Knowing | Luo Yonghao withdraws from Huang Zhang, how far can the “small and beautiful” mobile phone brand go?


It is expected that 36 氪 will launch a new column, and mine the news behind the news you need to know, welcome to continue to pay attention.”In the era of strong and strong, honestly, it may be prolonged, but it is not prosperous.” On May 15 this year, on the first anniversary of the release of TNT and Nut R1 by Hammer Technology, Zhu Haizhou, product manager of the smart phone Smartisan OSWeibo wrote.On the evening of October 31, at the Nut Pro 3 conference, Zhu Haizhou, who joined the nut mobile phone team for one and a half years, became one of the keynote speakers at the conference. The software interaction and UI presentation took the longest time in the whole conference.The three-piece efficiency 3.0, hearing-impaired mode, wireless TNT and other details have once again triggered live cheers.Different from the past, Luo Yonghao did not appear on the scene for personal reasons. In the past, Wu Dezhou, who appeared in the interview section, was the first to appear as the president of the New Stone Lab.Time pushed back one week, Meizu released the “16 series” of the 7th model Meizu 16T in Beijing, the speaker is also not familiar with Bai Yongxiang, Li Nan and Yang Yan, the only constant may only be hidden in the Meizu community JHuang Zhang, the founder behind .Wong ID.In less than 10 days before and after, Meizu and the nuts, which were represented by the domestic small-sized mobile phone manufacturers in different periods, appeared one after another. During this period, the report released by market research organization Canalys showed that in the third quarter of 2019, ChinaSmartphones market TOP5 manufacturers’ shipment share has reached 92%, nuts, Meizu and more second- and third-line mobile phone brands belong to other camp shipments fell 31% year-on-year, leaving only 7.8 million units in a single quarter.The time when the giants attacked and the sub-brands fought, leaving the nuts and Meizu to continue to be “small and beautiful” was not much.In fact, from “China Cool Alliance” to “Hua Mi OV”, in addition to the “Four Big” in each period, countless small and medium-sized brands have become passengers in the Chinese smartphone market, failing, ignoring, exiting, and sticking to it.Every brand has had its own high-gloss moments, but in the end, it can’t beat the giants with better comprehensive strengths such as products, marketing, channels and brands.Nuts: “It’s not difficult compared to last year’s time.” Nuts have had the opportunity to scale up.On October 18, 2016, after experiencing the performance of two consecutive flagship machine failures, Hammer Technology released the M1 series. On this product, Hammer Technology gave up the iconic positive three physical buttons on T1 and T2.And the double-sided glass body, and due to the round fingerprint recognition of the front of the fuselage to identify the Home button “Bumper iPhone” and controversial, even Luo Yonghao himself at the press conference directly referred to M1 as “the shame of industrial design of hammer technology”.However, this does not prevent the sales of the M1 series from making Hammer Technology a success in 2017, while the T1 of “Natural Pride” won the 62nd iF International Design Award and was also collected by the Swedish Failure Museum.Newton, Nokia N-Gage, Google Glass and other products are juxtaposed.In the media interview after the M1 series conference, Wu Dezhou, who joined Hammer Technology for 5 months, revealed the process of persuading Luo Yonghao: “Either you keep the ‘black hat (the middle round key is a small horizontal button)’, unlike the iPhone.But everyone will marry you ugly, and don’t buy it; or you can change the ‘black hat’, although you are like a iPhone, you can sell it.” For the mobile phone industry that needs cash flow to play the supply chain, the productSelling is more important than anything else.After M1, the mobile phone products launched by Hammer Technology began to continue the nut series that was previously launched as a thousand yuan machine. To some extent, the M series, which was dubbed by the netizens as a “shame machine”, became the swan song of “hammer mobile phone”.From hammer mobile phones to nut mobile phones, Hammer Technology and Luo Yonghao have learned how to balance the pursuit of industrial design aesthetics and pleasing market users. In several consecutive nut mobile phones, although the nut Pro is too sharp on the fuselage line, the grip is too sharp.A small bug like cutting hands, but within a year after the release of the Nut Pro generation, Hammer Technology has built the most basic three product lines: the nut series for positioning the thousand yuan machine, the Pro series and the flagship series for the middle end.Image source: Nut mobile phone official Weibo Unfortunately, the total amount of 8 rounds of 1.7 billion yuan of financing did not support Hammer Technology to continue to expand after the product line was laid out. IDC data shows that Hammer Technology’s 2018 China market shipments are2.65 million units, down 15% year-on-year.After entering 2019, Hammer Technology has been rumored whether it will continue to launch mobile phones until Luo Yonghao and the nut mobile phone separation relationship confirmed.Luo Yonghao said on Weibo, “Hammer is still, but was forced to not do mobile phones.” The nut mobile phone team joined the byte jump at the beginning of the year and continued to participate in the mobile phone market.At this point, although Luo Yonghao, as the largest shareholder and legal representative, Hammer Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. still shares the hammer-shaped logo with the English name of “Smartisan” with the nut mobile phone, but has no relationship in the ownership structure.On October 8th, Zhu Haizhou recalled the situation one year ago on Weibo: “Someone asked me, it is difficult. It is not difficult compared to last year. The same cold weather, the weather of Xiao Su, followedTeacher Luo and Teacher Wu, carrying heavy equipment, rushed to the Quartet and sought the way. From Changchun all the way down to Baoan, they kept walking. At that time, the company had not paid any wages. Every time they returned to Beijing, a colleague came over and asked me to talk.How is it, there is no hope, whether you want to prepare a resume.” Compared to a year ago, today’s nut phone has returned to the smartphone market with the long-lost nut Pro 3 with the support of byte beats, using Wu Dezhou’s words.Said, “In addition to Luo Yonghao, the original team of the nut mobile phone team is kept in the new stone laboratory.” The conference is nearing the end, Zhu Haizhou also revealed that the nut Pro 3 is only the beginning, next year nuts will also launch 5G mobile phones.Also at the end of the conference, Meihai Vice President Hua Hailiang also said that 16T is the last mobile phone released by Meizu this year, see 5G next year.The two “frustrated people” in the mobile phone market in 2019 chose to participate only in the last 4G war at the end of the year. However, they lacked the support of “big gold masters” such as byte jumps. Meizu’s next year is not necessarily better than nuts.Meizu: 5G eve of the crouching and Luo Yonghao, Huang Zhang has long served as “the spokesperson” of the craftsmanship of the mobile phone industry.For example, for the MX3 edge, the hand grips the elbow to polish 31 hands, the MX3 prototype has a error of 0.07 mm and costs millions of redo molds, and the MX4 frame is narrow 0.1 mm to dispute with Meizu President Bai Yongxiang, because the camera is placed in the middle of the back of the fuselage.The overlap with the CPU position has brought about more fever and other anecdotes that have long been passed down in the charm of friends.However, starting from the Meizu PRO 7 series in 2017, Huang Zhang’s chances of “willfulness” are getting less and less.In 2017, when the full-screen began to spread, Meizu “counter-current”, according to Meizu’s Pen Ge technology report, Meizu invested $2.5 million in mold-opening fees for the PRO 7 series of “painting screens”, in order to improve the process precision and make the back screenFitted with the fuselage, it also invested tens of millions of yuan to cooperate with the factory to upgrade the production line.The high upfront cost investment and overestimation of the market expectation of millions of stocks make the PRO 7 series almost the last straw to drag the Meizu. Since the PRO 7 series, Meizu has entered a long adjustment period: the flagship hat only wears 4Meizu 15 series, director Gaiwen Zhang and CMO Yang Lan’s “inner turmoil”, the charm blue brand that was cut midway, the organizational structure of frequent adjustments, Bai Yongxiang, Yang Yan, Li Nan.Under the “internal and external troubles”, the aforementioned IDC data shows that Meizu has become the largest mobile phone manufacturer with the largest year-on-year decline in domestic shipments in 2018, with a drop of 79%. The annual shipments have fallen from the peak of 22 million in 2016 to 2018.4.05 million in the year.Compared with the nut mobile phone, because the capital chain breaks “forced” to return to “small and beautiful”, Meizu is the active choice made during the period of brand and product adjustment: shrinking the scale and improving brand positioning.Image Source: Meizu’s official Weibo Meizu is no longer attacking the market with 14 products in 1 year, as in 2016, but launching different positioning products under the same sequence, such as Meizu 16Xs, 16s Pro, 16T, etc., although these products are different in price.However, almost all use the same front narrow frame and symmetrical full screen design. In order to make the frame narrow enough, Meizu has repeatedly emphasized the cost of its custom screen with Samsung: 16th screen customization cost is 6 million US dollars, 16Xs is$3 million, 16T is also $3 million.Customized screens allow Meizu to have a unique brand mark in the homogenized mobile phone market, but it also brings higher cost pressures, especially in the online mobile phone market, where price competition has intensified since 2019, when friends are happy to useMeizu still sticks to the custom screen when the mature drop screen, digging screen and lifting camera are shipped on a large scale. The additional custom cost stacks down the shipment, which brings the average cost of the single machine.Fortunately, in May of this year, Meizu officially confirmed that Zhuhai City’s state-owned assets fund invested in Meizu, and said that the company’s “advanced IPO” issue is still advancing normally.Judging from the product release rhythm, Meizu has entered the stagnation period before 5G. It is also preparing for the mature application of 5G SoC next year by relying on the 16s Pro and 16T products to compete for the final share of 4G.Every “small and beautiful” has a big heart, but the people who can stay at the table are not much more than the past five years. With the help of capital, Meizu has experienced a big ups and downs in shipments.The speed of the tongue has expanded, the foothold in the second echelon has stabilized, and the double adjustment of the self-adjustment and market environment has declined. This has become the inherent trajectory of every small manufacturer, trying to break through the ceiling of the scale, but because of the inside and outside of the company.Many factors failed.Meizu has Li Nan’s trader, hatching out the “Youth Good” charm blue, allowing Meizu to expand sales with the charm blue mobile phone when the living space of the MX series is squeezed by Xiaomi and glory; Hammer Technology invites Wu Dezhou to lay out three product lines.It is also the basis for the nut mobile phone to continue to develop today; LeTV mobile phone relies on the one-handed hardware free, Internet money-making model to gain market share, but unfortunately fell under the financial crisis of LeTV; 360 first cooperated with Cool, and then because of LeTVTurning to its own brand, it gradually disappeared due to lack of its own characteristics; Nubia used to be the main selling point of “shooting the stars” and “no borders” at the earliest, but in the era of full screen, it was mistaken into the positive and negative dual screens. Now it relies on game mobile phones to maintain its livelihood.Meitu once became the representative of the domestic mobile phone brand relying on differentiation, and ultimately chose to license the brand to Xiaomi, and withdraw from the mobile hardware market.Image source: One plus mobile phone official microblogging Even if it is now “small and beautiful” and still live well, the model plus a mobile phone, but also because of rashly expanding product lines, laying offline stores and suffered losses, relying on a clear lineWith the flagship and overseas positioning, with the help of the OPPO supply chain and R&D resources, the user demand for the screen refresh rate has become more chic today.”Small and beautiful”, in the end it is still because of enough “beauty” to continue to exist in a “small” state, not because of “small” so “beauty”, the mobile phone market has always been a giant game.Luo Zhongsheng, former vice president of ZTE, once wrote that “the property of the mobile phone market is still a capital-intensive market and needs big financial support as a backing to counter the risks. The mobile phone companies lacking capital support are basically dead or dying.If you rely solely on the mobile phone company’s own system to make blood, or at a good time, you can give the company some time to accumulate capital, or you need external resources or the parent company to do some investment, brand, research and development, market, etc. Otherwise, it is difficult to haveWhat it is doing.” Today’s smartphone market has evolved into a group army of sub-brands + sub-brands, Huawei glory, Xiaomi Redmi, vivo iQOO, OPPO one plus, realme.Compared with the nuts and Meizu, these large-scale large-scale plants have strong financial strength and relatively complete channel layout. They can rely on the scale of shipments to dilute R&D and production costs, and go deep into the upstream of the industrial chain to develop and develop with suppliers.In the stock competition, you can also send your own sub-brand as a pioneer to snatch the market that has not been involved in the market. It is more and more common to conduct “saturated” competition for multiple products in the same price range. This is the nut, Meizu, and NuBiya, Lenovo and other domestic second- and third-line mobile phone manufacturers can not do.As in the Jingdong live broadcast at the end of 2017, Luo Yonghao bluntly said, “We are very ambitious. We want to be the best player in the world and become a qualified player on the next platform. Because touch screens, mobile phones, and tablets must be done,The next generation of revolution will play an important role, there is no room for negotiation, as long as the company does not die, it must be done.” Continue to crouch, stay at the table, wait for the next opportunity to give birth to market changes, become the second and third lineVendors still choose to stick to the situation when the domestic mobile phone market has become a bloody state.On October 31, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that the domestic 5G commercial launch was officially launched. 5G, which is enough to support a platform change, has arrived. For mobile phone manufacturers, it is only the first step to stay at the table on the eve of the unpredictable 5G eve.Meizu returned to the “small and beautiful” state, also in order to wait for the next shuffle..