From the perspective of overall vehicle size, the length, width and height of the new Mercedes-Benz EQC pure electric SUV are: 4774mm x 1923mm x 1622mm, and the wheelbase has reached 2873mm, ensuring that it is a necessary car for a medium-sized SUV.Inner space.The lighting design of “Ring of Time and Space” runs through the whole car, the geometric multi-beam LED headlights with black highlight design, the unique black grille panel of the EQ family … Thanks to many details, the new EQC pure electric SUV has maintained Mercedes-Benz’sA sense of luxury, while adding a lot of technology to the new EQC pure electric SUV.From the side of the body, the lines of the vehicle maintain the Mercedes-Benz’s usual elegance. The curves of the side lines echo the LED lights on the front and rear of the vehicle. The black grille panel unique to the new EQC pure electric SUV is also added.If you see the Mercedes EQC passing by on the street, you will definitely be impressed by its appearance.It is worth mentioning that the design of this new Mercedes-Benz EQC pure electric SUV wheel hub is very unique. It adds the double-circle construction element of the electromagnetic rotor to the structure of the traditional AMG double five-spoke sports wheel, bringing a kind of metal and mechanicalunique charm.Open the door of the new EQC pure electric SUV and sit in the cockpit, observe carefully, you will see that Mercedes-Benz has worked hard on this new EQC pure electric SUV.The overall style of the center console uses a theater-style embracing cockpit design, allowing the driver to feel the “all in control” driving experience.Coupled with the intelligent interactive experience brought by the dual 10.25-inch high-definition display, this sense of technology beyond the future will be stronger.In addition to the dual 10.25-inch high-definition display, in addition to giving a strong sense of science and technology, users can also adjust the 64-color ambient atmosphere lighting system for 10 atmosphere themes in the car through it.In terms of interior materials, this car also reflects the aesthetic taste of Mercedes-Benz. In addition to the EQ-style color matching seats with rose gold stitching, even the air conditioning air outlet also uses a rose gold key design as a match, which makes the entire carThe interior design brings a unified visual experience.The inside ride experience is also more comfortable.The seat is available in a variety of color schemes specific to the new EQC pure electric SUV.This experience we have adopted a unique black and blue and blue exclusive color scheme, with rose gold seat stitching, a variety of colors of different materials stitching, showing Mercedes-Benz’s ability to create luxury car interiors, make the interior spaceA sense of luxury sprang up.At the same time, the texture of the seat is moderate and the padding is moderately soft, which can provide effective support during driving and also take into account the comfort of long-distance driving.This new EQC pure electric SUV we experience comes standard with the Sound of Berlin sound system, and the luxurious atmosphere created by the interior design and lighting can bring a full range of comfort to drivers and passengers.Of course, the driving experience of a luxury SUV still comes from power and control to a greater extent, not to mention that this is the first luxury pure electric SUV from Mercedes, and everyone’s expectations have doubled.The first is power. The new EQC pure electric SUV uses the design of the front and rear asynchronous motor layout. The entire powertrain is independently developed by itself. The compact motors located on the front and rear axles can provide 300 kW and 730 Nm of power to this EQC.The output, coupled with the starting advantage of pure electric cars, the official 100 km acceleration time of this car reached 5.1 seconds.In luxury brand electric vehicles, such dynamic performance is remarkable.The adjustment of the chassis and suspension of the vehicle is relatively solid, and the overall driving texture is satisfactory, mainly due to Mercedes-Benz’s many years of design and production experience.During our test drive, we conducted segmented acceleration experiences of 0km / h-60km / h, 60km / h-80km / h, and 80km / h-120km / h.Through experience we found that the front, middle and rear sections of the vehicle accelerated.The motivation is basically on call.Acceleration of the tail section of some trams will not occur.On closed test roads, it can even easily reach 160km / h.The strong side is the noise control. In this regard, the performance of the new EQC pure electric SUV is also very good.We found it at 50km-120km indefinite speed cruise.The noise inside the car is basically controlled at around 90db.In addition, this new EQC pure electric SUV also comes standard with many driver assistance systems, such as the intelligent pilot distance limit function, which can maintain a safe distance between the car and the car according to the position of the vehicle in front, and can also meet the front carAutomatically follow; when the front car stops, you can automatically follow the front car and start again within 30 seconds. These functions add up to a set of L2 level automatic driving assistance system.And these are just the tip of the iceberg of the new EQC pure electric SUV technology capabilities, as well as enhanced versions of preventive safety systems and collision prevention assistance systems.In the actual experience, after the new EQC pure electric SUV has turned on the intelligent pilot distance limit function, whether it is coming sideways, inserting, or driving in parallel, the driver’s dashboard will give some auxiliary information as a hint to helpDrivers can more easily deal with various road conditions, making our driving experience easier and safer, whether it is long-distance driving or daily transportation.The newly designed color HUD head-up system is rich in display information, basic information such as speed limit prompts, driving status, and directions are readily available. In the actual experience process, this is one of the functions that can most intuitively reflect the technological sense of this car.In terms of battery life, the new EQC pure electric SUV has a range of 415 kilometers, which can fully meet the current urban travel needs of Chinese users.When DC fast charging is used to charge the EQC, at the maximum rated power of 90 kilowatts, the time required for the EQC pure electric SUV to charge from 10% to 80% does not exceed 45 minutes.As a model that maintains the traditional luxury sense of Mercedes-Benz and takes into account technology, you can feel the “intelligence” on this new EQC pure electric SUV anytime, anywhere.The “hello, Mercedes” wake-up phrase can directly wake up the car’s AI voice assistant to help you complete various operations.However, in actual experience, in terms of recognition and wake-up and recognition of speech, the recognition rate can basically reach more than 90% without any problems on the network.In general, the new Mercedes-Benz EQC pure electric SUV, whether it is the design or the driving experience, can be said to be one of the best among the luxury car brands that have been released.In addition to its strong product strength, Mercedes-Benz has also established a brand-new charging service system for users, allowing users to use their cars without worry.Almost all electric vehicle use scenarios will be gradually covered from home smart charging wall boxes, public charging piles, valet charging services in urban hotspots, road rescue charging services, and Mercedes-Benz exclusive charging stations, in an effort to bring usersComprehensive worry-free experience.Star Steward, Star Travel, Star Post Station, Star Escort, and Star Assistant will also provide “Star” -class charging services based on customers’ different use occasions, creating an exclusive “Navigation Management Station” for Mercedes-Benz.In terms of price, the official guide price of EQC 400 4MATIC starts from 597,800, and the official guide price of EQC 400 4MATIC 1886 limited edition is 622,800.At the same time, Mercedes-Benz also provides a very flexible financial solution for EQC users: a 15% down payment, zero vehicle purchase tax to achieve a truly low down payment, and monthly payments based on the mileage ladder, which is what is called “how much to pay”.Not only that, Mercedes-Benz officially guarantees that the value of the vehicle is as high as about 50%, which will protect you from the impact of depreciation of the vehicle. You can also perform a “triple smart selection” at the end of the contract period—replacement (repay the new car down payment with the value of the existing vehicle guarantee), Return (the manufacturer buys back the vehicle at the guaranteed value) or buy (pay the guaranteed value to own the existing vehicle).The price of 597,800 yuan, after deducting the state subsidy of 16,000 yuan, is less than 570,000 yuan.Mercedes-Benz brand owners (including Mercedes-Maybach S-Class cars and AMG models / smart / V-class cars / Vito / Viano passenger cars) and immediate family members (spouse / parents / children) can also enjoy the maximum limitInsurance support of RMB 15,000 per Taiwan.Other brand replacement customers can enjoy insurance support up to a maximum of RMB 3,000 per Taiwan, and a number of value-added services, free choice, and installment together.At the same time, the original 6-year 120,000 km original maintenance package also allows you to bid farewell to your worries and easily enjoy a luxurious electric life..

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