Editor’s note: This article is from DotCUnitedGroup (ID: DotC2018). 36 氪 is published with permission.With per capita mobile game users paying more than 170 US dollars, Japan has consistently ranked among the top three in the global mobile game market.The Japanese game market has always been more focused on console and home console games. With the rapid growth of smart phone usage in Japan in 2012, a large number of established players began to enter the mobile game field, and gamers have also turned their attention to the mobile end. JapanThe mobile gaming market has exploded rapidly.In addition, for the Japanese market with a unique ecological circle and a high degree of closedness, with the “siege” of Chinese mobile games in the Japanese market after 2017, the “closedness” of the Japanese game market is gradually disintegrating.Three matchup games dominate the download head list “FGO” without suspense bestseller list tops the top 10 free games in Japan in 2019. Nearly half of them are elimination games. Among them, the Irish classic eliminates “Dream Home” and the Japanese era eliminates “Disney Elimination”.It can be described as a fierce battle.Japan is the second largest market for “Dream Home” in the world after the United States, occupying more than 10% of the market share. In recent years, as overseas high-quality games have gradually broken the “high closed” nature of the Japanese market, more and moreOf overseas games among Japan ’s top ranks, even surpassing the domestic monopoly products for many years, and no matter how fierce between manufacturers, for players, no doubt brings more choice and fun.The mobile game “FGO” adapted from the highly popular anime “Fate” series has been online for more than $ 3 billion since its launch in 2015. Japanese players are the main consumer group, accounting for about 82%, followed by China and the United States..It is worth mentioning that “FGO” entered China in 2016 by the B station agent, and became the leader in the game business revenue of the B station, and finally assisted the successful listing of the B station.In Japan, the competition between “FGO” and the pinball card mobile game “Monster Pinball” has always been a hot topic in the industry. “Monster Pinball” was once a dark horse.”Smart Lost City” pulled down the altar. Later, after encountering “FGO”, it was also unwilling to show weakness and was evenly matched.Like “FGO”, “Monster Pinball” has also entered the domestic market through the hands of Tencent, but has struggled and failed repeatedly. After entering the Chinese market in 2014 and 2017, it announced that it plans to close the country again in early 2020.clothes.On the free list, in 2019, French casual game maker Voodoo has won the top titles of Japanese mobile game publishers with its products “Roller Splat!”, “”, “Black Hole Battle” and “Crowded Cities”.In terms of best-selling lists, BANDAI NAMCO, Bandai Namco, were nicknamed “Consortium B”. With its classic IP “Dragon Ball”, “Idol Master”, “One Piece”, “Saint Seiya” and other series mobile games to become Japan’s bestMaking money mobile game publishers.As the largest authorized party of “Dragon Ball” IP, Bandai played various tricks with Dragon Ball.Since 1986, Bandai has launched Dragon Ball-related products and services in various fields such as home console games, online content, and humanoid toys. However, it has been the “Dragon Ball Z: Burst War” that has always brought the main stable income to Bandai. TheThe game has been the best-selling top list in Japan for a long time and is enduring.In addition to Japan, the game also has a certain market in the United States and Brazil.In the 2019 iOS & Google Play Store in Japan, the free list is mainly in the categories of leisure, elimination and intelligence.Casual games are mainly from France, Japan, the United Kingdom and China. The head products are mainly from the French company Voodoo and the British company Kwalee.Among the best-selling lists, role-playing games were the best, followed by elimination and simulation.As we all know, Japan has always been the main battlefield of global role-playing games. The role-playing games in the Japanese market mainly come from Japan and neighboring countries such as China and South Korea.Basically, the major Japanese factories have created very classic role-playing games. At present, the most representative role-playing games in the Japanese market are “FGO” and “Blue Fantasy”.No matter the free list or the best-selling list, elimination games have a pivotal position in Japan. Elimination games have always been very popular in Japan. The most classic of these is “Zhilong Lost City” which has been on the market for more than 7 years.The originator of fusion.In addition, together with LINE ’s series of IP elimination mobile games, and Ireland ’s “Fantasy” series elimination games, these elimination games together can be said to divide the Japanese elimination game market equally, and it is difficult for other similar products to get ahead.In Japan’s iOS & Google Play Store games free list, the local main elimination and role-playing categories, local games in the best-selling list are also role-playing occupy an overwhelming position.As mentioned above, in addition to role-playing, elimination games can be regarded as a major local feature. The games mainly come from local companies such as GungHo Online, LINE, and SEGA. These companies’ elimination games led by “Zhilong Lost City” are all in the Japanese market.Has a near monopoly position.”Wilderness” assisted NetEase with great success. Domestic non-IP adaptations relied on the theme to overtake the 2019 Japanese iOS & Google Play Store games free list and best-seller list basically showing the pattern of Japan + China.Especially on the best-selling list, Japanese games account for nearly 70% of the market share. Although Chinese-led games have broken the Japanese “highly closed” market in recent years, local games still occupy a certain monopoly position.Statistics on the Google Play Store TOP200 in Japan show that there are about 40 Chinese games in both the free list and the best-selling list. With the continuous input of high-quality Chinese games in the Japanese market in recent years, Japanese players who are highly dependent on local games for Chinese gamesThe acceptance of the game is getting higher and higher, and the status of Chinese games in Japan is becoming more and more important.The Chinese mobile game with the highest download volume and the highest income in the Japanese market in 2019 is Netease’s chicken-eating game “Wilderness Action”.”Wild Action” was launched in the second half of 2017 and has exceeded 300 million users worldwide. As the largest market for the game, Japan has more than 25 million registered users, which is equivalent to 1 out of 5 people in Japan who are users of the game.Based on the relationship between population and mass, although the number of users in Japan is small, in terms of revenue, the Japanese market has contributed more than 90% of the game’s revenue.At present, the revenue of “Operation Wilderness” in the Japanese market is second only to the three local giants “FGO”, “Monster Pinball” and “Zhilong Lost City”.An important part of the success of Operation Wilderness in Japan is to operate in conjunction with other IPs, including the well-known Japanese IPs “Attack Giant”, “KOF98”, and “New Century Evangelion”.In addition, the free editing of avatars in the game, voice chat, and the establishment of “intimate relationships” and other social features have also attracted a large number of boys and girls.Japan is an IP-adapted game market. Including Wilderness, other non-IP-adapted products such as other domestic games such as “Underworld”, “Place Girl”, and “Fifth Personality” can be obtained in the Japanese market.The next important seat is to rely on unique themes or novel gameplay to win the favor of Japanese players, which is worthy of reference for Japanese SMEs going abroad.In 2019, NetEase became the strongest domestic developer and publisher in the Japanese market with three major products of “Wild Action”, “Fifth Personality” and “After Tomorrow”.In addition, Tencent (“PUBG MOBILE”), Youta Network (“Underworld”), 37games (“Beauty of Mountains and Rivers”), and so on, all successfully succeeded in “siege cities” in Japan with their ace.For Chinese games in the iOS & Google Play Store in Japan in 2019, the free list is mainly based on role-playing, leisure and other categories. Among them, role-playing accounts for about 22%, mainly from major manufacturers such as NetEase and 37games.The best-selling lists are mainly strategy and role-playing, of which strategy accounts for about 45%, mainly from FunPlus, IGG, Youta Network, Longchuang Yuedong, Six Waves and other companies, and these games are mostly in the Three Kingdoms, naval warfare theme.Edit | Cloud 晞 @ 36 氪 出海 头 图 | Pexels.

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