Apple is considering delaying the release of the 5G iPhone, and the epidemic may disrupt the product development schedule; 360 has discovered Apple MacOS Bluetooth vulnerabilities, and Apple is publicly grateful … Recall what recent technology news and netizens ’replies should not be missed.Apple is considering delaying the release of the 5G iPhone, and the epidemic may disrupt the product development schedule March 26. The media quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Apple had discussed delaying the release of the 5G iPhone for several months.It is reported that Apple is discussing the extension, because the global epidemic may damage demand and disrupt product development schedules.JP Morgan analysts said in a report on Tuesday that Apple may delay the launch of the new iPhone by a month or two due to production issues caused by travel restrictions and slowdowns in 5G network growth due to partial [email protected] 齐天 大 Crocodile: Tomorrow, this is false news, and it will be released as scheduled, another [email protected] 寅时 观 月: No, my xr can’t hold [email protected] 磕 冰 bot: iPhone 7 Plus, I can fight for a few more years, I am not in a [email protected] 史 歪 格波 一: Then you can save more money for two months.WeChat launched the “share payment” function, the WeChat version Huayao is online?In the afternoon of March 26th, WeChat of some users launched the “share payment” function.When paying on WeChat, users can use payment to pay first, and then make installments.It is understood that, in terms of interest, different from Huayan instalments, the payment will be calculated according to the actual number of days the user uses, and the accumulated interest will be paid when repaying.After the user repays, the principal is reduced and the interest is also reduced.In other words, WeChat payment does not have a mandatory repayment date, and can be repaid on [email protected] the dream when you were young 310: Don’t consider apps without customer [email protected] 菌菇 bid 饭 香: Is it possible to use WeChat active time to offset [email protected] 于 辰 欢: I am worried that no east wall has been demolished and no wall can be [email protected] artbo: This makes the family that is not wealthy even [email protected] 李 曦 晨 Dylan: Flowers can be saved for a month.360 discovers Apple MacOS Bluetooth vulnerability, Apple publicly thanks 360 company for expressing that the 360 ​​Alpha Lab team was the first to discover 5 MacOS Bluetooth vulnerabilities in the world. According to official confirmation, the vulnerability combination is a “zero-click no-contact” remote exploitation vulnerability, which is highly destructiveIt has a wide range of impacts, covering all Apple notebooks including macOS Mojave 10.14.6, macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, and macOS Catalina 10.15.2.At present, Apple officials have released patches based on the vulnerability reports submitted by the 360 ​​security team, and issued two important security notices at the same time, publicly thanking the 360 ​​team and awarding a vulnerability bonus of $ 75,[email protected] 夕: Is 360 planning to be a Mac [email protected] 柯克君: 360 has since entered the profit [email protected] perspective: I feel 360 understands computer viruses.After supporting mini programs, the new version of WeChat PC also supports mini games. On March 25, the WeChat team announced that in the new version of WeChat PC, it would be possible to open mini games in chat sharing and add a mini program panel.Downloaded mini programs, you can download WeChat PC beta version (Windows version) experience.The new version provides developers with new PC capabilities such as custom windows, keyboard and mouse events, and developers can adapt to the PC.The PC Mini Game Access Guide mentioned that the current WeChat on the PC side supports most of the interfaces required to run the original mobile mini games, including but not limited to virtual payments, open data domains, touch events, [email protected] 盛 仔 nova: When does the PC end support the circle of [email protected] 飞飞 飞 SophieFly: get fish [email protected] 我 改名 啦: It’s getting swollen.Do you have any thoughts about the hot events in the technology industry today?Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Excellent God replies will appear in the next article ~

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