Picture | pexels Recently, 36 krypton learned about a company that focuses on system chip integration solution design, micro system core chip and micro system SiP product development and production-Chengdu Jiana Haiwei Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jana”Haiwei”).The company was established in 2010 with a registered capital of 10,000 yuan. It focuses on system chip integration solution design, micro system core chip and micro system SiP product development and production. It is for micro system chip development and integrated packaging applications. It is for electromagnetic space security,High-end customers in the fields of Internet of Things, wireless communication and sensing, and green energy provide a full range of product development and technical support from chips, components, modules to micro systems.”Jane Haiwei” is a subsidiary of the 29th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. It owns a 1100m2 chip-specific 10,000-level purification room (partially 1,000-level), and has a complete GJB9001B and national second-class confidentiality qualification.The company leases the land of Hite Industrial Chengdu to build a production line with an annual output of 8 million MMICs, 50,000 pieces of SIP and 38.4 million optical chips.”Ganaway” has the full-process micro-system design and development capabilities in multiple fields, mainly divided into four major product lines: microwave millimeter wave chip product line, analog RF digital chip product line, integrated packaging application product line and smart community product line.The products are mainly used in the fields of Ethernet, IPTV, data communication, video surveillance, security, big data storage and FTTX.According to the company, “Ganaway” has established a close strategic cooperative relationship with leading companies in various industries, and has established joint laboratories or joint laboratories with world-class universities such as Manchester, the University of California, Tsinghua University, Peking University, and the University of Electronic Science and Technology.Core project cooperation, OMMIC, WIN, TSMC, SMIC, JAZZ and other international first-class semiconductor upstream manufacturers have long-term stable and good cooperative relations.In terms of competitive advantage, Su Li, the vice president of “Garner Highway”, said in an interview that on the one hand, the company seizes the state’s policies for the support of the semiconductor and optical communications industry, on the other hand, it can provide a comparison for domestic companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Hisense, etc.Better custom design support from foreign competitors.According to EMIS public information, the company’s net sales revenue increased by 22.05% in 2018, reversing the decline in profit margins in 2017.As for the EMIS team, according to public reports, as of 2018, the company has more than 70 employees. Among the team members, doctors account for 20% and masters account for 75%. They come from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Manchester, and other internationally renowned universities.According to 100 recruitment information, the company successively recruited circuit designers, engineers, supply chain and project management personnel this year.In terms of patent information, Tianyanchao’s industrial and commercial information shows that Jiana Haiwei owns 119 patented inventions and 5 “A+Smart Communities” related software copyrights. The company recently announced three utility model invention patents on May 19, 2020.System related.According to industry and commerce information, the company had obtained the Hite Group strategic financing in 2015, and the amount was not disclosed.The company is a member of Siwei Electronics Group, behind it is the 29th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation.Check

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