5G iPhone is set, but unfortunately have to add money


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public number “Ray Technology” (ID: leitech), the editor of this article: Bai Zhengming, 36 氪 authorized to release.For China’s telecom industry, November 1st, 2019 is destined to go down in history: China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom have jointly launched 5G commercialization, and the communications industry is moving to the next stage.The advantage of 5G has not required me to repeat. After half a year of information bombardment, it has been widely known, and now I can directly purchase 5G mobile phones and handle 5G communication packages to experience.Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, Samsung… Most mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have already launched or indicated that they will launch 5G mobile phones. Although the price is not cheap, there are many options.However, there is still a manufacturer that has not made any statement on the launch of 5G mobile phones, and even feels that it is not the best time to launch 5G.This is Apple, even if it bears many expectations, its iPhone 11 series launched this year is still only 4G mobile phones, and does not support 5G networks.Even if you want to use a 5G iPhone, you may have to wait until next year.According to the latest news from Guo Minghao, Apple will launch a 5G iPhone in the second half of 2020. In contrast, the cost of the 5G iPhone will increase by about 30% due to redesign.Cook said that 5G is still immature and faces the outside world. The iPhone 11 series does not support 5G. Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a very direct answer in an interview with Tencent Technology: “I think 5G is stillThere is a little ahead.” The implication is that the current 5G technology is not suitable for the iPhone, so the iPhone 11 series would rather support only 4G, and will not provide users who purchase mobile phones at a more expensive price than competing products.5G network support.The only way to use a 5G phone with a gaped Apple logo is to wait.Cook also commented on the current 5G technology: 5G has great potential, but there are still many problems to solve.The meaning behind this sentence is worthy of play. It seems to imply that the 5G network construction in the current environment and the 5G related mobile phone hardware products are not ready, so the iPhone does not support 5G.Looking back at the previous R&D rhythm of Apple products, whether it is iPhone 3G supporting 3G network or iPhone 5 supporting 4G network, Apple is following related products after supporting the first mobile phone of the corresponding network.In 2019, which was called the 5G first year, Apple did not seem to bring a 5G mobile phone.(iPhone 3G) And no matter what the network, the signal is the most important thing, only the connection can talk about how to use it.As of the end of October, China’s 5G signal coverage reached 50 major cities, which was over-completed at the beginning of the year, but still cannot be compared with the extensive coverage of 4G.Early adopters of the 5G technology media also said that they need to keep moving in the building to find 5G signals.The state of technical iteration is also in front of the present. Most of the commercial networks currently built are NSAs, representing a more complete 5G SA network to be technically finalized and hardware supported.From this point of view, Cook’s “there are still many problems to be solved” is not a rant.Apple’s 5G small action mouth said that 5G is not suitable for the iPhone and as a reason for not supporting it, but according to the news from multiple sources, Apple actually has a lot of clues to invest in 5G research, indicating that the company isPrepare for “advanced” technology.In the past two years, the iPhone has been equipped with a baseband chip from Intel, and has become the only user of Intel’s baseband business.Although the Intel 5G baseband shipment time has been postponed from the end of 2019, everyone can see that this is for Apple.(Intel 5G baseband) There is also a lot of disputes between Apple and Qualcomm baseband, which is well known and eventually reached a settlement. The settlement agreement includes Qualcomm’s cooperation with Apple to provide baseband.In this 4G network is about to become tomorrow’s yellow flower, 5G is a popular time point, Apple chose to accept Qualcomm baseband, it is obviously for 5G related support.Not surprisingly, we are likely to see Apple’s first 5G iPhone next fall, which is Apple’s customary next-generation iPhone release point.In other words, the iPhone 11 series is followed by the 5G iPhone, and Apple, which is said to be ahead, has actually invested in 5G research and development.Apple, which has always placed corporate values ​​at an important position, is also a company that can implement its own position. This has been seen in the previous environmental production declaration.So why is this Cook wishing to speak in a bureaucratic manner, and also to be “missing” on the issue of supporting 5G?This may be linked to the difficulty of 5G baseband development and more uncontrollable situations.The Intel 5G baseband jump ticket makes it impossible for the iPhone to support 5G this year. After that, Apple announced that the acquisition of Intel’s baseband business seems to make people see a glimmer of light, but actually needs to wait longer.(iPhone 2020 imaginary map) Starting from the A series processor, Apple has embarked on the road of self-developed processors, and we all know that it gives the iPhone and iPad an advantage that the opponent can’t surpass.However, it is not easy to repeat the baseband. It takes time to integrate the team and resources. The development and debugging for 5G is also the same. The latest news is that the self-developed 5G baseband will be seen in 2022.Therefore, the relatively safe way at this stage is to use the 5G baseband supplied by the third party. Some time ago, Apple reported that it was in contact with Samsung and MediaTek. But now we can basically confirm that Apple will use Qualcomm 5G baseband.It is revealed that the 2020 5G iPhone will use the Qualcomm Xiaolong X55 baseband to support the 5G standard and SA/NSA networking in China and the United States.Considering that most of the Android flagships listed in 2020 will also use the Snapdragon X55 baseband, network performance is expected to stand on the same level.However, there are still other problems that need to be solved by the 5G iPhone: “Liu Haiping” that followed the iPhone for three years may disappear in this generation and be replaced by a true full screen design without a screen gap.(Qualcomm Xiaolong X55 baseband) is really good-looking, but it also puts high demands on the network-related hardware such as radio frequency and antenna of mobile phones. If you add several antennas added by 5G network, I am afraid it will bring unprecedented popularity to pressure.In the worst case, Apple may only choose one of the 5G and the full screen, which is difficult to achieve.Many problems are plagued, and Apple can’t guarantee the launch of 5G mobile phones. Moreover, Apple has never predicted the technology that will be used in the future. All kinds of restrictions are placed in front of us. Let us see that it is more conservative on 5G related topics.Cook.The world is changing, Apple needs 5G. Even though Apple continues to make negative statements about 5G support, it can’t avoid Apple’s need to launch an iPhone that supports 5G to follow the development of the times and maintain its market position.In the past, the mid- to high-end mobile phone market with a price above RMB 4,000 was dominated by Apple. In addition to a small number of products in the Android camp, the iPhone is synonymous with high-end mobile phones.However, the times have changed, and the rising Android camp has been catching up with Apple. It has caused obvious changes in the markets such as China and the United States, and the status of the iPhone has been challenged.(2018 mobile phone market share) Even a small number of talents can experience the 5G now, so that Apple has lost the first wave of opportunities.The 5G mobile phones launched by other manufacturers are often priced at nearly 4,000 yuan or more, but they have also contributed millions of sales in the market for more than two months.It can be seen that 5G is a fresh selling point and has already had full appeal in the market.The US 5G network, which is affected by the technical characteristics of millimeter waves, is destined to progress slowly, but it also gives a positive notice: AT&T plans to cover the whole country in 2020, and T-Mobile wants to develop 200 million 5G users, Verizon and Sprint operations in the same year.Businesses also began to cover in big cities.2020 will be a year of large-scale commercial entry into the US 5G.In China, 5G commercial development is faster: the three major operators initially calculated 680,000 base stations, covering all prefecture-level cities, and the construction scale is ahead of other countries.5G mobile phones are expected to enter the mainstream price segment of less than 3,000 yuan in 2020, and the 5G tariff package is also expected to bring more people-friendly choices.(Information on Beijing 5G infrastructure construction ahead of schedule completion plan) Under the premise that both China and the US are entering the 5G era, Apple is not suitable for launching 5G iPhone, and it will be difficult to cope with new changes in the market.In 2019, the competition in the Chinese mobile phone market seems to be a knife, and each manufacturer is very competitive in terms of product form, selling point and price, and can even compare with the iPhone 11 series.If Apple continues to maintain the arrogance of “iPhone X styling for three years,” by the fall of next year, the new iPhone that only supports 4G is hard to have the persuasive power to make more people buy.Even the 5G that everyone has does not support, but also talk about technological innovation?The last manufacturer to participate in 5G is different from the performance of Apple, and the Android camp will not hesitate to debut the 5G mobile phone.The Snapdragon 855+X50 high-end machine launched this year is in the lead, followed by the Qualcomm 7250 that supports SA to open the mid-end market. Compared to Apple’s fall goodbye, the Android camp has gained at least half a year’s advantage.As a result, Apple is likely to be the last manufacturer of 5G mobile phones among mainstream mobile phone manufacturers. What kind of strength will the new iPhones on 5G support to grab users again, and even let people wait for half a year to experience 5G?It will be our biggest expectation for this mysterious product.In the past two years, the news that Apple’s mobile phone business growth rate has been declining has caused many outsiders to have different noises in the past. Apple itself has also begun to try to improve revenue through services, as if the mobile phone business will become the edge of Apple.However, from the current revenue structure and market performance, mobile phones are still extremely important business, so what kind of performance of 5G iPhone can still be expected, Apple also needs to use 5G opportunities to continue to maintain its leading position.As for what Cook said?Next year he will say how good 5G is..