I am intern at an internet factory


Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “Tech Planet” (ID: tech618), author Zhang Yating Yang Jingwei, 36氪 authorized to release.The feel and style of the Internet big factory.Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) Wen | Zhang Yating Yang Jingwei “Into the byte of the vibrato, is it possible to brush up the video every day?”, “Tencent WeChat Division, graduates have a monthly salary of 30,000?”, “Ali is very tech, is it a technology god?”, “Baidu, known as the Wolf Factory, will there be a lot of overtime?”… In domestic technology Internet companies, there are many legends in both BAT and TMD.Many people explore the interior of the big factory from different perspectives, and the natural and more sensitive interns group is more interesting to observe and experience the big factory.They experienced layer-by-layer selection and brought fresh and energetic blood to the company.Through their eyes, the world of Internet companies is so colorful.This time, Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) chatted with interns from Alibaba, Tencent, Bytes, Baidu, and Xiaomi.Although the interns are not enough to fully represent the whole, but through their work and life for several months, they can still see the micro-knowledge, and find that the management systems, working atmosphere, business strategy, welfare benefits, and cultural values ​​of different companies are not the same.For example, today’s bytebeat is in a period of rapid expansion, interns write code on the road; Baidu with shrinking market value is somewhat anxious, welfare is not left behind; Xiaomi young dares to use newcomers, interns give color names to 100 million pixel mobile phones; AlimenHigh “more customs”, interns must also enter the job after 6 rounds of interviews; Tencent WeChat big, less frequent updates, employees work slowly.Let us listen to their stories together.”I am sitting in the subway station and sitting on the code.” Xiao Zhang Bytes Beating Algorithm Intern Xiao Zhang took the picture of the company after work. I am a master’s degree from a famous university. I came to the byte-beating internship, mainly studying machine learning.Algorithms, results will be applied in the company’s internal products, such as today’s headlines, watermelons, volcano videos and so on.The impression of the company on the first day of the internship was very good. At that time, HR casually said that “the lights are a bit dark”, she immediately contacted the real estate department to send a lamp.Of course, my favorite company welfare is that there are many opportunities for academic exchanges here.Once, the company invited a Turing Award winner John Hopcroft to visit and exchange, and Zhang Yiming also went.The white-haired industry big business was crowded by the crowd, and the picture of the speech that day was always in my mind.The top scientist who predicted that “only 25% of people need labor in the future” will further strengthen my belief in the AI ​​algorithm business.The internship is very novel, and I look forward to coming to the company every day because I can learn a lot of knowledge that the school can’t learn.For example, how to conduct large-scale calculations in the enterprise.Without the scientific research in the greenhouse, the solution to the real problem is more complicated, and the conclusions of the million-level data and the billion-level are not the same.As the company’s business is in a state of rapid expansion, my daily working hours are “10 nights and 10 nights”, and the department also implements “size and size”.This internship made me develop the habit of going out to carry a computer, because I was afraid of “going out of work” at work.Once the video platform server hangs, the background immediately flooded into a lot of user feedback.At that time, I received the “alarm” call on Lark on the subway. I immediately sat down at the corner of the subway station and started writing code.Although the work is tight, but very efficient, we open a 5-10 minute meeting every Monday, open an hour of weekly meetings on Friday, and spend half an hour to write weekly newspapers, generally do not send mail, communicate with Lark.The most relaxing moment on weekdays is after lunch, walking with colleagues to the yard downstairs in the company, the spring season, the sun is warm, and the birds are jumping.News, games, stocks… we have nothing to say.I also often go to the company to cooperate with the free gym and swim 3 times a week.Colleagues are very cattle, many are doctors, but people are very nice, willing to share and help me.Although I know who is the leader, but the company does not speak the Title, usually and the colleagues call the name, do not advocate the teacher.The company has a stalk of “Zhang Yiming was rushed”.It is said that Zhang Yiming has a meeting in the conference room. When the time is up, the people inside come out and say to the outside colleagues: “Can you change the meeting room? There is a meeting in the meeting.” The colleague outside retorted: “Sorry, weThe company doesn’t talk about Title.” This is also the place where I like this company, and I am trying to get a chance to graduate.”I have heard the code of farmer’s poems, I have seen Baidu at 2 am.” N students Baidu algorithm research intern N students, Baidu’s night before coming to Baidu, I don’t even use Baidu; after Baidu, at lunchtimeThe poet’s partner, accompanying me to discuss the T8 high-level at 2 am and the food that made me gain 10 pounds, these memories made me cry when I left.I am a master of a 985 university, and the seniors in the circle recommended an internship with Baidu.There are also intern offer offers from other big manufacturers, but because they don’t want to be mixed, they still want to grow in the core department, and the core R&D department of Tencent and Ali algorithm is not in Beijing, so they come to Baidu.I joined the company in May 2019. I thought that the leader would let me familiarize myself with the working environment.I didn’t expect to start working when I first started.The working atmosphere here is particularly push, the rhythm is very fast, I haven’t adapted to the first two weeks of my work. I went back to sleep at night and basically fell asleep. Sometimes I fell asleep while chatting with my roommate. The roommate said the next day: “How to finish talkingIn a summer internship at Baidu, the main content of the work is experiments and writing papers. Baidu’s interns have high authority and can access very core things. I and my colleagues work together to develop new algorithms andAn artificial intelligence top will vote for a paper and is now waiting for results.Some time it collapsed, the model did 3 months, still no results, the pressure is very big, often go home early in the morning.But my colleagues are very warm, I will talk to me specifically, and I will go to the hot pot to relax, but in fact they are more stressed and bear the KPI assessment.Later, the model was finally made, and we found that we were the best and hanged other companies, which was very fulfilling.The atmosphere of Baidu’s technology is very simple. The leader is the same as ours. Sitting in the middle of us, we have problems with the analysis. Even the top of the T8 is accompanying me to discuss at 1 or 2 in the morning.In fact, they are very busy, not a little fake.At the beginning of this year, Baidu’s share price is not very good-looking. The upper level will put pressure on the leaders, but the leaders will take the pressure on it, tell the employees not to be anxious, and encourage everyone to use more time to make better products instead of rushing for success.Baidu pays attention to technology, and the slogan “Technology makes the complicated world simpler” printed on the coffee cup, but “there are thousands of people looking for him in the crowd, but when they look back, the person is in the dim light.” The poetry and paintings feel that they are in Baidu.In the bones.The names of our offices are all named after the nameplates. The office I go to most often is called “Water Dragonfly”.Everyone will think that programmers are more boring, but I often see a few old employees at the station aisle, loudly poetry or reading classics.I was fattened about 10 pounds during my internship because the food was great here. I once had a food blogger who walked into Baidu canteen to shoot Vlog.And Baidu canteen prices are very cheap, a meal is about 15-20.Although Baidu’s treatment is really close, for example, rice supplement is included in the salary, but compared with other big manufacturers, the senior technicians here have no shelf, and feel that they have grown up in Baidu.Baidu from the third floor to the first floor of the slide hole “In Ali, I saw a folk singer who likes ten years.” Li Chenxi Alibaba UC Shenma algorithm intern I am a Zhejiang University research and control major in the field, in Alibaba innovation businessIn the business unit UC business unit, the Shenma search business has been internship for nearly a year, and has done technical work in algorithm research and development.I saw a lot of big companies’ introductory opportunities in the school forum, but Ali is the largest Internet company in China. Many products have profoundly changed our lives. Who wouldn’t want to enter such a big factory?It is not easy for Li Chenxi to shoot the Alibaba building when he got off work. There are many famous university students competing together.Summer vacation school recruitment interviews for a total of 6 rounds, including the site to write the title to write code answers, and finally got the intern offer, also considered a very lucky “squatter.”When entering a big factory, it is necessary to go to the local customs. Usually, colleagues will call names or names. Ali has a flower name system. Employees can take their own names when they join the job. My tutor is called Yushi. My own flower name is”嘻嘻”.I was very happy on the day of my employment, but the first time I entered the big factory of this scale from the school, I was embarrassed on the first day of the internship.In the face of a new working atmosphere, there are strangers who are somewhat uncomfortable.Fortunately, Ali’s culture is more lively and relaxed. Everyone calls each other’s classmates. One of my brothers has become a mentor in my work.If you want to explain my work content in a common way, I use AI to identify the quality of the page and judge the quality of the picture.What is the use of this algorithm?That is, when we search, we will judge the quality of the webpage and the image, and put the high-quality content in front to improve the user experience.After coming to Ali, the first project I did was to judge the quality of the webpage. Because the algorithm didn’t work as expected, for nearly a month, I have been trying to improve it, and it feels very difficult every day.But my mentor encouraged me to think boldly, even if there is no result, I don’t have to think about output.Under his suggestion, I used the algorithm model for processing images and processing texts, and finally applied them to Shenma search products, which made me very fulfilled.The landing of the algorithm can be regarded as my “high light moment” in Ali, which is also an important achievement in my internship.In Ali, I pay more attention to communication and collaboration. When there are projects, the next day, I will have a 10-minute regular meeting.I will participate in the daily meetings and weekly meetings of our department, and will work with colleagues to complete the report.My daily working hours are from 10am to 9pm. The cafeteria offers three meals a day. It has many flavors and low prices. There are night snacks such as yogurt and fruit.My favorite is the meat folder made in the cafeteria. My undergraduate study in Xi’an, I feel the taste is still very authentic.During the internship in Ali, the most exciting thing in memory was to see idols.I remember that it was probably in October last year, ant Jinfu held a singer contest, and a singer auditioned downstairs in the office building.I was eating at the restaurant and heard the voice of one of my favorite folk singers. At first I thought that only a colleague was covering him, but after the audition ended, the more I thought I must be “he”.The official performance of the next day, I went to occupy the position early in the morning, and when the finale guests appeared, I really saw him!He usually only has a concert at Live House. I like him for more than ten years. I have never had the chance to see his concert. I didn’t expect to see him in close proximity to Ali. It was a wish for me.Whether or not I am in Ali, I have a “serious life.”But when I came to Ali, I did learn “happy work.””I am the color name for Xiaomi’s 100-megapixel mobile phone.” Garmin Xiaomi China Marketing Department Intern Xiaomi CC9 Pro conference was held as a senior student from Beijing Technology and Business University. This is my second internship in Xiaomi.The department of secondary work is the marketing department of China.The reason why I am willing to come to Xiaomi for an internship is very simple: I agree with this company.In fact, I had a lot of choices when I was internship, such as Microsoft and Huawei, but I finally chose Xiaomi.Among the Fortune 500 companies, Xiaomi is younger and I think it has more potential.This department of China’s marketing department is very core, but this department was just formed three months ago. The division of responsibilities is not so detailed, so we dare to activate new people.When working in Xiaomi, everyone emphasized efficiency.When I first joined the company, I didn’t have much communication with my colleagues.Because Xiaomi opened two conferences in three months, they were really busy during this time, and some even worked overtime until three o’clock in the night.My workload is not as big as that of my colleagues. The main job is to work with some projects, such as participating in the bidding, or to think about the official microblog of Xiaomi’s mobile phone, seeing my own copy, and sending out the accounts of more than 28 million fans.The mood is very exciting.I also participated in this Xiaomi new product launch conference. The most proud thing about my internship in Xiaomi is the newly released Xiaomi CC9 Pro mobile phone. The color name “Night Phantom” is my name.Everyone should have heard of this 100 million pixel mobile phone.The new phone has three color schemes, and our product manager said casually, I can think of the name of the black phone.Because this mobile phone is for young people, I want to use “night” instead of “black” to highlight youthfulness.I even thought about the names of several Chinese styles, and the leaders said that they can still be internationalized.In the marketing department of Xiaomi’s marketing department, it is more driven by itself.If I go back that night, I will put this down and it will have no effect on me.But I always think it’s a thing. I listed a series of black-related words on my mobile phone. I got the inspiration from the “Phantom of the Opera” and chose the name “Peace of the Cold Night”.The next day, we told our product manager that she changed the name of “cold” to “dark” and used the name directly.On the day of the conference, I stood on the side of the stage screen with my colleagues and saw the “Phantom of the Dark” in the PPT. I wanted to stop my colleagues at the moment and tell them that the name was from me.But when I saw them very busy, I still resisted, took a photo and sent it to my girlfriend, and shared my excitement with her.In September of this year, Xiaomi moved to the Xiaomi Science and Technology Park in the colorful city. The environment here is much better than before.The basement of the seven office buildings are connected together and are places to eat.The noodles of Xiaomi are especially delicious, and the types of noodles are different every day.Noodles, oily noodles, hot dry noodles… A week without a heavy sample, plus 3 dollars can buy more chicken legs.A meal is also less than 20 yuan, although not free, but the salary here is higher than I expected.In Xiaomi, the intern’s salary is paid on time.I think that I am just too happy compared to my roommate who earns 120 yuan a day.I think the younger company is like this.Give everyone equal opportunities when working, and give everyone equal pay.”I think gently on WeChat” Luo Student Tencent WeChat PM Intern I majored in computer science. I used the curriculum application at school. I also worked as an intern at the product position and accumulated a lot of product-related internships.experience.It is these rich experiences that allowed me to get the offer of WeChat internship through Tencent’s school recruiting.WeChat is headquartered in Guangzhou TIT Creative Park. In summer, Guangzhou is wet and sunny, and the mascot “bubble dog” smiles happily.I came from a different place to rent an internship. At first I felt that I was a little lonely, but after working on WeChat, I gained a lot of warmth.The WeChat mascot “bubble dog” of Guangzhou TIT Creative Park is speculative and gentle. It is my key word in the internship of WeChat.Speculation is reflected in this internship period, which inspired my understanding of user-side needs analysis, which is reflected in the characteristics of WeChat itself, work rhythm and human care.Because WeChat’s style is restrained, it has only been updated three times this year, and it will not bother users frequently for new features.Therefore, our work style will not be particularly urgent, busy but not high-pressure, and there is nothing that can not be accomplished.I came to work in the first week to prepare for work-related chores, and discuss business with colleagues, until the second week of formal contact with the work.Previously, at the time of the drop, because of the strong business needs, I will take over a lot of work as soon as I come up.We work for 5 days and work more flexibly, usually from 10 am to 9 pm.Zhang Xiaolong once said: “WeChat aims to improve efficiency for life, rather than competing for the duration of the user’s stay.”Unlike the highly recommended products such as headlines, WeChat’s pursuit of user experience is more humane, biased towards subjective feelings and methodology, rather than data and indicator orientation. We can think more about user needs.This is also the biggest gain I made during my internship. I have a deeper understanding of the needs of the products, especially the things that the user side experiences.During the internship, many things can reflect this culture.Because even the WeChat 2, 3 level entrances, the number of visits is tens of millions of levels, so the function of some corners is also particularly important.I did a small optimization during my internship: before the user browsed the file, after a while forgetting to save, the file often expired.Later, we extended the file retention time intelligently according to the size of the file.I also did some other new features with my friends, but I haven’t gotten online yet.WeChat is Tencent’s core business group. However, they are not necessarily busy with recruiting interns. Instead, they follow the school recruitment plan, so the growth of interns is more relevant to the instructors.If the instructor does not send tasks frequently, you may get off work at a normal time, and then sometimes play with the werewolf to kill.However, when I was internship, I would do relatively independent planning, follow up the optimization of the product, and sometimes because of the confusion in the work, the team leader of the next group also chatted with me for 2 hours.The atmosphere of our work is free and flexible.The frequency of meetings is not high, as can be seen from the number of offices.WeChat has a total of nearly 3,000 people, but there are only 4 meeting rooms on the first floor, a total of 4 floors, each meeting room for more than a dozen people.When there is work demand, it is generally 3 or 4 colleagues to go to the tea room to discuss.The happiest point is that you don’t ask to write daily or weekly newspapers.In addition to work, I also experienced a very strong humanistic care on WeChat. I chatted with my colleagues when I was eating in the cafeteria. I participated in the internal testing of internal game products. About the technical director talked about the confusion of the newcomers… The legend WeChat employees are all “golden collars”.”In fact, many are not that high.”Although there are opportunities to stay on WeChat, due to the city, salary and other reasons, I am now going to other big factories, ready to start a busy formal career..