Front line | iPhone 11 series will start pre-sale tomorrow, Jingdongcheng is the only official authorized channel in China


The Apple iPhone 11 series was released in a controversy, and the sound of the spit was constant, but the reservation was not reduced.The Apple Autumn release launched three models of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The price of the National Bank is 5,499 yuan, 8699 yuan, and 9599 yuan.The new machine will start pre-sale at 8:00 pm on September 13 and ship on September 20, and the Chinese market will be on the initial sale list.It is reported that in addition to Apple’s official channels, Jingdong has become the only channel in China to obtain official pre-sale rights. All products are directly supplied by Apple, and reservations have been made.Although the new products are lacking in product design and innovation, the total number of reservations in Jingdong has reached nearly one million units, the highest of which is the iPhone 11 Pro with three cameras.Image source: Jingdong official website screenshots take the green version as an example. As of press time, the iPhone 11 Pro has an appointment of over 500,000 units; followed by the iPhone 11, about 320,000 units; and finally the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with about 120,000 people making appointments.Apple’s authorization of Jingdong as a pre-sale channel is not surprising. According to the latest data released by Counterpoint, the online market iPhone sales in the Chinese market, has accounted for more than 50% of the total, that is, every time two iPhones are sold, there is one from Jingdong.In response to this new Apple product, Jingdong also launched the old-for-new subsidy service, and the “Beijing-free worry-free” after-sales service including maintenance and product teaching.For the first time in 12 years, the iPhone has not increased its price. The iPhone 11 has a price lower than the iPhone XR by 1,000 yuan, while the professional iPhone 11 Pro has a higher subscription than the iPhone 11, which shows that consumers are not totally resistant.Capital market reaction to Apple’s press conference was positive. As of Wednesday’s close, Apple’s stock price rose 3.18% to 223.59 US dollars, and the market value once again broke through to 1.01 trillion US dollars.Head map source: Apple’s official website