Short and tight, Xiaosong, have you been worth 6 million annual salary for Ali music in recent years?


Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “zinc scale” (ID: znkedu), Author: Li Ji, 36 krypton release authorized.On September 10, 2019, it was the day when Ma Yun announced his resignation as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ali, and it was also the night of the 20th anniversary of Ali.That is, on this day, Gao Xiaosong, as the veteran of Ali music, stepped onto the stage and sang the “You at the same table” that all the audience could echo with.From time to time, the audience enthusiastically shouted the name of the flower that Ma Yun had appointed for him – “short and tight.”After 40 days, Gao Xiaosong stepped down as chairman of Beijing Alibaba Music Technology Co., Ltd.In response, Ali music responded that the change was a normal company executive adjustment, and Gao Xiaosong was still one of the directors of Ali Music.From four years ago, he became the chairman of Ali Music to become the chairman of the Ali Entertainment Strategy Committee, and then retired as the chairman of Ali Music. Gao Xiaosong’s Ali career seems to have come to an end in the continuous changes of his entertainment business.Some people say that Ali spent a lot of money to hire a big name, chat, and can write songs and film “short tight” is spent.Nowadays, in the slaughter of the domestic music market, Ali music has entered the valley, and this pot, I am afraid it is not necessarily the case that Gao Xiaosong alone.Gao Xiaosong’s main business and “side business” On July 15, 2015, Alibaba Group announced the establishment of Ali Music Group, Gao Xiaosong as the chairman of Ali Music.And with Gao Xiaosong packing into Ali music, there is Song Ke, the old river in the Chinese music industry.In the 1990s, Gao Xiaosong became the most influential musician of the era by virtue of “Love in the Wind”, “You at the Same Table”, “Brothers Sleeping in My Upper Shop”, and newcomers such as Red Yeh, Old Wolf, and Pu Shu..The resulting dividend is that the growing Internet companies have seen the business value behind Gao Xiaosong and are willing to pay for it.Therefore, in addition to his own record company, Gao Xiaosong has always been the scent of Internet companies to expand the territory.In 2000, Gao Xiaosong was hired as the director of entertainment development for 2001, he left Sohu to be hired as a strategic consultant for Sina Culture.In 2012, Gao Xiaosong and Song Ke joined Evergrande Music as the director’s music director… until July 2015, they entered Ali Music.Gao Xiaosong’s versatility and versatility are well known outside the circle. Before entering Ali, the non-stop schedule is evident.He wrote novels, published collections, traveled to Europe and the United States, filmed documentaries, and made films. In 2010, he successively served as a judge for the two contests of “China Talent Show” and “Happy Boys”.In 2012, Gao Xiaosong launched the talk show “Xiao Shuo” on Youku Video, and the program was broadcast for 6 years.This year is still in the Voice of Heaven, “Sound Asia”, “Up!”The juvenile, “I am a legend” and other talent shows as judges and guests.In 2014, Gao Xiaosong joined Aiqiyi and presided over “Xiao Songqi Tan”.After half a year, he co-operated with Cai Kangyong and Ma Dong to host the debate variety show “Qi Yu said.”On May 4th, 2015, Gao Xiaosong announced his withdrawal from the comprehensive art circle on Weibo, and no longer served as the second season mentor of Qi Qiyan.Two months later, Gao Xiaosong came to Ali Music.After joining Ali Music, Gao Xiaosong wrote on Weibo emotionally: “Since 1995, I and Song Ke established wheat field music, and 20 years have passed. Ali Music Group will be the last stop of our music professional manager career.Thanks to Ali’s trust, Ali Music Group will become a world-class music organization. “This vowed text, plus two months ago has announced through Weibo to withdraw from the variety circle, people believe that Gao Xiaosong wants to be Ali’s music career.Focusing on it once, but it is not the case.In fact, after Gao Xiaosong announced that he had withdrawn from the comprehensive circle for half a month, he had a cooperation with LeEco on the joint operation of big movies, weekly dramas and music.In the cooperation agreement with LeTV, Gao Xiaosong needs to cooperate with LeTV Films exclusively for at least six films, at least three of which are director films.In terms of online drama projects, Gao Xiaosong is the exclusive signing director and producer of the LeTV’s online drama project.The duration of cooperation between the film and the online drama is 5 years.Therefore, there was still a voice in the industry at the time: Gao Xiaosong was still part-time in LeTV while receiving salary from Ali.In 2016, Ali Music ushered in a staff adjustment.The former CEO Song Ke became the chairman of Ali Music, and Gao Xiaosong was promoted from chairman to chairman of the Ali Entertainment Strategy Committee.The mode at this time is: Gao Xiaosong is fully responsible for the international strategy of Ali Entertainment, and Song Ke is responsible for the Ali music performing business and innovative development.The former is the main, the latter is the main.Resident overseas, responsible for helping Alibaba University to open up overseas battlefields. In the eyes of the discerning eye, this has become more and more like a part-time job for Gao Xiaosong.Of course, with Gao Xiaosong’s high emotional intelligence, every time there is a transfer, he will make some sighs or explanations, and this time he wrote on Weibo: “Recalling the four hundred people who struggled with Ali’s four hundred colleagues.Days, while fighting (player copyright war) construction (Ali planet turned out), spent an unforgettable journey of learning and progress, exploration and gratitude… In the future, I will work together with the 8,000 colleagues of Ali University.Based on China and integrate into the world. Recall the ideals of young people when they enter the industry: transforming the industry. Over the past 20 years, nowadays, the east wind of the Internet era has finally sailed into the sea and swayed the waves.” But this is the word behind him.Still playing a number of roles: musicians, songwriters, producers, directors, talk show hosts, etc., “Xiao Shuo” and “Miscellaneous Library” have been doing well… Gao Xiaosong’s busy schedule does not seem to haveOne point is to stop or change the meaning of Ali music.In 2016, Gao Xiaosong co-hosted the LeTV sports talk show “New Sanwei Liaozhai” with Liu Jianhong and Huang Jianxiang.Soon after, Gao Xiaosong led the “Wan Guo Land and his friends” into the Texas keynote speech.In the same year, he also participated in the light comedy food reality show “Food in the Road” program.In 2018, Gao Xiaosong slammed himself into a Harvard researcher in the United States, and was squandered by Fang Zhouzi as “having money and leisure to find a piece of information”.On May 10, 2019, Guan Xuan participated in the music variety show “Summer of the Band” as a super fan, in addition to dubbing a movie… Then, the rumored that Ali gave the annual salary of 6 millionIs there any water in the air?I don’t know if the following two performances about Gao Xiaosong are counted.In November 2017, Gao Xiaosong made a song for the songs of Ma Yun and Wang Fei.As soon as the song was launched, it quickly became a news hotspot. It grabbed Weibo’s hot search and became a hot topic. The song sharing link was a hot flash of friends, and the WeChat index was close to 50 million.The number of multi-user visits exceeded 30 million on the day, and only the effective broadcast volume quickly approached 250 million times.In 2018, after Oscar, after the “Green Paper” team’s after party, Gao Xiaosong took photos with famous directors and sighed on Weibo. “Mexico Sanjie won the Oscar for best five times in the last six years. Mexico IIIThe director can do it. In the future, the younger generation of Chinese directors can do it! Come on for the new generation of Chinese directors! Alibaba is willing to do everything possible!” Maximizes the value of Alibaba Pictures, the third investor in this film.Chemical.After the “Green Book” campaign, Gao Xiaosong made a great contribution to Ali’s overseas expansion.In summary, it can be seen that although Gao Xiaosong is not specific, it is undeniable that he has added points to Ali’s entertainment career in terms of talents, industry resources and popularity.With the endorsement of listed companies, Gao Xiaosong knows that people in the future should eat more, and he is always easy to move forward and backward.Therefore, even if Ali gives a higher annual salary, I am afraid it is difficult to tie him.After four years of ups and downs, missed the opportunity. In addition to Gao Xiaosong and Song Ke’s successive departures, the development of Ali music has brought some reasons that have not been favored by the times.In 2012, the number of users per day exceeded 100 million, and it also received Alibaba’s investment.At that time, some people pointed out that the rapid growth of users every day symbolizes Ali’s ambition to deploy mobile Internet.More importantly, the shrimp music that Ali had previously acquired did not bring the advantages of the music business.Therefore, the high-end user coverage of Shrimp music, combined with the daily low-end user coverage, is of great significance to Ali.The reality of development is far less beautiful than imagined.After being acquired every day, the first year was in a self-operating state, and the second year was integrated into Ali music together with the shrimp music.Song Ke, who was then CEO, said: “We can’t have two players. There should be a platform to do other things.” On the day of Ali’s launch, Li Yifeng was an important guest and settled in nature. Every day, it became the development strategy of Ali music.A marginalized character.But it is not useless. In 2016, Ali Music launched a pan-entertainment fan interactive platform “Ali Planet” based on every day.As a new product born with a gold spoon, “Ali Planet” is responsible for the further expansion of Ali Music’s ambitions, but it is criticized by users for its cumbersome functions.In the end, this “China’s largest pan-entertainment trading platform”, which was built by Gao Xiaosong, Song Ke and He Wei, has withdrawn from the historical arena.On the one hand, the music is fascinating and the music is ruined. On the other hand, other music platforms in the industry are intensifying in copyright competition. Ali music has to change its development mode.Therefore, from the third CEO Zhang Yu sent a letter in the station shouting the slogan of “Growing grain, not building a wall”, I saw the renewed emphasis on copyright by Ali Music, and also saw the birth of the “Light Seeking Plan”.Ali music supports original music and creators.It is only in this change that more than ten years of birth have become a history, and the shrimp has become the business card of Ali Music.However, it is a pity that the music market atmosphere at this time is no longer so simple. The strong development of Tencent Music and the emergence of Netease Cloud Music have laid a thorn in the development of Ali Music.However, from the later results, Ali music did not choose to fight alone.First, he shared the copyright of Universal Music with Tencent. He also owns the exclusive copyright agency of record companies such as Rolling Stone and Huayan.In September of this year, with a investment of 700 million US dollars, it reached a strategic alliance with Netease Cloud Music.The music industry needs more possibilities. The loss of Ali music and the leading position has an important relationship with the loss of copyright.Looking at the early users of the shrimp music evaluation, it was mentioned that “the interface and function of the shrimp music are very good, the song recommendation, the collection, the music genre are also awesome”, there are people who comment, “Shrimp music is really doingMusic, not entertainment.” But the reason for letting them go is the same one – the song list is grayed out.Even though Ali music regained a city through the method of purchase and mutual promotion, many copyright resources that are very attractive to users are still not in the mutual promotion scope. This is also the fundamental contest between the major music platforms.Shrimp music “light-seeking plan” plays an important role in the support of original music. In fact, the development model of Ali music is a benign development, which is not only reflected in the intercommunication with other music platforms, but also in the internal control system upgrade, AI.Algorithm optimization and other aspects.Why is the effect not good?This has nothing to do with Ali’s acquisition of shrimp music and a series of “Alihua’s development plan” after every day.Although Tencent allowed QQ music, cool dog music, and cool music to develop independently, it received unexpected results.But more importantly, the development of the domestic music market is now in an immature state. Whoever can buy more copyrights will become the leader.The phenomenon of “sound source is king” will undoubtedly affect the company’s thinking about the development of the platform. Is it the advantage of platform function and user experience? Once it stands in front of copyright, it becomes worth mentioning?Some people say that Gao Xiaosong and Song Ke understand music, but they don’t understand business, so they have not been able to bring any outstanding results to Ali music.But this pot, in fact, who is not suitable for the back, and now the atmosphere of the music industry has not been expected.For the industry, the real interoperability and cooperation between the platforms can lead to more prosperous development.When everyone abandoned the enthusiasm for copyright, it turned to a normal copyright purchase.While maintaining copyright, it can also put more energy into building a music environment, such as increasing support for original musicians and increasing the promotion of music culture.Online music was not originally a fast-growing business. Whether it is Ali music or other practitioners, it is an important role in the industry. Together, we can make this proud and prosperous industry go to the peak..