Editor’s note: This article is from the “Sina”, author: Liu Qiang overseas network, 36 krypton release authorized.South Korean MBC TV broadcasted a documentary “Meet You” telling the story of a technical team using an 8-month-old VR (virtual reality) system to help a mother reunite with her deceased daughter. The scene was very touching.According to the South Korean news agency, the documentary’s heroine is Zhang Zhixing.One day three years ago, her 7-year-old daughter Na Yan suddenly began to have fever. Zhang Zhixing initially thought it was a common cold, but did not expect her daughter to have a rare disease, blood cancer.Just one month after the onset of symptoms, Na Yan died.Unfortunately, Na Yan died of blood cancer (Source: MBC TV) Since then, Zhang Zhixing never came out of the sorrowful haze.Fortunately, when a VR production company in South Korea learned of the incident, they sent the company’s best technical staff to cooperate with Zhang Zhixing to make the mother and daughter meet again in the virtual world.The company collected photos of her daughter from Zhang Zhixing, voice and other data, and also looked for similar children to act as VR actors across the country, imitating every move of Na Yan’s life, and finally produced a short film of Na Yan reuniting with her mother.In the virtual world, the mother and daughter reunited (MBC TV). When Zhang Zhixing put on a VR helmet and saw her daughter Na Yan, who thought about her dreams, she cried on the spot.Zhang Zhixing touched the virtual Na Yan, while telling her mother that she missed her daughter: “Mom, where have you been? Mom, do you miss me?” “Mom really wants to touch Na Yan” “Mom thinks every dayYou. “” Na Yan, are you okay? Mother misses Na Yan so much! “” Mom, I really want to hug Na Yan … “With a little regret, Zhang Zhixing only saw the image of her daughter and heardHer voice, however, could not be touched and embraced. This may be to make Zhang Zhixing understand that virtual and reality are still different.Later, Na Yan gave a flower and said she would never get sick again, comforting Zhang Zhixing, who had been crying.After the mother calmed down a little, she called her to high-five with her, and flew to another garden with Zhang Zhixing.Mother and daughter high-five Na Yan took her mother to a picnic site, where snacks, and a birthday cake.It turned out that during the interview with Zhang Zhixing, the production team found that Na Yan had a favorite party for snacks during her lifetime. Zhang Zhixing promised that as soon as Na Yan recovered and left the hospital, she took Na Yan to a picnic., Added a birthday to Na Yan.At the end, Zhang Zhixing coaxed her daughter to sleep and watched her leave as a beam of light.Zhang Zhixing supplemented her daughter’s birthday with this unique documentary, which was broadcast on social platform YouTube, reaching over 8 million people.Although the video has only Korean subtitles and narration, the comments in the comment area include not only Korean, but also English, Russian, and Japanese.Many netizens from different countries have said “too touching”, “Mother Zhixing, come on, we love you!”.The female advocates a photo of Jixing and her daughter Nayeon (Source: MBC Television)

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