A long standby winter vacation, the future of “All in online education” has suddenly come.On January 22, Wuhan announced that all kinds of teaching activities during the winter vacation will be suspended in primary and secondary schools.On January 23, Hubei Province announced the postponement of primary and secondary schools.Immediately, all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in the country announced the postponement of school opening, and offline extracurricular training institutions suspended classes, postponed examinations, and gathered activities. There is no exact timetable for the resumption.Homework help, learning and thinking have responded to the epidemic, and in turn launched free live lessons for elementary and middle school students across the country.In just three days, tens of millions of users “flocked” to online education.Industry insiders told 36 氪, “Compared to the summer war in 2019, several leading companies such as Xueersi and Homework have spent billions of advertising fees in exchange for millions of new additions. This wave of growth is purelyUnder special circumstances, the natural needs of users can be said to save the promotion costs for the online education industry. “A person in charge of the operation help operation team admitted to 36 氪:” I thought that 10 million registrations were the ceiling. As a result, I exceeded this on the third day of the course.Number; by the afternoon of February 15th, the number of applicants exceeded 28 million. “According to industry analysts, a simple registration number is actually a reflection of the four dimensions of a company’s organizational capabilities, technical support, traffic operations, and teaching services.Tens of millions of users in an instant, the industry penetration rate increased by more than ten times.How to provide good services to these users and then retain them is a “big test” for the entire industry.Influx of 28 million trainees: Operation, design, technology, etc. cooperate with January 24th (New Year’s Eve). Under the epidemic, the operation team quickly launched the “Spring Gas Station” program, which was launched on the first day of the new year to delay the start of school.Of elementary and middle school students across the country offer free live lessons.Chen Gongming, co-founder of Homework Gang, said that he did not expect to start the project at a special time during the epidemic and the Spring Festival. So many people in the company responded quickly.Within a few hours, all the more than 400 employees participating in the project were in place, and no one resigned for any reason; more employees asked themselves to ask: “Do you still need human support? I can.”The homework planned to travel abroad helped junior high school English teacher Wang Kaijiao to take the initiative to cancel air tickets and hotels, losing thousands of yuan; elementary school math teacher Su Yun, who went home once or twice a year, set off for Beijing on the third day of the new year.High-speed rail; Zhang Hua, a high school math teacher trapped in Jingzhou, Hubei, because of the city closure. In the days waiting for the teaching equipment to be mailed to Jingzhou, he first asked the village committee to borrow a computer for emergency … 10 days to launch the “1000+” material.The “record” of the homework design team.From admissions posters, small videos, to course design pages, and class PPT templates, the implementation of each link requires the cooperation of the design team, and it has become commonplace overnight.The scene that most impressed Wang Wentao, the head of the job design department, was that on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, everyone received a project notification. He was still hesitating whether to improve the efficiency, let colleagues in Beijing have a meeting.Sentence “See you in the company”.An hour later, the “armed” design team was brainstorming in the company wearing a mask, and “some even wore disposable medical gloves.” Wang Wentao explained afterwards: “Maybe the ignorant are fearless. It was too late to be afraid.That’s how to get things done. “The technical team is one of the most stressful departments in the project. The number of live broadcast users has increased from “millions” to “tens of millions” within ten days. The two systems of “orders” and “live classes” are themselvesGreat test.In the case of a sudden increase in users of live broadcast classes, system “crash”, live broadcast “stuck” and “black screens” often occur in the industry (refer to the Chinese New Year, red envelopes, and Double Eleven shopping).The homework help live lesson “held” in this super shock.Behind the smooth live broadcast is the sleeplessness of all the technical staff. Hong Dinggan, the technical leader of the live broadcast class, recalled: “At the end of the live broadcast on the first week Friday, I said to the last student on duty that you go to rest, he told meAlthough I only slept for 15 hours a week, but seeing that we have managed such a high concurrency, it did not affect the children’s class, everything is worth. “Free live lessons must also do their best: the ultimate in fine teaching and researchAccording to people’s analysis, the epidemic is more like a catalyst (for online education): it only changes the speed of the response and does not change the direction.If the courses and services are good enough, this is a brand new start; if the courses and services fail to keep up, a large number of negative reviews will rush in, which may ruin a company.So the core question is: When the number of registered users of a live broadcast suddenly jumped by several tens to tens of millions, and the average number of students in each class reached hundreds of thousands, Tiannan Haibei students of different levels gathered in a “cloud classroom”, how to use oneGood quality courses to keep kids?Sohui Hui, co-founder of Homework Gang, introduced that the key to ensuring the quality of courses and services is one of “preparation”, the other of “standardization”, and the third of “technology”.Look at the course schedule published by the homework class. The free live class covers all major subjects in all grades: primary, elementary, and advanced. It mainly reviews the basic knowledge points in the school. It also specially arranges “Poetry,” “Art,” and “Idioms.”, “Science” and other literacy courses, eye exercises and indoor physical education classes, and home education classes and outbreak prevention knowledge live classes.Behind the rapid release of this timetable, is the accumulation of many years of homework teaching and research teaching team.After the free course project was started, the homework group organized 220 teaching and research teachers, and supplemented and revised the course content several times. Before the class began on February 3, the entire project had completed three rapid iterations.After the summer and autumn battles of online education in 2019, the homework team has tripled its teaching and research team. This is a powerful guarantee for launching so many courses in a short time.The team of tutors will expand from 2 to 8 sub-stations in one year in 2019, completing the national layout and becoming a core service force.”Although it is a free class, teachers must do their best. More than 300,000 children are listening to my class. I have to tell the class well, I have to sell my life!”Faithfully said.More than 200 teachers like Luo Feiran have to take care of the teaching and preparation of existing paid classes and free live lessons every day. They often take a break at 2 or 3 am and sit in front of the computer at 7:30 the next morning.Prepare lessons.In accordance with the 6 times the time preparation method required for homework live broadcast classes, in order to design targeted public welfare courses, the preparation time for each 40-minute class is about 4 hours; and it is even more difficult, “Many teachers are paid for winter vacation classes andCommonweal classes also take place at the same time, and it takes eight hours a day during the busiest day. “So Hui lamented that teachers often upload courseware in the system at 4 am.Unlike offline tutoring, online live classes can accommodate two to three thousand people or even more, which requires higher quality courses.In this scenario, teaching, research, lesson preparation, and teaching must be standardized as much as possible, and each lesson comes from a complete process system.During the collective preparation of the homework class, 3 to 5 rounds of rehearsals will be conducted to ensure that all teachers are above the same baseline. During the lecture, the platform will use manual + technical means to conduct quality inspection. After the lecture, all teachers will immediately review.The technology department will always help the course achieve a “better live broadcast experience”, strengthen network stability, reduce delays, increase capacity, and help digitize teaching behaviors, making online education “teaching students according to their aptitude” possible.When a student is studying in homework class, all his behaviors will gradually depict his academic portrait, including knowledge structure, weak links, and error points.The blessing of big data makes the teaching and research teaching team and tutor team have data support in teaching content, exercise arrangement, tutoring and answering, etc., which is more suitable for students’ needs.”I didn’t expect the free lessons of the homework help live lesson in such an emergency, and the quality of the course could still be so high.” Li Xuemeng (pseudonym) from Xiaogan, Hubei, is now in high school, and missed a lot because of the poor state of study last semester.For key knowledge, the ranking fell from grade 400 to 700 all the way.The epidemic happened just as she was preparing to make up for the winter vacation.The future: Acceleration of shuffling, quality is king The evolution of the education industry in 2019 proves that the Matthew effect is also applicable to online education, regardless of K12 large class, one-to-one, small class, or mathematical thinking, AI interaction.This highly demanding circuit of “funds”, “technology”, “service”, “organizational ability”, etc., directly ushered in the 2020 “big exam” after the big reshuffle in 2019.Almost all online education companies have launched free live lessons, homework help, learning and thinking, ape tutoring, VIPKID, Netease Youdao, etc., which means that users have the opportunity to choose freely between the major platforms, compare the advantages and disadvantages of courses and teachers, Experience the service quality of different platforms, and finally vote with your feet.This is a test of the comprehensive capabilities of enterprises such as “quick response, user operation, teaching services, and technical stability.” Only companies that can withstand steady users of tens of millions are expected to expand their leading effect.After the brand exposure and free trials for users, what should online education companies do now?What will they use to retain these users in the future?The situation and the environment have changed drastically, but the nature of the industry has not changed. The quality of courses and services remains the core competitiveness of online education companies. Enterprises must continue to focus on the quality of courses, organization and technical strength.So far, some platforms can successfully pass the pressure test in the beginning of 2020, relying on solid accumulation in the past.There are three keywords of quality, organization and technology.Without the ultimate pursuit of teaching quality, even if there are tens of millions of users, they will eventually be left empty; without the organizational ability, even if the opportunity is thrown above their heads, they will be lost for nothing; without the technical strength, companies will lose the future “All in OnlineEducation “tickets.Speaking of the future, Chen Gongming, co-founder of Homework Gang, said, “Online education is expanding to the whole country, relying on the continuous innovation of the entire industry and finding a joint point in education and technology.”

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