“Juming Network” receives strategic investment from Tencent to provide “cloud + end” network security services for SMEs


Recently, security product provider and security operator “Juming Network” announced that it has obtained strategic investment from Tencent Industry.Juming Network said that this round of financing funds will be mainly used to improve Juming Network’s SaaS security and intelligent services, research and development of intelligent network security products and expand product channels.The future development direction of enterprises is to strengthen cooperation with Tencent and Tencent’s industrial Internet ecological partners, increase investment in SaaS services, intelligent analysis, and increase investment in regional technical support and services.It is understood that Juming Network’s product strategy is “cloud + end”, where “cloud” is a secure SaaS operation service platform, “end” is a security product, the end brings traffic to the cloud, and the cloud serves the end.Based on this strategy, the company has developed four products and a platform. The products are: Juming security situation awareness and management system, Juming network traffic intelligent analysis and auditing system, Juming comprehensive log analysis system, Juming network vulnerability scanning.System; platform is: Juming Cloud Security Manager (SaaS service platform).According to Juming Network, since its establishment in 2016, there have been a total of 7,000 enterprise users. Among them, the SaaS service platform has been providing online intelligent security services for 1500 enterprises since it was launched in July 2018.Tang Kaida, founder of Juming Network, believes that with the development of information technology, the information security needs of small and medium-sized enterprises will increase, and security service outsourcing will be the first choice of these enterprises. Therefore, the company chooses to use SaaS security operation services as the main channel.Compared with the expert tools developed by other network security companies in the market, Juming Network’s product positioning is “simple”, which mainly achieves this goal from three aspects: “qualitative, closed loop, and interactive.”Qualitative: From the client to the cloud platform, in addition to reporting the security issues found, the issues must also be qualitative; closed loop: each discovered issue has a corresponding knowledge base or disposal process to inform the verification method of the problem; interaction: SaaS cloudOn the service platform, customers can independently submit security incident disposal solutions and share new equipment identification rules. At the same time, the system automatically and intelligently handles customers for help to help customers find security issues.The size of China’s online information security market continues to grow, with many players, and each manufacturer has room for development.According to the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the size of China’s network information security market reached 49.5 billion yuan in 2018, with a growth rate of 17.3%. It is estimated that by 2021, the scale of China’s network information security market will exceed 90 billion yuan.At the same time, this market is relatively fragmented, with diversified products and more opportunities for development.In addition, with the advent of the 5G era, network security is facing many challenges, especially the industrial Internet has huge network security risks. This will also be a development opportunity for the network security market.In the field of network security, 36 氪 has also reported on “Ding Niu Technology”, “Mogan Technology”, “Ivy Cloud Security” and so on.

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