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The iPhone SE, which starts at 3299 yuan in mainland China, sells well.On the day of the sale, 140,000 iPhone SEs were sold in Apple’s flagship store on a JD platform alone.Market research company Loup Ventures predicts that iPhone SE will sell 30 million units in the next 12 months.
iPhone SE is Apple’s affordable product.Since the advent of the original SE, the product line has not been updated for four years.Apple has always maintained a high pricing level of the iPhone by providing hardware and services that are superior to most Android machines, thereby obtaining a higher gross profit margin than the entire industry.
Although iPhone SE is a rare and affordable product from Apple, its gross profit margin is not low.The Japanese research company Fomalhaut Techno Solutions dismantled the iPhone SE and found that although equipped with the latest Apple self-developed A13 chip, the 64GB version of the iPhone SE cost only 217 US dollars, which is about 1541 yuan.In other words, less than half of the selling price.(Of course, this is only the cost of parts and components, not including the cost of marketing, research and development, manufacturing and other links.)
Specifically, it costs 18% less than the iPhone 8 released in 2017.The main cost reduction is concentrated on the display, battery and lens.
The iPhone SE is equipped with a 4.7-inch LCD panel with the same size and resolution as the iPhone 6 released in 2014.This is in stark contrast to Chinese mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei and OPPO—they even use OLED displays on low-cost smartphones.
In addition, the battery capacity of iPhone SE is about 1800mAh, while its competitors usually install at least 3000mAh battery.Apple said that iPhone SE can support users to watch up to 13 hours of video when the battery is fully charged, which is shorter than the 17 hours of iPhone 11.
The iPhone SE does not use a more advanced compound eye camera, and the imaging sensor is slightly smaller than the sensor of the iPhone 11 main camera, and the size is the same as the iPhone 8.However, it still maintains a good imaging capability, which is achieved by Apple’s image processing technology rather than lens hardware.
The selling point of iPhone SE is naturally not in these discounted hardware, but in that it is equipped with the same A13 chip of iPhone 11.
In other words, the computing power of the iPhone SE is stronger than all Android machines on the market.In the Geekbench speed test, iPhone SE scored 1328, which is equivalent to iPhone 11.It far surpasses the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the iPhone’s strongest competitor, which only scored 835.
Moreover, because it uses the same chip as the iPhone 11, any version of Apple ’s iOS system update in the future, as long as the iPhone 11 can be used, the iPhone SE can also be used.
According to Fomalhaut estimates, the cost rate of iPhone SE is 54%, while the cost rates of iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 are 38% and 48%, respectively.
The Silicon Valley analysis article said that supply chain sources revealed that Apple’s gross margin on iPhone SE should remain at around 20%.This phone will continue to cut prices in the future, so as to gain more market share, and from a cost perspective, this is entirely possible.
In the past few years, Apple has maintained an ultra-high gross profit margin of more than 37% with iPhone pricing higher than almost all Android machines. In the past two years, with the increase in discount promotions and the reduction in the overall price of iPhone, gross profit margin hasLowered.Q2 financial report shows that the gross profit of Apple’s service business is as high as 64.5%, while the gross profit of product business is about 30.3%.
This year, in addition to this ultra-low-cost iPhone SE, there are iPhone 12, 12 Plus, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max on the road.According to the current mainstream technology media’s estimate of the price of the iPhone 12, the difference between the cheapest (SE) and the most expensive (12 Pro Max) is $ 700, or nearly RMB 5,000.

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