Targeting users’ long-term “cure” social needs, “Secret Planet” uses “IP+AR” for immersive socialization


New technologies give the imagination of social products.The geo-targeting user recommendation algorithm has enabled social products to harvest the first-round bonuses in the market. Since then, face recognition and dynamic capture technologies have also created new opportunities for anonymous social and video social products.36. The “secret planet” recently contacted is actively exploring innovative practices for social products in the “social + IP” model using AR technology.Mining social needs: The longer-term “weak demand” is “healing and companionship”. After successfully launching the “That Years of the City” series of products, after selling for 5 months and reaching 1 million sales, the Secret Planet team believes that it is not only traditional.Products, virtual products are also undergoing consumption upgrades. CandyBook founder and CEO Shang Yi said: “We found that consumers are now willing to pay for experience and feelings.”Consumers are looking for an upgraded “emotional satisfaction” in an era of increasingly consumer and consumer spending.At the moment when the material is “fullness” and the feeling is “skinny”, consumers have a huge emotional consumption gap.In the social media circuit, the “social demand” of love and short-term friends has retired, and the longer-term sustainable “social weak demand” established in daily life is still an unsatisfied market pain point.”Secret Planet” is a social software that wants to provide users with the universal ‘companion cure’.In the view of “Secret Planet”, the team’s “initial heart” is to meet the needs of users to “listen and talk” and provide users with an exit to release emotions.Through the healing of story lines and the UI design based on AR, “Secret Planet” provides users with a variety of emotional catharsis “tree holes”, expanding the target user group to “have a need to talk, or seek a cure.”Everyone.”Secret Planet” features a map of the planet’s functions. “On the Goddess Planet, we only allow women to enter, providing exclusive secret discussion space for female users; Love Stars provide users with dating and love based on online time and interest; Tucao Star accepts life.Disappointment and spit… In our software, users can post and accept public information about their stories.”Shang Yi introduced to 36.Through different functions and the planet setting under the story framework, users can meet multiple confession, understanding and friendfriend requirements in software.In addition to the introduction of the story line, “Secret Planet” also introduces the concept of game design in product design: users can earn gold coins by writing letters and replies in software, and then use gold coins to buy chat gifts, skin and letters.“We also plan to launch ‘Star Pets’ and introduce the concept of ‘weak farming’ to allow users to interact and raise online electronic pets in software.” Shang Yi added that “Secret Planet” aims to pass “strong story”Line + game design” to provide users with an immersive experience.Relying on the strong interactive art design, “Secret Planet” also wants to refer to the LINE FRIEND reference to develop the IP value of social software, use the physical products that the team is good at to sell the virtual software on the connection line, and pass the “user companion” from the line to the offline.”Secret Planet” IP Derivatives “We plan to further develop the “Secret Planet” picture book, blind box, animation, animation and other generic products, and promote it in the form of team-funded crowdfunding.And relying on the accumulated resources of technicians and illustrators, we will sell to the adapted user community and carry out the extension and creation of the overall IP of “Secret Planet”.Shang Yi believes that the sales of offline physical products will also serve as an important channel for realizing software to assist revenue. According to the data provided by “Secret Planet”, the number of newly added users per day is close to 10,000, and the retention rate of the next day is over 45.%, the per capita use time is more than 35 minutes.More than 1.2 million user ugc content has been stored in the software.In the absence of any traffic promotion, the “Secret Planet” natural traffic ranks up to 80 in the social rankings.Looking for the next round of “software technology” for social software: The development team of AR “Secret Planet” CandyBook is an Internet company that focuses on AR and focuses on emotional experience.The development team relies on AR technology to provide AR content products with emotional interaction and experience upgrade for C-end users, and provides AR marketing solutions for B-end customers.On the “Secret Planet”, the team is also confident in the access to AR technology.”We are trying to use AR technology to enhance the immersive experience of mobile social software.” Shang Wei believes that “AR is not a pain point, but selling point”. The introduction of AR technology can better serve users HCI and enhance user experience and experience value.In the era of instant messaging, advances in technologies such as 5G have made “mobile phones” a mobile terminal tool for social life. In order to meet the needs of younger Z-age consumers, “game-sensing interaction + immersion experience” will be “secret planet” improvement.An important tool for users to keep.Relying on the experience of AR interaction, adapting the functions of Apple ARkit, “Secret Planet” is optimizing the star display and traversal functions in the software, giving users a more cool experience.”Secret Planet” AR Demonstration “Our goal is to create the best products for the domestic immersive experience.” Shang Wei is very confident in the commercialization of AR technology on “Secret Planet”.The founding team CandyBook has already cooperated with Starbucks, Nestle, Budweiser China, Ant Financial, National Grand Theatre, People’s Daily, Nanjing Municipal Government, etc., and has certain AR landing experience.About Beijing Daxie Creative Technology Co., Ltd. (CandyBook) was established on January 2nd, 2014. It is an Internet company focusing on AR, with emotional experience as its core. It is a master’s team of digital media majors of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and former Meitong Wireless (The core technical engineers and operation teams of the enterprises that pioneered the wireless interconnection industry were jointly created.The team members have won the “Best Digital Production of Gold Investment”, “Kirin Award Silver Award”, “Dandel Award Silver Award”, “Asia’s Most Influential”, “Red Dot Design Award” and “appstore Best Application of the Year”A series of design awards, and design works have been permanently collected by the National Museum of China.————————————————————————————— I am 36kr analyst Cheng Mu.If you are interested in the reported project, you are welcome to contact me to connect with the entrepreneur.If you are interested in social venture capital investment track, please feel free to communicate and discuss with me.My micro signal is: ChengYGoo.Please note “Name + Position” when adding..