Technology God Reply | WeChat version of the flower garden will be online, so that young people always feel that they have money to spend


Cook responded that the new iPhone does not support 5G: 5G has some advances; students v. Shanghai Disney’s forbidden diet to reach a mediation, Disney compensated 50 yuan… In the evening, look back at some of the technology news and netizens’ replies that should not be missed.WeChat credit products will be launched soon, and Huayu and Baizhi are facing strong enemies. According to reports, Tencent is incubating a credit payment product “payment” (tentative product name).Following the ant flower buds and Jingdong white strips, “payment” represents the Tencent department reignited the war of credit payment.In the future, when users use WeChat payment, they may use the “payment” payment [email protected]囧的囧鱼: There is only one purpose: you always feel that you have money to [email protected]: Tell a joke Tencent has customer [email protected]: If you don’t pay back later, “payment” will send the information directly to your circle of friends.The new iPhone does not have 5G, Cook responds to the new iPhone does not support 5G: 5G and some advanced Apple CEO Tim Cook responded after the iPhone 11 series conference: “I think 5G is still a little ahead.”After researching the market, it was found that the entire market, whether it is infrastructure or chip, is not mature enough to support the launch of a high-quality product.In Cook’s opinion, Apple’s goal has never been to grab the first and grab the starting lineup.Apple’s goal is to be the best, that is, waiting for the relevant technology to enter maturity.Cook also believes that if Apple can more fully utilize 4G and 4G+ networks at this stage, it can still tap a lot of 4G network potential.In the iPhone 11 series just released this year, Apple is also planning this [email protected]_Ced: That’s right, there is no network, and the choice of two modules is also [email protected]草草大魔王: The signal did not understand, how dare to engage in [email protected]陈陈陈丶昕: A little ahead?Is this what a technology company should [email protected]浩轩Curtain: Big Fang said that it is not good to buy baseband only with Intel?Students v. Shanghai Disney’s forbidden diet reached a mediation, Disney compensated 50 yuan at the beginning of this year, East China University of Political Science and Law junior Xiao Wang was carried out by Shanghai Disney staff for carrying snacks.Xiao Wang believes that Shanghai Disney has violated the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and will bring it to court.On the 12th, the original defendant reached a mediation agreement in the case, the food loss was 46.30 yuan, and the Disney compensation was 50 [email protected]你2444: Do not steam your head and [email protected]昕璇_: Thank you very much for this college [email protected]: The teacher of the Admissions Office of East China University of Political Science and Law smiled slightly.NASA uses animation to show Arctic sea ice ablation: Arctic sea ice may disappear completely in 2050. NASA animated the ablation of Arctic sea ice over the past 35 years, with many years of sea ice melting more than 95% compared to 1984.More experts predict that by 2050, Arctic sea ice will completely disappear, which will have a huge impact on the Earth’s [email protected]小肥狼的饿: The first thought is the polar bear… @清朗岚: Usually the reality will be faster than the [email protected]桃子神君: The new channel appears, and does Siberia become a wilderness?What are the hot events in the tech circle today? Do you want to vomit?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below, the excellent God reply will appear in the next article~