More than “real people eat chicken”, “great hard interaction” will use the Internet of Things interactive entertainment platform to create a “new” offline live action game


According to the China Performance Industry Association’s “China Performance Market Annual Report”, the scale of China’s offline performance market has been in a small increase in recent years, no more than 50 billion. Compared with the European, American, Japanese and Korean markets, the potential of domestic offline performances is seriously underestimated.of.Not only that, the market for monopoly of online entertainment products and the policy of continuous tightening of trials have made companies think about the possibility of offline entertainment, and the market scale is expected to break through in the future.Looking at the development prospects of the offline entertainment market, He Sai, co-founder and CEO of “Jianhu Interactive”, hits the other founders to establish a “hard interactive” based on the Internet of Things to provide offline and interactive entertainment products and platforms.In 2018, we chose to create an offline real-life entertainment product based on the online red game “Jesus Survival”, and cut into the offline entertainment market with the scene of “real chicken”.In the same year, “Giant Interactive” won the bid for Mango TV “The Brave World” project and became its exclusive system partner.Regarding why we chose Jedi to survive and eat chicken as a breakthrough in offline entertainment, “Giant Interactive” told 36 氪, before the project was prepared, from 2016 to 2017, FPS PVP games such as Jedi and Watch were very popular.Compared with the two, the game content of the Jedi includes map setting, battle mode, and prop system to facilitate offline conversion and laying.Compared with “Singapore CS”, it only provides a single game of play. The offline real-life chicken brings a variety of new ideas such as bags, squats, virtual maps, and upgrades the player’s gaming experience.However, He Sai also said that the “Great Hard Interaction” is intended to provide offline entertainment. It is not just a real-time version of the real-life chicken or real-life CS, but an IOT-based interactive entertainment hardware device and software platform.The new “offline shootout game” is only considered to be the first scene of the “Giant Hard Interaction” platform and the first step in the innovation of offline sports.”Giant Interactive” intends to use the IoT interactive entertainment platform to bring two “new” changes to offline entertainment: “new experience” and “virtual + reality” combination, making offline entertainment more exciting than online.For example, in the case of “Jesus Survival”, due to the limitations of the equipment, it is difficult to truly restore the game maps and props drop gameplay, and once these are stripped, the so-called offline chicken can easily become a bad street.The real-life CS, how to preserve the virtual end of the game in the “stimulus battlefield” of real people confrontation has become a problem for many offline games.In response to this pain point, “Giant Interactive” designed the interactive entertainment platform into four parts: smart wearable devices, interactive props, C-side apps, and master control platforms.Smart wearables and portable laser transmitters use IoT technology to connect smart wearable devices (such as helmets, body armor or other accessories) on the user and detachable laser transmitters independently developed with “Giant Interactive”The interactive props are connected in series, and the C-end app at the user’s hand displays the map or the enemy logo. The “virtual” + “reality” linkage, and the “Jesus Survival” online gameplay is partially broken.Not only that, but also the giant hard interactive offline SaaS master control platform can monitor and adjust the player’s blood volume, props function and game rules, and can directly on the wearable device or C.The end APP directly guides and prompts the player, and the “fool” operation greatly reduces the labor cost required for the traditional offline entertainment layout.In the same way, not limited to eating chicken scenes, operators can also use the hardware and system provided by “Giant Hard Interaction”, the front-end custom wearable device, the materialized model of interactive props, and the content display of the mid-end DIY design player APP.Develop reasonable game rules and generate your own offline games.Although the game content can be customized, the single CEO He Sai also said that based on the current equipment, the specific content of the game can be limited, mostly based on the FPS type, but the “great hard interaction” will be followedThe product is iterated so that more and better online game content can be copied offline.Equipment and props at the current stage of “eat chicken” scene, “Giant Hard” maintains its system and props for three months, a month and a small iteration frequency, in order to prevent some players from falling into a box to affect usersExperience and recently added the new gameplay of “Kings Eat Chicken”. In the “King of Chickens” mode, players can resurrect and upgrade equipment as many times as in traditional MOBA games.”New location”, breaking through the venue to limit the ceiling, revitalizing commercial inefficiency and park idle space.”Giant Hard Interaction” chooses to cooperate with the city’s commercial super or park to borrow its idle and inefficient space to create its own offline game venue.For the venue partners, not only will the site vacancy rate be improved, but the live-action scene game will undoubtedly create a certain amount of passenger traffic. For the “great hard interaction”, the cooperation between Shangchao and the park can be reduced.The cost of the venue layout, and the multi-modal game space means a variety of maps, which can effectively break the ceiling of the real live sports game.The main customer flow of the “Giant Interactive” offline products comes from the B-side enterprise team (group building activities) and the C-side franchise members, the re-purchase fans, and the FITs recommended by the public comments. The unit price is about 200 yuan per capita.Up to now, “Giant Technology” already has 20 franchise stores, and plans to expand to 50 at the end of the year.According to the size of the store, the number of people that can be accommodated in each game is different. Generally, one game lasts for one and a half hours. On weekends, the daily store can receive 5-6 batches (30-50 people). Most stores can be in three.Return to this within a month.According to the CEO, the existing system of “Great Hard Interaction” can accommodate 200 people and fight in the same situation.Mango Fan Festival “Great Hard Interaction” Really Eat Chicken Players According to the understanding, “Giant Interactive” is in a cooperative relationship with Suzhou Lifeng Shopping Center. The new store will be launched in November, with Suzhou Global Harbor, Beijing 798 Park and Changsha.The invitation to settle in the characteristic town of the Long River is also under negotiation.The core team has cooperated with well-known real estate brands such as Wanda Plaza, Wuyue Plaza and Yintai to cooperate with a number of offline entertainment venues. The cooperation mode is mostly to bring the project traffic into the deduction of rental cost.In terms of project prospects, He Sai told 36 氪 that the products of “Great Hard Interaction” are still in the state of “no one has me”. Compared with the traditional live CS, the unit price has increased by 200%, and will be in the future.There is a high room for growth in the year.The research and development of offline immersive entertainment products often encounters a lack of content, a difficult reference system, and difficulty in iterating.”Giant Hard Interaction” selects the online game IP with its famous and diverse gameplay to do offline migration, which not only finds the target for its own product update, but also obtains certain user traffic that comes with IP.Like many offline entertainment products, the issue that needs to be focused on at this stage is based on how to improve the repurchase rate and membership conversion rate of offline chicken products.The repurchase rate is at two points, the repurchase of the venue and the repurchase of the product.As far as the venue is concerned, the “big hard interaction” offline chicken game is a single participation in the per capita 200 yuan, which is considered expensive, and the player often loses the freshness of the same scene after experiencing the game content.As far as products are concerned, although there are product iterations, due to the limitations of current equipment, it is still impossible to completely reproduce the online games such as skydiving and braking.Moreover, at this stage, there is only a “real chicken” game, and there are no more other game types to choose from, which is difficult to attract more users to enter.”Giant Hard Interaction” also found the pain point of the scene freshness, so the focus of its current plan is to expand more types of scene maps (especially To B) and game modes, and at the same time build franchisees and user member operating systems, set upThe City Venue Alliance allows users in a city to independently select the “maps” and “game modes” within the alliance.In addition, it is planning to cooperate with a holographic interactive manufacturer to create an immersive chicken theme park, and introduce holographic projection, naked eye 3D, AR and other technologies into the giant hardware Internet of Things platform system.In terms of team building, CEO He Sai, UCLA Bachelor of Economics and Mathematics, Renmin University of China MBA, has an investment banking background and has long been concerned about offline immersive entertainment projects.Co-founder Zhang Ming, Snow Leopard Commando veteran, has 10 years of experience in offline entertainment projects and has created the C+ brand.The core members of the team have experience in cable entertainment, Internet of Things technology development and Internet product development and operation.Previously, in July 2018, the giant hard interaction was won by the 2 million yuan seed round of the CEO of the soil network.Now, Juhard Interactive is seeking the next round of financing, mainly used to improve the nationwide franchisees and user member operating systems and channel promotion, forming an immersive gameplay + IoT smart device + mobile Internet system..