Shen Translation Bureau is a compilation team of 36 氪, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives and new trends.Editor’s note: When it comes to Tesla, it has many “firsts” or “different features”, which also makes Tesla very “different” in the eyes of the public.Interestingly, Tesla hasn’t had an internal employee manual since it was founded so long.But a few days ago, well-known technology media leaked Tesla’s first employee manual, and its specific content was quite “alternative.”The original title of this article is Tesla’s ‘Anti-Handbook Handbook’ for New Employees Just Leaked. It’s Pure Elon Musk, and Your Business Should Definitely Copy It, the author Bill Murphy Jr shared with you a few after reading this leaked fileFind.Recommended Reading | Netflix Design Class: Improving the User Experience with Psychology Source: Getty Images If you are the CEO or top manager of a large company or organization, you can actually use it for effective managementThere are very few tools.As far as efficient operation and management is concerned, the most important thing is how to design and strengthen the construction of corporate culture.At Tesla, this is also the chief concern of CEO Elon Musk.A few days ago, a well-known US technology news platform, Business Insider, published an article by Mark Matousek.In this article, Matousek reveals Tesla’s latest internal employee handbook: Anti-Handbook Handbook.This employee handbook can be described as quite different and also very Musk’s style. It mainly introduces employees to many aspects such as strong ambitions, professional ethics and code of conduct, and corporate culture.In the eyes of the public, this employee manual is also very interesting to read.If you also have your own business, maybe you should also learn Musk’s approach to business management.In response to this exposed “Manual that is not a manual,” I have three main findings: 1. To build and reflect corporate culture, this “manual that is not a manual” is only 4 pages in total.If we regard it as one of the important documents in the official “Welcome to Tesla” package that new Tesla employees will receive, then we can also see that Tesla ’s corporate cultureValue.Source: Scribd / Insider Inc The first paragraph of the document reads: We are Tesla.We will change the world.We are willing to rethink everything.Later, the document also mentioned, “We are different and we like ourselves. It is the difference that sets us apart and accomplishes tasks that are impossible in the eyes of others.” Perhaps many companiesSimilar slogans or ambitions are proposed, but as far as Tesla is concerned, these sentences seem at least particularly true.This employee handbook goes on to explain that this is not a traditional employee handbook full of rules and regulations. After all, these traditional employee handbooks “will only tell you where the various bottom lines are. Before you are really swept out, your behaviorAnd how bad performance is. “In contrast, Tesla’s employee handbook writes,” We emphasize more on the highest standards and hire the most distinctive talents at the same time. “If you are because of Tesla’sIf extremely high standards cannot recognize this corporate culture, this employee handbook also has the corresponding content: “You may be more successful elsewhere. We are not mean, but this is just the fact.” Perhaps, in the eyes of many peopleThis employee handbook is also a document used within the company to regulate corporate culture. However, its content and terminology may seem too arrogant, but this is what makes Tesla different.You may appreciate the content of this employee handbook, you may not like it.However, I think it has clearly communicated what is Tesla’s corporate culture.2. The overall tone of this Tesla employee handbook is unusually spoken.However, it does not fall into the trap that oral content must be very interesting.When I found myself smiling or laughing while reading this manual, I recalled that many other company employee manuals were written like legal terms or felt like an official committee document.Although this employee manual of Tesla has specifically targeted the problems encountered by most companies at present, its overall stylistic tone is consistent and unusual.Image source: Scribd / Insider Inc. To this end, Tesla emphasized that this employee handbook is not just setting expectations, it also includes “trust”, “communication”, “work duties”, “objectives and feedback”, and “Stupid things “and so on.Specifically, it mainly includes the following: whenever you join Tesla, you must give him trust and responsibility.As long as we can solve the problem in the fastest way from the company standpoint, any Tesla employee can and should communicate with anyone in the company through email or face-to-face communication.You can communicate directly with the superior manager, you can communicate directly with the superior manager of the superior manager, you can also communicate directly with the vice presidents of other departments, and you can even communicate directly with CEO Musk face to face.”No one told me” This reason, absolutely not work in Tesla.We think that if you do not take the initiative to work and you are not qualified for the job, then you are a lazy person.The first priority for all employees, including you, is to ensure Tesla’s success.If you find that your company needs improvement, speak up, even if it’s not your own responsibility.You have everything to do with Tesla’s success.Therefore, you should give more advice and ideas to the company.No good idea makes any sense if you don’t say it.If you are not trustworthy, then Tesla is not for you.You’d better leave Tesla (maybe you don’t have to choose).”You are late” is a word that children often hear in school.But Tesla is not a school.If you are sick, stay at home honestly.Don’t make us sick.If you don’t come to work without notifying the company, you are a bastard.If you are absent, you better have a very convincing reason.But this can happen at most once.If you do stupid things, depending on the situation, you may be taught, or given you another chance, or just ask you to leave the company.When we have more important things to do, we can’t afford to spend precious time on the stupid things you do.3. It also contains daily management regulations. Inside Tesla, there is a dedicated website where employees can search for information such as “pay policy”, “dining and rest time”, and “vacation”.Image credit: Scribd / Insider Inc. You can also find all of this in this employee handbook.However, it does not include all text content on the website.I think this approach can also effectively balance the relationship between the two.Through both channels, employees can query and understand the relevant requirements of legal aspects and specific job-related aspects.However, the Manual, which is not a manual, also clearly states that these general principles and goals are the most important.Written at the end As far as company systems or policies are concerned, this Tesla’s “Manual Not Manual” can be considered quite alternative, bold, and very bright.For the general public, everyone’s view of this manual may be similar to everyone’s view of Musk himself who has been committed to changing the world. Those who like it may like it very much, and those who do n’t like it will naturally dislike it.Translator: Junyi.

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