According to Apple’s latest official announcement, five Apple Store retail stores in Beijing will resume operations today, namely Sanlitun, Wangfujing, Xidan Joy City, Huamao and Chaoyang Joy City stores.Due to the impact of the epidemic, the business hours are temporarily shortened to 11: 00-18: 00 daily. Previously, the normal business hours were 10: 00-22: 00 daily.Apple official also stated in the latest announcement: “Based on recent public health and prevention considerations, some retail stores are temporarily closed. Please check the retail store pages for specific business hours. Before entering a retail store that has resumed operations, please wear a mask andCooperate with the temperature test. “Apple’s official website shows that the Apple Apple Retail Store has opened in addition to time restrictions and geographical restrictions.According to the current official website information, Apple ’s retail stores in other cities are still showing closed, and there is no clear time for reopening.Due to the impact of the epidemic, Apple officially released a message on February 1 stating that based on recent public health and prevention considerations, all offices, retail stores and calls in mainland China will be closed from now until 24:00 on February 9center.Apple’s online store in China is still open.Since the epidemic situation remained severe, offline retail stores were postponed again from February 9.Apple official stated, “In the process of gradually returning to normal work, our first priority is the health of our team, supplier partners and customers throughout China. We care about patients infected with the new coronavirus, as well as those day and nightPeople working to treat, research and control the virus. “CITIC Securities believes that the closing or restriction of Apple retail stores in mainland China is expected to delay 1 million iPhone sales until 24:00 on February 9.Analysts Daniel Ives and Strick Baker believe that if this situation persists until late February, as many as 1 million iPhones will likely shift from the March sales season to the June sales season.Make a sale.Guo Mingyu said in a previous report that due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, new product production and delivery will be delayed and affect iPhone sales. It is expected that iPhone shipments in Q1 of 2020 will drop by 10%, about 36 million to 40 million..CITIC Securities believes that the current demand-side risk of Apple products is relatively small, and sales may be delayed in the first quarter, but the impact of the epidemic on new machine demand in the second half of the year is relatively limited, and suppressed demand in the first half of the year can be made up for in the second half.”Apple can actively adjust the product structure, re-examine the pace of new product launches, and more importantly, find ways to ensure cash flow, maintain normal production and inventory, and catch the sales rebound after the epidemic.” Telecom analyst Ma Jihua in relevant mediaSaid in the interview.Head picture: Apple’s official website

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