The front line | Huawei’s new tablet exposure!


On the iPad, which is almost “sweeping” on the tablet, the Android tablet is hard to break through.There are not many players who can play, and Huawei is one of them.According to foreign media 91mobiles, reliable sources have learned that Huawei is developing a tablet with a perforated display.This will be the first time you have used a perforated design on your tablet.The source also said that the tablet’s internal development code is “Marx.”The device will support a smart magnetic keyboard and an M-Pen stylus.Well-known breaking person Evan Blass said that the tablet is called “Huawei MatePad Pro”, and Evan Blass also exposed the rendering of this tablet.Image source: 91mobiles According to the exposed renderings, Huawei MatePad Pro uses a high-screen ratio full screen design, the screen frame becomes thinner, the perforated front camera, and the fingerprint sensor HOME button is cancelled.An off-screen fingerprint sensor may be used.The back of the device features a raised dual camera with LED flash, similar to the MediaPad M6 10.8 version.In the bottom design, you can see that the MediaPad M7 has a USB Type-C port with speakers on both sides.It is currently not possible to confirm if there is a 3.5mm audio jack.Since the magnetic keyboard is used in the rendering, it can be inferred that the touch point of the keyboard is the same as the previous one.Image source: 91mobiles is not yet known whether the equipped M-Pen stylus will be stored in the silo in the fuselage like Samsung or placed in the ridge of the fuselage.91mobiles speculates that it may be fixed to the tablet via magnetic design and supports wireless charging.Although rendering shows most of the design elements, there is still no information about tablet specifications or release dates.But 91mobiles speculates that Huawei’s MatePad Pro will have a flagship specification, equipped with Huawei’s Kirin 990 processor, with up to 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage.Considering that the previous MediaPad M6 was only available for 4 months, it may be launched early next year.The advantages of large-screen smartphones and thin and light notebooks are becoming more and more obvious, making the status of tablets a little embarrassing.On the increasingly narrow track, facing the iPad with a rich product line and covering multiple price points, the living space of the Android tablet is greatly squeezed.It is not easy to break through.According to data released by the IDC, the number of tablets sold in the second quarter of the domestic market was 5.61 million units in 2019, compared with 2.3% in total sales last year. The sales volume of iPads remained stable compared to last year, and Huawei continued its growth momentum.The market share of shipments accounted for 27.4%, an increase of 17%.In June of this year, Huawei’s new MediaPad M6 10.8-inch sales sold more than 30,000 units in 5 minutes, and the sales of the entire network for one hour exceeded 100 million.Source: IDC China Although Huawei’s current sales rank first among domestic brands, its share of market share in China is still far behind Apple.Looking at the world, according to IDC data, in the global tablet market ranking in the second quarter, Huawei ranked third, with 3.3 million units shipped, with a market share of 10.3%, down 6.5% year-on-year.Apple is still firmly in the first place, with shipments of 12.3 million units, with a market share of 38.1%, an increase of 6.1% year-on-year.Faced with the fierce game of tablet PCs, Huawei still has a long way to go.Header Source: 91mobiles