Winners of the 15th issue of “Chao Technology 2020 Awards Quiz”-Alipay


Event review What do you hope for mobile payment in ten years?Chao Technology 2020 Awards Q & A 15th guest: Ni Xingjun, Alibaba Partner and President of Alipay Business Group Question: What can mobile payment do in 10 years?Prize: Ant Forest Customized Tmall Elf Gift Box (¥ 308) Winning List Winning ID: Seagull Morning Sun Xiangjiang Water Vodka [CV] Unknown Trent Chen Xiaonen Issue 15 Award Comment ID: Seagull mobile payment ten years later, it should beOpen up the free payment of barriers between banks and software.Open up financial control barriers between countries.Digital currency transfers from WeChat Alipay and other banks should be accessible.WeChat users can transfer to Alipay account, Alipay account can also directly transfer to a bank card or bank account in other countries, or facebook pay Samsung pay apple pay and so on.ID: Hello Chenxi passenger, welcome to take the 36 氪 time machine, please fasten your seat belt, the time machine will start immediately.Time came to a certain block of a city in China in 2024. Xiao A bought a pancake at a roadside pancake fruit stall and spent ten yuan.Then he put his finger on the phone of the stall owner.The mobile phone instantly activates voiceprint authentication, fingerprint authentication, iris authentication, face recognition, GPS positioning authentication (gps is to exclude payment risks, such as in the last hour in Beijing, and the next hour is unlikely to appear in Hainan). The payment is completed within seconds.At this time in 2023, scan code payments have been phased out.Thanks to the mature application of 5G, mobile payment has arrived in a new chapter. Global synchronous, ultra-high-speed payment with no delay has arrived.One id opens up all currency platforms and bank barriers.People are the carriers of mobile payments, and people are the data.Data is people.ID: Xiangjiang Shui wants to focus on the settlement of future virtual currency and real currency.After VR devices become more popular in the future, will there be more virtual worlds? We also have currency in the virtual world, and whether the two can be exchanged.An evaluation agency may be required to make assessments based on labor costs on both sides and inflation indices in the virtual gaming world.Currently in World of Warcraft, which is often used for upgrades and purchases of equipment, the hourly labor wages of the real society are used as the market price to determine the prices of equipment and props for sale.I hope that there is such a platform to evaluate the labor of their virtual world, so that the labor in the virtual world can be more widely recognized.ID: Vodka mobile phone payment in the next ten years, maybe biometrics
From two-dimensional code payment to biometric payment such as face recognition, innovations and iterations of payment methods have been derived. Relying on the development of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, mobile payments are collected and processed through data, Data analysis, and data insight to realize scenario awareness and digitization of user behaviors. Financial services and social interactions including payments are integrated into specific scenarios, abandoning simple digital password payment methods, and comprehensively applying fingerprints and faces., Pupils, and other biological passwords combined payment methods, and even implanted a dedicated chip.For example, innovations in payment methods based on various biometric recognition technologies, including face-brush payment, iris recognition, and eye pattern recognition, are applied to mobile phone unlocking, community access control, restaurant meals, supermarket cashiers, high-speed rail stations, airportsDiversified payment scenarios such as security inspections and hospital visits; 2. The rise of blockchain currency digital currencies: Blockchain is a new application model of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanisms, and encryption algorithms.The blockchain is essentially a decentralized database.Applying blockchain technology to make money flow traceable, prevent fraud, prevent money laundering, and improve payment and settlement efficiency. Blockchain is a new application model of computer technologies such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanisms, and encryption algorithms.Not only can it record every transaction, but it can also be programmed to record almost everything that is of value to humans: birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, deeds of ownership, degree certificates, financial accounts, medical history, insurance claims, votes,Food sources and anything else that can be represented by a code.
Each block is like a hard disk. All the above information is saved and then encrypted by cryptography.This saved information cannot be tampered with.ID: [CV] Unknown Trent Mobile payment will be digital currency in the next ten years. The most representative is the blockchain.
1. Digital identity.It turns out that our birth certificate, real estate certificate, marriage certificate, etc. need a central node before everyone can recognize it.Once cross-border, contracts and certificates may become invalid due to the lack of a global central node.The immutable nature of blockchain technology has fundamentally changed this situation. Our birth certificate, real estate certificate, and marriage certificate can be notarized on the blockchain.
2. Health care.Simply put, it is to use the blockchain to establish a time-stamped universal record storage, and then achieve the purpose of extracting data information from different databases.For example, if you go to the doctor, you don’t have to change hospitals to repeat the inspection, and you don’t have to toss for reimbursement for medical insurance, which can save time and expenses.
3. Travel consumption.For example, we often use Ctrip, Meituan, and other apps to find and place orders for hotels and other services, and each platform receives a commission.
4. More convenient transactions.Blockchain can make payments and transactions more efficient and convenient.Blockchain platforms allow users to create smart contracts that become active when certain conditions are met, which means that automatic payments can be released when both parties to a transaction agree to meet their conditions.
5. Quality control.You can know the whole process from the production of fruit farmers to the circulation.Among them are government regulatory information, professional testing data, and enterprise quality inspection data.Smart supply chain will make our daily food and products safer and more secure
6. Property rights protection.The art creator puts his work on the blockchain, and if someone uses his work, he will know immediately.The corresponding royalties are also automatically paid to the creator.Blockchain technology not only protects copyright, but also helps creators sell their works better and more directly to consumers without the assistance of a publishing company.ID: Chen Xiaonen’s sophomore registered Alipay, catching up today is the 15th anniversary of Alipay, old users come to comment Ying Jing.
1. Stay safe.Alipay has said for many years, “You dare to pay, I dare to pay,” I am very relieved.Some elderly relatives were deceived, or Alipay’s customer service saw that the other party’s account called abnormally to prevent payment, but they did not cheat.Liars and hackers are one foot tall, hoping that Alipay will always be one foot taller.
2. More wealth management guidance.After marriage, she began to control the financial power of her family. Alipay has a lot of financial knowledge and product recommendations. The bill is the clearest in the payment tool.After a few years, I have advanced from Xiaobai to others following my financial management.The son is 6 years old, and now he uses the Alipay small wallet to control his own money.I hope that Alipay’s bills can open up all channels and provide more financial management services in the future.
3. Payment is more convenient.On the one hand, it is a payment method. Now you can pay with Alipay scan codes everywhere. I hope that I can pay with my face everywhere, and I can go out with my face.On the other hand, the payment method is Alipay’s credit exemption and enjoyment before payment. Consumers and merchants trust each other more, save the trouble of deposit, and hope to become more popular in the future.
4. Provide more in-depth services.Alipay was originally a payment tool for Taobao online shopping. Later, there are Alipay payment codes everywhere, which can be used in the food market. Now Alipay has changed from providing payment to providing services, from taking subway buses, ordering takeaways, visiting scenic spots, repairing mobile phones, doing nail art,Pet fostering and supermarket coupons can be found in the Alipay applet.I hope that Alipay can recommend high-quality services that suit me according to my preferences, and can be accessed on various smart devices, not just mobile phones.If you are a hardcore technology enthusiast, follow the “36 氪 Pro”, get the notification of participation, and explore the future with readers who also love technological innovation!If you are a person in charge of a hard-core technology company and are interested in the above activities, please contact us as soon as possible.(WeChat: 15300063873 Email: [email protected]).