Detailed explanation of the vibrating information flow delivery strategy: How to avoid stepping on the pit, and how to quickly start?


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Birds Note” (ID: niaoge8), author Wang Yuting, 36 氪 authorized to release.Nowadays, more and more companies and projects are starting to advertise in vibrato.As a relatively new medium of delivery, what are the precautions that we must avoid stepping on the thunder, what strategies are available to quickly increase the amount of products to achieve rapid growth?Come and share with you today.The main platform used for vibrating information streaming is the huge engine advertising platform.Whether it is creating an account, establishing a plan, or optimizing, it is done through this system.Below we will explain from the three aspects of account, planning and optimization.The application for an account account is usually a more general process.From preparing the qualification materials, authorizing the seal to the first time you recharge quickly, you can usually get it all in three days.It is worth noting that the product cannot contain medical, sensitive content, vibrating competing products and other related functions (there is no relevant qualification), but the review must first remove the relevant content or find another method (such as business level).communication).A new account is opened. The first three weeks are the most important. If an account is not worth three weeks, the probability of later re-starting is lower.So sometimes, in order to be on the safe side, when opening an account, we often choose to open two accounts for Android and iOS respectively, in case one account has no way to start for various reasons, which may cause delay of three weeks or more..Another important point is to keep your account budget adequate. If the system recognizes that your budget is running out, but you have not recharged, the system will automatically reduce consumption.Plan to have an account, the next important thing is the plan.We all know that planning is the core and most basic element of the beginning.It can be said that the entire work of the vibrato information flow in the early stage is based on how to quickly build a plan and how to quickly test it.A plan that includes the following core modules: user targeting, bidding, delivery strategy, video and title, landing page.How these modules are set up depends first on what your goals are.For example, do you want to get users quickly or do you want to stabilize costs first, or both? For example, what is the maximum user cost that you can accept, and what is your budget under this cap; for example, what is your target user attribute?, age, gender, etc.) 2.1 User orientation First, user orientation, which is divided into precise orientation and general orientation.Accurate orientation is to accurately define the geographical, age, and gender of your target user based on the image of your target audience, and only target these precise people.Pan-orientation means that you don’t limit these conditions (there is no choice of related options), and you can learn the users and materials that are more suitable for you by vibrating your own background model.My personal suggestion here is that if your target audience is a group with a particularly broad audience and a particularly large base, such as e-commerce and games, it is necessary to narrow down your user range by restricting orientation in order to learn faster.To the target users who are suitable for you (except for the large S-level promotion section).However, if you are a product in a vertical field, the original user group is relatively small, you can maximize the exposure by means of the pre-targeting method, and quickly run out a stable model suitable for your product. Generally, a plan covers tens of millions or evenThe user of 100 million is normal, and if it is less than this level, it will be difficult to run.Another important point is the crowd package problem. Excluding the people who have already installed or converted has basically been a must. The headline will provide us with a default installed population.However, the author found that this crowd package is not very accurate through pro test. Users who install our app can often see related advertisements, so if you are more precise and you don’t have a lot of users, you can package your users encrypted.Go to the background to do the exclusion.But if you already have tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of users, then it is not so realistic to upload and upload. It is inevitable to sacrifice some precision at this time.In addition, many companies hope to upload a crowd package according to their high-quality users, in order to learn similar high-quality and accurate people in the headline.This method is certainly feasible, but also pay attention to the crowd package is not too small, usually at least hundreds of thousands of users, and the use of intelligent expansion.Otherwise, even if you learn the precise crowd, the magnitude may be small, and the significance is not great.If the directional crowd package runs for a few days and finds that the cost is significantly reduced, the corresponding user quality is significantly improved, which indicates that the effect of the crowd package is obvious.On the contrary, it is necessary to try the crowd package in other directions in time to find the best image of the crowd between the cost, the magnitude and the quality of the user.The comparison here suggests that people who can target multiple different portraits for the same plan can be tested at the same time to find the image of the crowd package with the best cost, magnitude and user quality balance as soon as possible.2.2 Bidding About bidding, I think every company has a definition of the cost of acquisition based on its own ROI, strategy or other considerations.In general, for a new plan, the initial bid is a little higher than our expected cost, and wait until the plan runs past the test period and then slowly lower the bid to the target cost.However, there are a few things to note here: First, in addition to our own bidding, we also need to pay attention to the bidding status of the competing products or industry. For example, the average bid for your industry is 50 yuan, you have to pay 5 yuan, it must be running.Not going out.The other is that the new plan bidding should also pay attention to the cost control, the maximum bid can not exceed 140% of the target price you set, and then even if the magnitude successfully ran out, you may face cost more than the target price, veryDifficult to suppress the dilemma.In addition, the cost itself is a dynamic process, and it has a lot to do with the specific plan.Because the vibrato information stream is consumed in the same way as ocpm, the same CPM consumes the same amount. At this time, the better the back-end conversion rate, the lower the planned cost.Therefore, for companies with strict cost considerations, it is necessary to pay special attention to the cost of each plan. For the plan that exceeds the target cost, the budget is strictly controlled or the material is optimized to increase the conversion rate. For the plan below the target cost, the plan can be run as much as possible.Copy the plan elements as much as possible to build new quality plans and run together (note that the plan can’t be too similar, or you won’t go through the trial, you will also face the dilemma of your own plans and your own plans).Of course, it is worth noting that for the plan that is still in the study period, you can not use cost as the core assessment factor.Because the learning model has not stabilized at this time, it is possible that your bid is 10 blocks and you will eventually run 50 blocks. However, as long as your plan passes the test period, the number of conversions generated will exceed 20, usually this cost.Will be close to your bid.At the same time, for the plan with too high cost during the test period (more than 20% of the target cost), the vibrato will also pay for the excess amount (provided that the plan must pass the test period first, and the adjustment of the bid should not be too frequent, modify within one day.Do not bid more than twice, or the specific payment rules are shown in the figure below).Of course, if your cost has not been reduced after the test period, it means that the model of this plan is not accurate, you may have to re-establish the plan to run.Another point to note is that for those programs that have not been suspended due to the difficulty of the test period, we must delete them in time to avoid affecting the weight of the account.If you have a better plan to test on other platforms, you can also get the vibrato to measure.2.3 Delivery strategy Regarding the delivery strategy, the background of the headline provides three strategies: balanced delivery, priority running, and low cost.Each company can choose the corresponding strategy to run according to its own goals.2.4 Another important point of video is video.For the vibrato algorithm, the video is more concerned with the ctr, the completion rate, and the click rate of the download button.The core factors affecting these indicators are the title and content.Let me talk about the title first.How to grasp the user’s eye through an eye-catching or eye-catching title is a problem that must be paid attention to in any kind of content.The commonly used strategy here is to shock the body, use more digital expressions, use the loss aversion mentality to make headlines, create suspense, get straight to the point, etc. The more common is that users who vibrate sound prefer some novelty or singular content, such content is generally effective.Not too bad.The vibrato delivery background also provides us with the system recommendation title and the ability to test multiple titles for a single plan.At the same time, for content, vibrato is more concerned with the matching of title and content.Can’t you hit a certain point in the title, the video is talking about another point, such material conversion is usually poor.In addition, in the first 3 seconds of the video, we should try to catch the user and improve the ctr as much as possible by making some problems or making suspense or creating surprises.The longest content of the vibrato stream may not exceed 1 minute and 30 seconds (usually within one minute), so how to show the user some memory points and points of interest in 1 minute and 30 seconds to guide the user to convertIt is especially important.What I recommend here is to conduct a small flow test to find a content strategy that is right for your product.For example, the L’Oreal mask that exploded in the previous two days is through the function points (hydration, nourishment, foaming, etc.) + propaganda strategy (bubble experiment test, kol live broadcast, knowledge content presentation) + crowd orientation (low end, middle end, high end)These elements were tested in combination and found the best delivery strategy for this product.For users who are vibrating, it is usually not too bad to play some novel points, but this also varies from product to product.For example, some novel products are designed to depict a fascinating plot. Users prefer to use some e-commerce products to directly report some benefits. Some net service products are not even paving the way. The function of the product is simpler and more effective.As the saying goes, the best product for you is the best. The first thing we should do before the large-scale launch is to test the content strategy, targeting strategy and so on for your product on the vibrating platform.The last important conversion point of the 2.5 landing page is the landing page.If the most important role of video content is to provide users with memory points or points of interest, then the most important role of landing pages is to deepen these memory points and points of interest, and give users a reason to download to complete the corresponding requirements.Therefore, it is especially important to make different landing pages for different video content.First of all, the landing page should be further accepted for some points in the video. For example, if your video tells you that the xx function can help you better xx, then your landing page should focus on the xx function in my product.What, how to better help you meet your needs.Of course, it is not enough to do this. In addition to deepening this memory point or point of interest, the landing page should also display more and deeper content about the product or cognition.For C-side products, the function of selling products is not as good as selling users. If your products can be packaged as xx and xx people (and consistent with the previous targeted groups), then don’t say that we still have xx functions.Selling cognition and selling products is more efficient than selling products.For the B-end, selling solutions is also better than selling products, the truth is the same.Of course, if your product has no unique cognition and a unique solution concept to sell, then we still have to go back to the product function itself, covering multiple product features to introduce the completeness of the product.It’s not over the end of the landing page.There is also a motivation for the user to recognize your content and actually click on that conversion button.This motivation can be a point of interest (hook) after the product promises to the user, or a call to action slogan (such as not downloading now, you will lose xx), or just a highlightThe conversion button, which guides the user’s actions through the layout of the pattern (such as the highlighted >>/-> symbol and the button layout with red background and the highlighted copy).Speaking of this, the five elements of the vibrato information flow have basically been finished.But for a company to launch, these are just the beginning.The user is coming, but how many of the users are real users, how to keep them, how to pay, these are the issues we must consider.Therefore, the establishment of a set of user value assessment system of vibrato has become a key issue for every company. Only by dynamically adjusting the plan based on this system and continuously adjusting the model to obtain high-value users is a healthy delivery strategy..This is because the assessments and priorities of different companies are different at different stages, so the description is not carried out.Finally, I would like to share with you some small tips for vibrating information streaming.The first point of optimization is that if you have some plans for the amount of money in your account, you can consider copying some of the elements to create a new video placement, which can also be of a certain order of magnitude.Although the vibrato material also has a corresponding recession period, it is no problem at least two weeks compared to the fast-moving a few days.The second point is to pay attention to the impact of holidays or important time nodes.For example, in the case of Super S-class activities such as Double Eleven, Jingdong and Ali are all rushing to the market. At this time, you should prepare some plans in advance to be new in this time period and try to hedge the impact of the market.In addition, if you are a big customer, the budget is more, you can consider signing the year with the vibrato official, can save you a lot of money and get some traffic support.At the same time, you can also find some professional third-party companies to cooperate in video production. These companies will make free quality videos for you.(The vibrating platform will give these video companies a rebate incentive according to consumption, so advertisers can enjoy these services for free without spending money. However, this method usually has a certain requirement for advertisers to consume at least 200,000 days, soIt is more suitable for some big producers. The fourth point is about the time period of delivery. For the vibrato, it is usually 10:00 to 12:00 in the morning, and 8:00 to 12:00 in the evening is the time when the magnitude is relatively large.Then press the cost again.At the same time, if you are extremely strict with the cost requirements, you can also choose to suspend the delivery between 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock in the evening to prevent the problem of high cost on the day due to uncontrollable evening costs.The fifth point is that the vibrato background provides us with the function of planning diagnosis. This function is more effective for diagnosing some poor quality plans (usually the system will say that the planning is difficult, because of poor creative quality and poor clicks).But for some high-potential programs how to continue to increase exposure usually only gives: the way to raise prices.In my experience, if you want to increase the exposure of some high-potential programs, you can first try to expand the interest orientation, crowd orientation and other conditions to expand the exposure; if your orientation is already very broad, then you can try to copy these plansThe core elements are created with a new plan, or if you are Android, copy it to ios to serve it; ios will copy it to Android to serve.The sixth point is that if your traffic is delivered through a proxy, it is inevitable to involve the management of the proxy.For the choice of agents, those agents who have experience in your competing products or related products are definitely the first choice, which can save you a lot of communication costs.At the same time, the strength of the agency itself, the speed of the previous material output, and the policy of rebates are also factors that must be considered.Because some large agencies often have to be divided into many teams.So sometimes even if you choose a very experienced agency, the team that directly connects you may be ignorant of this.Therefore, in the process of communication with the agent in the early stage, it is necessary to have a team of experienced (such as your competing products) to serve you.At the same time, in the management process of the agent, it is necessary to establish an assessment mechanism for the survival of the fittest, and introduce competition and incentives.For the elimination of agents that cannot produce materials and quantities in a timely manner, the agency is encouraged to provide agents with good starting materials and timely updates.And establish a gradient of consumption gradient mechanism, so that all agents can see the benefits that can be obtained, and the early warning of the rankings when they are not good.Of course, as Party A, we must also do the relevant support work. After all, the products are ours. No one knows more about our products than us. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate the video direction in time, review the video content in time, and give suggestions for modification.Things to do well.The above is the entire content of this article.As a relatively new delivery method, the vibrating information flow requires us to explore many of the strategies. Today, the headline itself is constantly optimizing its algorithm according to the actual situation.In my opinion, this is a thing that constantly needs to learn to summarize, but is very valuable..