Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Magistrate old driver” (ID: panguansays), Author: Magistrate old drivers, 36 krypton release authorized.Douyin officials announced a live-streaming collaboration with Luo Yonghao.From the afternoon of March 19, he unilaterally announced his entry into live broadcasting, and Luo Yonghao’s threshold was almost met.Kuaishou’s public account, Kuaishou Business Insights, published an article “Luo Yonghao Xiansen, 300 million old railways welcome you to join e-commerce live broadcast” on the evening of the 19th, showing love for Luo Luo at the same time., And led the negotiations, Lao Luo’s Northeast fellow, fast-handed founder Cheng Yixiao.Since 2016, from the short video to the live broadcast, from the advertisement to the delivery, the rivalry between the vibrato and fast hand has never stopped.Douyin first arrived on short video, advertising, and live broadcast services, posing a direct threat to the fast hand; in 2019, the fast hand also turned from a Buddhist system to a wolf attack.To judge the situation of the live-carry war, you need to find some clues from the performance of the two sides in the previous three battles.Short video: Reaching the same destination in August 2016 was the time when, the predecessor of Douyin, went online. At that time, Kuaishou was already an invisible giant with more than 30 million DAUs and started the live broadcast, which mimics, was renamed the Douyin short video after half a year of wretched development, and entered the mainstream vision in April 2017.At that time I was quick and researched competing products with a group of colleagues.First look at’s domestic version of Muse. I feel that the single-row display is quite new, but the content and picture quality are rough; then turn on the vibrato, full-screen high-definition plus handsome guys dance, which surprises everyone.My colleague and I said that this product has a promising future and is a fast-match version.It turns out that I am still conservative.In the summer of 2017, it was titled “Hip-Hop in China” and filled with hot dances such as Seve. At the end of 2017, the content quickly fell from young / tide / dance to more lifelike / imitation / funny categories such as more grounded.During this process, Douyin mainly did several things.From operating offline activities in the early days, mobilizing in-school students to contribute exquisite content, to naming variety shows in the mid-term and launching advertisements to promote the brand, until the Spring Festival of 2018, the returnees were used to sink and penetrate, occupying the minds of users from top to bottom.In the second quarter of 2018, the wave of seaweed dance, Dura dance, 123 I love you and other magical BGM (background music) has repeatedly come out.In addition to fast-track brand launches, such as playing “slogan“ Nothing high or low in life ”, and naming high-speed rail during the Spring Festival, there is almost no action in terms of products and operations.In April 2018, when Kuaishou was removed from the shelf due to content problems, the next-door Douyin entered a period of rapid development.In January, March, and June 2018, the DAUs of the fast players were 100 million, 120 million, and 130 million, respectively.During the same period, the DAU of Douyin was 30 million, 70 million, and 150 million, respectively.At the end of 2018, Kuaishou began to aggressively seek upward breakthroughs with strategies such as brand launch, product vibratoization, and content de-Northeastization; while Douyin introduced as much content as possible to please the sinking users while maintaining the tone.The coincidence rate of daily active users of the two platforms exceeded 50% in the second half of the year.In the Spring Festival of 2020, the quick target of 300 million DAU was completed, but the subsequent brand communication action of the Spring Festival Evening was greatly weakened due to the epidemic situation.Watermelon videos and Douyin successfully grabbed the limelight with the help of “Aunt Mom” ​​’s Internet solo broadcast, and achieved a DAU of 450 million.Today, it is difficult to distinguish the two products from the content and product form. Even the fast-handed products have richer and more detailed functions.In the fast speed version, the “Discovery” column has cancelled the traditional double-column waterfall stream, only supports single-column playback, and the content picture quality is generally higher than the average level of vibrato.The vibrato started with full-screen high-definition, but now flooded with a lot of “slag image quality” content.Looking back at the competition in the past three years, we can draw two conclusions: 1. Single and double columns are the result, not the cause. Douyin products have been released late, there is no historical burden, and the user group can enjoy the development of mobile phone hardware from the top downdividend.The fast players of the same period are limited by the performance of sinking users’ mobile phones, and cannot apply the single-row high-definition product form.The single-column presentation content is small and forced to play, resulting in low user tolerance. It is easy to lose the favorite content within three slides, so the requirements for the content recommendation algorithm are higher than the dual-column.In 2017, in terms of content recommendation, audio and video decoding technology and talent reserves, the comprehensive strength of byte jump is higher than that of fast hand.However, due to the early launch of the fast hand, the old technology architecture, and users depositing a large number of old versions of Android, it is difficult to solve the problems left by history.2. Neither the “hand restraint” of the fast hand nor the “aggressive” of the vibrato is not a key factor. We cannot say if the fast hand is “aggressive” earlier, or there is no vibrato in the market, what the current short video battlefield pattern will look like.However, judging from the development curves of the two products, before everyone has the same goal, the development is mainly determined by the market, user characteristics and team genes.The market is easier to understand.In the short video track, user perception is educated by Douyin and Kuaishou.The dividend of the times behind it is the improvement of mobile terminal performance and network speed, and the reduction of data rates.In terms of user groups, the core of the fast player sinks the high activity and stickiness of the user, which is the fast moat and basic disk; while Douyin has basically migrated from 2017 to the present, the basic disk of the user has migrated from the trendy young people to the civiliansPeople.While expanding the audience, there is a lack of core loyal users like Quick Hands, so iterative development of “radical” is also a last resort.On the team side, as an ex-employee, it is inconvenient to comment too much. Just to say one point, the “restraint” of the extremist is just a kind of appearance.Before the beginning of 2019, the fast players really didn’t know what to do, and didn’t need to do anything. They basically lay down and won, and it was really sweet to make money live.Commercialization: Advancing for advertising and live broadcast, are the core commercial engines of Douyin and Kuaishou respectively.Regarding this phenomenon, the industry generally believes that Douyin is more media-oriented and fast-handed is more community-based. Therefore, when commercialization is realized, advertising and live broadcast are the smoothest paths for both.It is interesting that the early team of Douyin was from a community product; and the core technical team led by Suhua Suhua was from Baidu’s “Feng Chao” advertising system.The community atmosphere of Douyin is not inferior to the fast hand, and the slow-moving advertising business is not limited by technology.According to my own understanding, the income of the fast live broadcast rewards in 2019 is more than 30 billion yuan.On the other hand, in 2019, the fast-moving KA (brand major customer) advertising business has an annual target of 15 billion, and actually completes about 10 billion.In the summer of 2019, Douyin began working with the guild and the MCN organization to launch live broadcasts, and through algorithms to provide accurate traffic support to anchors, as well as to strengthen the entrance and user guidance of the live broadcast, the monthly live broadcast income at the end of the year has evened out and even surpassed the fast hand.Revenue from live broadcast business is subject to the total number of users.With the slowdown in user growth this year, several friends in the industry estimated that the income of the fast-moving live broadcast business was 40 billion.We assume that the ARPU (revenue per user) of the two Douyue users are equal, and according to daily live user calculations, Douyin ’s live broadcast revenue this year will still exceed the fast hand.It should be noted that the gross profit of the advertising business is much higher than the live broadcast.In the case of Douyin’s leading advertising revenue, if the live broadcast income equals or even exceeds the fast hand, the commercialization income gap between the two can be felt.The performance of the fast-handed advertising business is mediocre, and it is far from simple “restraint”.In fact, Kuaishou launched the KA advertising business in the second quarter of 2017.However, product, technology, sales, brand and other constraints, as well as the dazzling performance of the live broadcast business, led to the slow advancement of advertising business.According to inside information, in 2020, the target of fast hand advertising business is 50 billion.Products and technologies are only necessary conditions for Internet advertising business.No matter online or offline, the core competitiveness of advertising business must be sales ability.The fast-handed advertising sales team has been established since 2017. After several personnel changes, it has only begun to take shape in mid-2019.The byte bounce next door, before the birth of Douyin, already had mature advertising technology and a sales system.Considering the improvement of Kuaishou’s brand image, and the positive shift to the single-row format for the advertising business, I think Kuaishou’s 50 billion advertising business goal this year is expected to be achieved.Of course, the negative impact of the epidemic on the economic situation in the first and second quarters will have a predictable impact on advertising revenue for all products.In short, two commercial products, advertising and live broadcast, rely heavily on the “potential” created by the corporate genes and the economic environment.Live streaming: The phenomenon of qualitative change near the fast-handed live-streaming was born at the same time as the fast-handed live-streaming.At the end of 2016, the fast live broadcast room, anchors with goods to sell goods have been everywhere.Of course, at that time, the way to carry goods was to encourage viewers to add WeChat, and live broadcast became a means of drainage for WeChat.The strong atmosphere of selling live goods quickly is inseparable from the characteristics of users.In a sinking market, a large number of fast-handed users have a direct and urgent need to increase their income levels.Many fast-handed users are engaged in agriculture, manufacturing, or small businesses, and they are naturally available for sale.Kuaishou officially started to design e-commerce auxiliary functions for users, namely “Kaishou Xiaodian”, in mid-2017, and guided and standardized the live-carrying behavior in 2018.Quickly guide the live broadcast to take the goods out of the era of micro-business, and integrate it into the internal closed loop of the product. It is both a regulatory requirement and a product commercialization requirement, and it is also a demand for capital market preaching.In 2019, Kuaishou began to actively promote the e-commerce business. A group of head anchors have a reputation for carrying goods, such as “Sanda Brothers” and “Simba”, which have sales of over 100 million in a single game, which is remarkable.Douyin side, although there is no basis for live delivery, but in 2018, another skill tree was lit, that is, the short video “grass and bring goods”.There are countless internet celebrity products, internet celebrity attractions and even internet celebrity cities detonated from Douyin.Since 2018, “the same version of Douyin” on Taobao is a common product description, which explains the potential of Douyin to bring goods.In 2019, as Li Jiaqi, Beef Brother, and other popular Internet celebrities are rising in Douyin, Douyin officially began to consciously cultivate and operate e-commerce partners, and set up e-commerce product teams to design polished products.The core competitiveness of live streaming is the cheap + fan effect.The former is a requirement for supply chain and business capabilities, while the latter is related to platform characteristics and anchor characteristics.At the same time, live streaming is also a live broadcast, which is strongly related to the development of the live broadcast business. Users buying and rewarding in the live broadcast room are performances recognized by the anchor.The core difference between Douyin and Kuaishou ’s live delivery is that one is the user group and the other is the product stage. It should be said that Luo Yonghao chose to cooperate with Douyin.Kuaishou Laotie’s familiarity and recognition of Luo Yonghao will be much worse. From the category of goods brought, Luo Luo’s digital cultural and creative products are more suitable for the vibrato atmosphere.Not to mention, the Douyin parent company’s byte beat, and also took over the hammer mobile phone business.Fast users have already been familiar with buying goods through live broadcast, and Douyin has been warming up for more than a year by taking short videos to bring goods. At the time when the firepower is about to be fully opened, Lao Luo with the ability to “grass grass” appears in time.Douyin needs Lao Luo to complete, not the planting of a certain product, but the planting of live Douyin. That is to say through this cooperation, let the industry inside and outside understand the live Douyin business of Douyin..Back to the question raised at the beginning of this article.In the past two years, Douyin has surpassed the fast players in both user data and advertising business, which has inspired the fast players’ fighting spirit.While fast grasping user growth and advertising business, it chose its traditional advantage-live broadcast with cargo breakthrough.While Douyin’s live broadcast business is equal to the fast players, it also timely launches live tape delivery, continuing its advantage of short video planting.Therefore, fast hands and Douyin snatch Lao Luo, not to expect Lao Luo to sell goods so simple, but to prevent Douyin, as before, use the opportunity to make a business breakthrough.In Lao’s own words, even if you don’t want to buy anything, you won’t be disappointed when you come to see it.Because this live broadcast marks the short video platform of the two heads, starting a new round of competition.The goods brought by Lao Luo are the vibrato live goods themselves.Judge: Senior product manager, author of Tiger Sniff 2017 and 2019.WeChat public account: The old driver of the judge (ID: panguansays) is the author of “Product Awakening”. 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