The unexpected cancellation of MWC due to the new crown epidemic caused major manufacturers to lose an optimal platform to communicate with the European market.Major manufacturers need to find another way to release new products and communicate with customers in Europe.On February 20, London time, Huawei held a conference on 5G products and solutions in London.At this press conference, Ding Yun, Huawei’s executive director and president of the operator BG, introduced that as of today, Huawei has shipped 600,000 AAUs (Active Antenna Units, a small base station), and has obtained 91 5G contracts and 47In Europe, there are 47 in Europe, 27 in Asia, and 17 in other regions.According to the latest data released by major telecommunications equipment companies, Ericsson has received 81 5G contracts and Nokia has received 66 5G contracts. Since these data are not released at the same time, the specific ranking is not certain.Ding Yun, managing director of Huawei and president of operator BG, said that the development speed of 5G has exceeded his expectations.It took five years for 4G to reduce the 4G mobile phone to less than $ 300. Based on this, he had previously predicted that 5G mobile phones would fall to less than $ 300 in the fourth quarter of 2020.In fact, 5G mobile phones under $ 300 have appeared at the end of 2019.In December last year, Xiaomi released the 5G mobile phone Redmi K30 with a starting price of 1999 yuan.Talking about the advantages of 5G over 4G, he said that 4G can transmit language, video and text, and 5G must be used to convey feelings.Twenty years ago, in an interview in Japan, Jobs said that to pass on emotions, higher bandwidth is needed.The title of this conference is 5G brings new value, and conveying emotion is the new value brought by 5G.End users will also feel the change.Ding Yun said that 4G has no way to support ultra high-definition video and has a delay of 60 milliseconds, while 4G can support 4K video, which can be fast forwarded or rewinded at will, and you can see good videos without waiting.At the same time, the form of video will also change, if VR, AR form.If you want to see a 2K-level monocular VR experience, you need a 100MBPS network, and only 5G can support such speeds.High-definition video can not only be used for entertainment, but also gradually lead to the birth of many applications, such as AR shopping.For operators, now is the key time for operators to redefine their 5G business models.Ding Yun said that there is only one competing dimension in the 4G era, which is traffic, and the 5G era introduces multi-dimensional charging models, including traffic, delay, bandwidth, and connectivity.To enable these experiences, network equipment is the foundation.Ding Yun said: “Huawei will release the lightest AAU in the industry this year, which is less than 25KG, which means that in most European countries, cranes are not needed to complete the installation. No crane is needed, which will save a lot of costs.”The AAU supports 400 MHz and the power reaches 320W.Ding Yun said that this is the most valuable spectrum in Europe. Europe is different from China and the United States, which are large and vast countries, but scattered into dozens of countries.The UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain have very fragmented spectrum. Using 400 MHz can also help operators save costs.In order to accelerate the construction of the 5G ecosystem, Ding Yun announced the launch of the “5G Partner Innovation Program”. Huawei will invest 20 million US dollars in the next 5 years to support 5G innovative applications.We have mentioned in previous articles: attending conferences at these levels of MWC, publishing and displaying new products is still second, and more importantly, communicating with customers in the European market.Gartner mobile analyst Lu Junkuan said that the biggest impact of MWC’s cancellation is not the release of new products, but the expansion of overseas customer sources. This is the best opportunity to see the leader of the operator.MWC was cancelled, and Huawei came to London to chat with European operators.According to 36 氪, this conference was originally a pre-communication meeting of Huawei before MWC, which lasted for half a day.Last year also on February 20, Huawei also held a MWC pre-communication meeting in London.Now that MWC is canceled, this conference in London has been transformed into a formal conference. The original 5G product and solution conference held at MWC was moved to this conference, and the overall time of the conference was extended to two days.Even so, the impact of the epidemic can still be seen.Before the launch of the conference, the host introduced: At this conference, Huawei has adopted the most stringent security measures, and in the email to the guests, it has specifically listed what measures Huawei has adopted..

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