Focus analysis | Say goodbye to Luo Yonghao, can the nut phone be reborn in the byte beat?


After a lapse of 14 months, the new nut machine returned to the rivers and lakes.On the evening of October 31, the Nut Pro3 was released in Beijing. This is the first nut mobile phone conference without Luo Yonghao.The owner of the nut mobile phone changed from hammer technology to byte beating. The nut mobile phone team was renamed as the new stone laboratory. The keynote speaker of the conference changed from Luo Yonghao to Wu Dezhou, Zhu Haizhou and Fang Chi. The three new identities arePresident, product manager and designer of New Stone Lab.The biggest change in this conference is that there is no Luo Yonghao.The Luo Yonghao era of the nut phone has come to an end. Will it be able to usher in a new life?Luo Yonghao left the brand is still there, the byte beats to try to hit his own branding conference without Luo Yonghao’s figure, the new product design is not from his handwriting.At the beginning of this year, the original class of the nut phone came to the byte beating, except for Luo Yonghao.However, Luo Yonghao’s imprint is still there, and the overall design language of the product and the style of the PPT at the conference are similar to those of the Luo Yonghao era.A similar design language maintains the continuation of style, which can attract the original hammer powder and reduce the cost of re-accepting the market.Thanks to the opening speech and the end, the name of Luo Yonghao was also frequently mentioned.Not only that, from the controversy caused before the press conference to the discussion of netizens after the conference, Luo Yonghao is still the focus of attention.The opening of the conference, the center of the stage is the president of the New Stone Lab, Wu Dezhou.He said: “I know that you are a little uncomfortable, because the other person who came up from the stage before, is a little fat, burly person.” At the end of the conference, the nut mobile phone product manager Zhu Haizhou a series of “thanksIn the middle, Luo Yonghao was also mentioned: “Thanks to Mr. Luo for letting us know each other, meet, and pass by.” The new product was released with a lot of love cards, which is invisible in the use of Luo Yonghao’s appeal.Although Luo Yonghao has nothing to do with the new products, Luo Yonghao seems to be in the shadow of the nut phone business, and the public opinion is constantly changing.Before the press conference, when Luo Yonghao interacted with netizens, some netizens commented that “I feel that an era is over”, Luo Yonghao replied: “The words are heavy, and the scope of influence is two or three million people. It’s not about the times, let alone I haven’tRetired.” But without Luo Yonghao, the nut phone will still change significantly.Tickets for the conference are no longer sold, and this was a major feature of the hammer that distinguishes it from other manufacturers.Although the atmosphere of the conference was good, but the laughter was much less than before, it was no longer a “science and technology comic dialogue” worth buying.On the product, the Nut Pro3 adjusts the logo that has been placed in the center of the back panel to the lower left.The Nut Pro3 uses a byte-beating algorithm that supports intelligent distortion correction based on face protection, which can correct the distortion of each face type in the self-timer group.In addition, it will share special effects with the vibrato, unlimited number and duration, and can be updated in real time.This is also a “privilege” in the byte beating.There is no doubt that the imprint of bytebeats on nut phones will become heavier and heavier.At the press conference, Wu Dezhou said that when the “new mobile phone is named”, there are still people talking about “shaking mobile phones”.Luo Yonghao’s imprint is still there, but the future will fade away.An episode before the release is evident.On October 7th, Luo Yonghao spit out a new machine on Weibo, bluntly saying, “I won’t buy it,” because “system advertising and Bug more”, but also “copying the popular Yuba.”Obviously, the Nut Pro3 is no longer the style that Luo Yonghao likes, although most of the design languages ​​and main highlights are still similar.Now Luo Yonghao has devoted himself to the business of Ono E-cigarette.Today, Ono has a one-time atomized electronic cigarette A1 on the official website.Luo Yonghao also revealed on Weibo that in December, the conference will be held. The new products are neither e-cigarettes, mobile phones, nor home appliances and smart home products.For the nut phone, Luo Yonghao’s page has been completely turned over.The nuts are re-emerged from the rivers and lakes, and it is a miracle that the rebirth of the nutty mobile phone is re-released.Last May, Hammer released the Nut TNT Workstation, which immediately caused controversy.Zhu Haizhou said: “TNT is a tumor in my heart. I came to Hammer Technology before the release of TNT. After TNT was released, I experienced the most ups and downs of my professional experience.”In October of the same year, hammer layoffs and capital flow breaks gradually emerged, and some people held the slogan “Return my hard-earned money” to the Hammer headquarters to collect debts. Luo Yonghao frequently retired as the legal person of his company, and he was in charge of Hammer Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.This year, there have been as many as 50 equity pledges. Under this circumstance, Luo Yonghao was unable to operate the mobile phone business again. The byte-hopping take-over made the nut mobile phone have a reincarnation. At the beginning of this year, the byte jumped to acquire the nut mobile phone business and brand.The official website of Hammer Mall is now also a byte beating, but the business of breathing humidifiers and Horizon suitcases still belongs to the hammer. After 14 months, the nut mobile phone finally has a new machine. But compared with the re-emergence of the rivers and lakes,It is even more difficult to stand on the market. As far as it is concerned, there is no new machine for more than a year, and the original users are inevitably lost. In addition, the nut phone missed the three-photo era, the previous mobile phone nut Pro2S, nut Pro4It is necessary to directly challenge the four shots in technology. According to the introduction of the party, after adding the byte jump, the camera is included in the part to be upgraded.It is the focus of the current smart phone PK, and it is also one of the most concerned functions of the user. The industry’s background is also very unfavorable. The new machine will be released before the double 11 and may take the opportunity to harvest a wave of sales, but in front of the new nut machine.The situation is very serious. The domestic market is still declining, the Matthew effect is prominent, and the Huami OV apples account for more than 90% of the shares. Moreover, due to Huawei’s increase in the domestic market, the share of Xiaomi, OV and Apple has been squeezed, nuts.As a small brand, the challenge of mobile phones is imaginable. Compared with other small and beautiful manufacturers, nuts still lack the advantages of the supply chain. One plus, realme can share the supply chain with OPPO, and the black shark can be supplied with the help of millet.Although the byte hopping capital is strong, it does not provide support for the supply chain. Another big problem facing the nut phone is commercialization. This is also the key to determining whether the nut phone can be reborn. The success of commercialization also affectsIt is difficult to solve the supply chain problem. If the shipment is small, the priority and price of the goods will fall in the downside. Fortunately, compared to the stormHammer technology, byte jump has more powerful capital, business advantages, its data, technology also helps to make the new nut machine more suitable for the market demand. Nut mobile phone designer Fang Chi said that the most problematic problem of product creation is thatYou think of an idea, but the direction may not be particularly correct. Its feasibility is not what you expected, and you have no way to verify that the advantage of bytebeat in the data will make them correct the subjective bias in the creation.Accurately see the direction of the future. The advantage of bytebeat in operation is especially critical to make up for the shortcomings of commercialization. Fang Chi said: “We (original) is a company that works, but we are not good at operating, bytesBeating is very good at doing business.However, as the first mobile phone to return to the mobile phone market, the byte beat uses a conservative and test attitude. Although the gold sales of the double 11 is just around the corner, the new machine still dare not stock up. The sale is only half a day, the nut Pro3All the models on the Tmall have been out of stock, and some models in Jingdong and Hammer Mall have also been out of stock. In response to the media question “Will you insist on doing mobile phones for a long time”, Wu Dezhou’s answer is also very cautious: “If our usersThere is demand, we will continue to do it, and we may continue to do this.”There is no promise or slogan of “must make a mobile phone for a long time.” All of this can be seen as a small factory that has faded out of the mobile phone market for more than a year, and has to revisit the shackles and wait-and-see. They have to re-examine the market today.How deep is it, how far can you go. However, the nut phone has at least a long-term plan in planning. First, the TNT project, which has been on hold for more than a year, has been re-opened. Zhu Haizhou said that the TNT project does notWill be abandoned, on the contrary will invest more resources in research and development, the current TNT is improving. Second, Wu Dezhou revealed that an educational smart hardware will be released early next year. This shows that the byte is very ambitious to the hardware market,In addition to mobile phones, I also want to make a difference in computers and smart hardware. Moreover, nuts are not only a simple mobile phone design team. According to Wu Dezhou, nuts are still in the role of hardware in the byte jump, they will give bytesAll hardware provides design and supply chain support.Byte jitter has such expectations for nuts, and it is bound to give corresponding resources support.Referring to BAT, which is also dominated by the Internet business, all three have achieved varying degrees of success in hardware.Bytes are full of content, but there was no hardware export before, and the Nut Mobile team is expected to make up for this shortcoming.But all this planning has to return to a question: Can bytebeat help the successful commercialization of the nut phone, and achieve a qualitative breakthrough in the sales problem that Luo Yonghao could not solve.The head map and the inner picture are from the nut phone.