Editor’s note: This article is from Krypton 36 “Future automotive Daily” (micro-channel public number ID: auto-time), Author: Zhang.Source: Volkswagen official author | Zhang Yi editor | Wu Yan Volkswagen is changing the way electric cars are sold. ID.3, which is about to be launched in Europe, will be the first to test this new retail model.Volkswagen recently announced that its dealership will no longer be the main sales point of ID. Series electric vehicles, will focus more on online sales, dealers will assume the role of agents, and Volkswagen will name the new model of electrification management and marketing as”Thunder”.Through this model, users can provide services through online orders and designate a local preferred distributor.The dealer is responsible for providing sales consultation, test drive activities, transaction processing, vehicle handover, etc.Regardless of whether the customer buys a car online or offline, the dealer can get a computable return.The public said that its retail partners will be 100% involved.The traditional automobile production and sales model cannot adapt to changes in new technologies and new consumption in terms of cost, efficiency, and user experience.Volkswagen ’s newly launched retail model simplifies the process of matching when consumers buy a car.Not only Volkswagen, but in addition to the dealer model with 4S stores as the core, many OEMs, especially new energy vehicle brands, are exploring new sales models.Unlike the complex models of traditional cars, new energy vehicles have a simple structure, which can basically achieve price transparency, product standardization and simplified purchase chain.At present, Tesla, Xiaopeng and Weilai mainly adopt the heavier direct sales model to ensure the complete control of the brand image of the manufacturer and ensure that all customers have the best experience of the whole chain from the beginning to the end.Weimar Automobile adopts the method of “intelligent partner” in channel construction. The latter is mainly responsible for helping car owners to pick up the car, pay the final payment, list the card and other services after the customer is set.This way of channel agents can help manufacturers spread more quickly and expand market share.However, due to the relatively poor binding force of manufacturers on channel agents, agents are more concerned about the benefits of hammer trading, rather than brand image, which is potentially more harmful to start-up electric vehicle brands.The effectiveness and timeliness of communication between Weimar Automobile and consumers around the world is also difficult to unify, which has exacerbated the divergence of consumer experience in different regions.He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile, said last year that new auto retail is a combination of AI data-driven + new offline experience + word-of-mouth operation + new technology brand mentality. It is currently unsuccessful to directly abandon the offline experience model in China.It is still difficult to restrict the agent model and ensure the after-sales service experience.A person with many years of automotive after-sales experience told Future Auto Daily that under the non-direct sales model, the authority of manufacturers to manage channel dealers will be weakened. The latter may operate multiple brands at the same time and may be overwhelmed.Volkswagen itself has a higher market ownership, stronger profitability, and greater authority over channel control, but the manufacturer ’s voice and control still depend on the subsequent ID.3 market sales performance.In addition, when the market demand for ID.3 is still unclear, this sales method is also a protection for dealers.Volkswagen said that in addition to bearing inventory costs and “costs associated with showroom vehicles,” the company will also bear the burden of vehicle financing to ease the financial pressure on dealers.Welcome to pay attention to the future car daily (ID: auto-time)

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