected in the camera: the multi-camera module of the “big cup” is generally more complete and can cover more focal lengths; and “The multi-cam module of the “Cup” usually reduces some lenses, or adds some “cooking” cameras with muddy water-we can’t say that this camera is useless, but it is not a necessity.
The battery-related fields are also reserved for the “Middle Cup”. Flagship mobile phones are usually more “luxury” in charging, let alone wired fast charging, wireless charging, and even wireless fast charging can be arranged.However, for the “Middle Cup”, because consumers are not very sensitive to these functions of wireless charging, many mobile phones have directly canceled the function of wireless charging.
Of course, in addition to the two points just mentioned, the shrinkage of the “Middle Cup” is also reflected in other aspects, such as the use of body materials, the layout of Wi-Fi antennas, etc. It can even be said that those require a lot of research and development costs to achieveThe functions and technologies of the software usually do not appear on the “Middle Cup”.
R&D costs
In other words, the “Middle Cup” is cheap because they save part of the research and development costs.The material cost of electronic products, or BOM cost, accounts for only a small part of the selling price; but in addition to the material cost, the mobile phone also needs to share the hardware research and development costs, which is the main part of the mobile phone selling price.Here is an extreme example, the material cost of the XBOX handle is less than $20, but this $60 handle consumes nearly $100 million in research and development expenses by the development team.
The same is true for mobile phones. The cost of a wireless fast charging coil may not be high, but the research and development cost of a complete set of wireless fast charging may be enough to widen the price difference of mobile phones.If these latest technologies are transferred to terminal mobile phones, it means that these mid-range mobile phones also bear high mobile phone R&D costs.
This is also the reason why new technologies and new functions usually only appear on the flagship fuselage: before the new technology matures and costs are reduced, these new functions are only affordable on the flagship model, so they only appear on the flagship model;By the second year, manufacturing costs have dropped, and mid-range models will naturally be able to use last year’s new technology.
Product premium
The last is the product premium, which is why the prices of brands such as Honor and Redmi are lower than those of Huawei and Xiaomi.However, we cannot simply link the brand premium with the “intelligence quotient tax”. The brand premium means that consumers are willing to spend more money on this brand. Naturally, the brand can also use more advanced design and more in the design of the product.Good craftsmanship, naturally invest more in new technologies.
However, for cost-effective brands, because users are relatively sensitive to the price of mobile phones, brands have some choices in product design. Functions such as wireless charging and 2×2 MIMO antennas that do not directly affect the user experience will naturally not appear in cost-effective machines.Type.
to sum up
This “hardware-first” purchase strategy directly leads to the development of domestic mid-range mobile phones with their own characteristics: overseas consumers give priority to the actual experience, fancy is the specific performance of mobile phones, such as Pixel 3a because of the excellent cameraIt is highly praised; while domestic users prefer the core parameters, because the core parameters can ensure the smooth operation of the mobile phone, thereby ensuring the experience of other functions.
However, the simple pursuit of “cost-effectiveness” may lose sight of each other, and may cause you to miss some phones with general configuration but excellent workmanship and feel; the cost-effective magic machine you buy now may also terminate software support in advance in the future, because of its ownThe life cycle is very short.
All in all, not all “non-cost-effective” mid-range devices are “intelligence quotient taxes”. In the final analysis, they are the products of different market choices.Taking the Chinese market as an example, the prosperity of offline channels has spawned a wave of mid-range products that emphasize overall experience and design. They are not as “conscience” in configuration as online products, but they still have a loyal audience.
In addition, the rich styles and patterns of the products are also proof that the market is developing benignly. In such a market, you can worry about not finding the mobile phone products you want.

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