Whether you are willing or not, the double eleven “cover building” continues


Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “understand the notes” (ID: dongdong_note), the author left bank, edit Qin Yan, 36 氪 authorized to release.Are you “struggling for 4 cents”?This may sound a bit funny.It is estimated that several steel scorpions fell to the ground, and most people are too lazy to go, but now there are countless people who are digging for pits for 4 cents a day – digging their own relationships, just to make the “floor” cover again.Higher.”Is it? Help me build a building.”, “Help me to click.”, “Help me, thank you.” Many people have recently been troubled by frequent friends applying for a building.Maybe you are too lazy to pay attention, but because of the face will still copy and enter Taobao to help click.Or maybe you are madly building a building every day, and you will even join some mutual help groups to exchange ideas.The so-called: you cover or not, the building is there, no cover is not discounted; you point or not, the link is here, no surprises… the first-line user “too lazy” double eleven has now becomeAlmost all the big promotions that the ancestors are looking forward to.Among them, various preferential means, such as deposit expansion, prepayment, double-up, post-holiday, and red envelopes, are dazzling.Someone has ridiculed in a circle of friends, and everyone who has a high number of colleges is not allowed to participate in the double eleven, because you simply don’t understand.Perhaps users in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are not willing to try the various tricks of the e-commerce platform, but buyers in the sinking market are still happy with these cumbersome promotions.They are also the focus of most of the e-commerce platforms this year in the “construction”.”Good, no problem, OK, this is the most recent reply I have on WeChat.” Talking about the Double Eleven Shopping Festival, Xiao Zhang, who works in the Beijing CBD, said with helpless face.Xiao Zhang revealed that she recently received “invitations” from many friends (including old classmates who have not contacted for many years) – let her help cover the “buildings” of Tmall Double 11.For a large number of “cover building” invitations, although Xiao Zhang feels trouble, but because of the face, he will actively click on the link every time to help friends cover the building, even though she does not know that “this building” can finally help relatives and friends.How much is saved?As an important shopping promotion festival of the year, the major e-commerce platforms bring users a variety of different “double eleven” gameplay.For example, points exchange discount allowance, direct red envelope, wish list, live broadcast, pre-sale, collar key, building, etc.These gameplays are cumbersome and simple.But no matter what the process is, the user wants the last offer.From the perspective of e-commerce platform, they are undoubtedly hoping that users will participate in these activities and enhance the user activity of their platforms.But since last year, these massive and complex activities have attracted some users’ dissatisfaction, especially in first-tier cities.Their appeal to the Double Eleven is a simple concession, and the most direct price reduction promotion is the first choice.And it takes a lot of time every day to complete the special activities that the most important tasks can get, so many people have lost patience.Ms. Wu, who works at an internet company in Houchang Village, Beijing, said: “Our IT dog is very serious when working overtime every day. It is normal to get off work at 9:00 pm. There are few breaks, and there is time.To get these things is the key to building the building. To tell the truth, even the rules of their activities, I am too lazy to read now. What I want is the simple and rude price reduction discount. Others have no time and no energy.Going to get it.” When talking about a special offer like “Gall Building” that requires friends to help, Miss Wu said: “I didn’t know the thing at the beginning, or a classmate who used to go to school at home to let me help him in WeChat.Just click, I know that there is this activity.” What makes Miss Wu strange is that there are quite a few people who are looking for her to build a building in the past two days, most of whom are relatives and friends in their hometown and even high school students.”I gave them some one by one, but I didn’t cover it myself. I saw that my colleagues also got this, but she just played it once and didn’t touch it. It is estimated to be troublesome.” In the first-tier cities where life is fast-pacedMost young people have given themselves the title of “social animals” as self-deprecating.Behind this kind of ridicule is the work of high pressure, so for these young people, they just want to completely relax themselves outside of work.As Miss Wu said, she is also looking forward to the double eleven, but she only wants the simplest and most direct price cut, not the cumbersome discount game.For young people in these first-tier cities, they have to face too many routines and pressures in their lives. Double 11 naturally hopes to be more sincere and less routine.However, more sinking market users in the second, third and fourth tier cities have more time and patience, and they may be willing and have time to study the promotions and gameplay of various e-commerce platforms.At the same time, these groups are also the most concerned and cost-effective targets of the e-commerce platform.薅 “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “People.” For the promotion of the double eleven e-commerce platform, Xiao Wang, who works in a certain institution in Shenyang, said that he understands the notes.Xiao Wang’s working hours are very fixed every day. He goes to work at 9:00 in the morning and goes to work at 5 in the afternoon. There are very few overtime work.The pressure of the work itself is not very big, and the living conditions of colleagues and friends around me are similar to her.Therefore, she has plenty of time every day to do what she likes.Xiao Wang explained to the notes that this time she had a senior girlfriend of wool, she has compiled a campaign and the gameplay of each event, the official activities of the brain platform, and some of their own concerns.Three-party shop promotion.“I use my Tmall points every day to get a shopping allowance; then I use all kinds of ‘passwords’ to make a shopping red envelope; after going home, I watch an hour of Taobao live broadcast, then receive coupons; occasionally stay up all night to grab various pre-sales,There is also the launch of all the friends around me who can help me build the building.” Xiao Wang said a few Jane.In fact, Xiao Wang is also a standard squatter on weekdays, but she often forgot to check her shopping cart. “You don’t ask me if I really don’t pay attention. I see that I spend it on ‘薅毛’ every day.There is a lot of time…” There are not many people around her. Xiao Wang said that most of his colleagues and relatives are in the “cover building” or forward similar support links: “Many people don’t know that they have these activities at first.After I helped others finish the building, I realized it. I was also the pit that I only entered after I helped my friend to finish it.” Indeed, users in the sinking market like low prices, and have time and energy to do these.Energy-efficient promotional game.Although the final discounts will not be too much, they are still enjoying the process of enjoying the “mutual help discount”.It can be said that the spirit of the sinking market users is not the only thing that the e-commerce platform wants to see.Behind the complex gameplay: mining the stock user e-commerce platform In the face of the annual promotion war of the double eleven, the top priority is the turnover, thinking about how to make more users on their own platform.If only from the user experience point of view, such complex promotions frequently appear in front of users, obviously not in line with the best user experience requirements, but the reason why e-commerce platform still choose this approach is to try to find moreThe stock of users, as well as more sinking market “newcomers”.This week, public opinion gave a lot of attention to the issue of “two choices and ones” on the eve of the double eleventh. In particular, Jingdong, Vipshop, and the fight for more than one to sue Ali were even more enthusiastic.In addition to the prosecution, the entire e-commerce market has not been very “stable” in the past two years.In particular, the rapid rise of a lot of competition, so that the old giants, new players have seen the huge potential of the sinking market.A new player in a fast-growing e-commerce platform not only puts pressure on other platforms, but also makes users tap the most pressing option in the market.In this regard, relevant e-commerce industry experts understand the notes: “At present, the e-commerce market in first-tier cities has already bid farewell to the incremental market and enter the stock market. In the face of the stagnant market where growth is stagnant, the most important task of the e-commerce platform is to letThis part of the stock user has become more active. Therefore, both Ali and are trying their best to make the user stay longer (on the application). Among them, providing differentiated activities is the main means at this stage.However, he also stressed that the negative effect of these promotion methods is that the process becomes more complicated and the user experience is also declining.“Like we now see the double eleven promotional games and power-up activities on various platforms.” Unlike the stock users in first-tier cities, this complex and lengthy activity process can further stimulate users for the fast-growing sinking market.potential.In response, the above experts pointed out: “The time cost of sinking market users is not high, and at the same time they are more sensitive to price, so they are willing to spend more time in exchange for more concessions. At the same time, they are not tired of the socialization of the building.Activities, you can also expand new users through social networks, which is similar to a lot of bargaining power or Alipay’s collection of five blessings. So, in a sense, this complex power-assisting activity targets the target group, that is, these have a lot of timeAnd the price is more sensitive to the sinking market users.” Concluding remarks: “Jiang Taigong fishing – willing to build a building.”From the perspective of e-commerce platform, no matter what kind of experience these cumbersome double eleven activities bring to users, in the face of competitive pressure, we must try to find out all the corners that have not been “cared for” before.Double Eleven is a decisive battle of e-commerce with strength and honor. No platform wants to lose.So, whether you want to build a building or not – the link is there..