No one borrows the new iPhone, is the brand lazy, or Apple can’t?


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public number “Uncle of the Almighty” (ID: wannengdedashu), the author of the uncle, 36 氪 authorized to release.It is said that the circle of friends last night was very busy, Ma Yun retired, the national football game, the new iPhone released… Uncle today talked about the new iPhone that could not be stopped.The annual new iPhone launch is a “Spring Festival Evening” in the new media circle PK creative.Uncle and his team also tracked and reported for several times, as follows: 2015: How does the domestic mobile phone brand take advantage of Apple’s new product launch conference?2016: [Case collection] Brands take advantage of Apple 7 conference, why Durex won again in 2017: iPhoneX early morning release, which brand is strong?2018: I can’t think of it, this year’s Apple’s biggest win in the conference is Baidu!But this year, Uncle suddenly found out that although this year’s new iPhone is still a screen and hot search.However, the brand is almost pitiful, and the uncle has been looking for a long time before he finds several parties. For example: Durex: Huawei (unofficial): Lenovo: Giant Network: B612: Then, there is no… Uncle simply makes a comment.Durex’s poster was a change of team. It was too subtle. It may also be because the train had been overdone before, and this time it was deliberately closed. Therefore, if you don’t understand it, you will have a second spread; Huawei is this time.The biggest winner, of course, the people rely on strength, not marketing; the giant network is also the winner of the unexpected circle, the giant will soon “take the move”; Lenovo does not mention, the uncle who played the stalk a few years ago; B612This stalk is also common, but it is suitable for your own products.On the contrary, the network once again played the role of the Tucao, took over the banner of the brand and started the PS.It is worth noting that foreign netizens are also very forceful this time: the brand is very “cool”, and the Internet is very embarrassing. This year’s Apple new product launch conference should be the most “low-key” and the biggest contrast.So the question is coming. Almost no brand has taken advantage of the new iPhone last night and this morning. What is the reason?Is the brand lazy, or is Apple not working?Still taking advantage of the poster is out of date?The uncle sent this question to the circle of friends and got some discussion and talked one by one.1. Ma Yun crushes apples?Last night, Ma Yun’s father brushed the screen. Whether it was his tears or the final song, and his speech, Ma Yun’s “retired” limelight completely overshadowed Apple’s new products. This is true, but please note that this isIn the second half of the relationship, Ma Yun first appeared, Apple appeared after the fact, in fact, no conflict, but let everyone wait for Apple, not so boring.Of course, there is a problem of media resources competition between the two sides. After all, it is impossible to go to the United States when going to Hangzhou. However, from the point of view of the brand Party A, the attention resources are taken over and the conflict is not strong.2. Is the poster used out of date?This view is more mainstream. Everyone thinks that it is too old-fashioned to get a new media communication routine with a copy + P picture. The brand owners are tired of it.Yesterday’s Teacher’s Day, it is said that the major brands are also very happy to play, although there is no screen, but at least self-deprecating, the uncle saw that there is still a summary from the media, this Friday’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Uncle guessed,The circle of friends should be full of posters.Therefore, the uncle does not think that this routine is outdated. It is not so old-fashioned as it is mature. In fact, the core is the combination of copywriting and pictures, whether it can resonate with users, and then the brand is hidden in it.However, there are fewer and fewer good copywriters, and of course, they are getting more and more expensive.The most important thing is that the lightweight communication value of the poster is unmatched by other forms. The biggest problem of H5 and video is too heavy. It takes a lot of effort for you to let the user stay for 6 seconds.3. Is Apple unable to do it?Taking advantage of the potential, one of the biggest premise is that the “potential” will rise first and then have the value of borrowing.Many people think that the iPhone’s innovation is not enough, and it is time to learn how much Nokia sells “shells” and learns domestic brands to fight “cameras.”Uncle thinks that this is obviously a partiality, and the innovation ability of the mobile phone is an overall deficiency. Well.Go back to Apple’s potential.Indeed, Huawei has put tremendous pressure on Apple in recent years. The latter is now a good friend of Huawei. It can only be said that the gap between the two sides is narrowing. It is difficult for Apple to hang up all its peers, but it is still leading.Let me talk about the spit point.This is also the uncle did not figure out, since the potential energy is OK, if there are some Tucao points that can be used for teasing, it is worthwhile to make a fortune for the brand. At least everyone who has been voicing in recent years has become a convention.From Liu Haier screen to double card, to the price, color scheme and even a “bigger” slogan, last year, even a warm-up poster was played by the home appliance brand.This year, there is even more spurt, the three-shot “Yuba” or “Induction Cooker” design style is too ugly, and ugliness is the biggest spit point.4. Does Party A have no money?Having said that, returning to the answer of Uncle’s heart.If the first brand of market-oriented marketing Durex is insisting but doing it, the minds of other brands are placed on sales. The so-called “effective marketing”, I invest a dollar, can you earn two.Remember the “KOC” that was screened a few days ago?It is also a truth, I spent 50,000 separately to ask for a copywriter and designer, all of them are embroidered with flowers and fists. It is better to spend 500 pieces of 100 KOC, maybe you can sell a few products.Although it is a delusion, it is better than waiting for death.”Two micros and one shake” is indeed not done, not wanting to do it, not even no value, but Party A has no money, first cut off the budget of the market public relations new media.Today, the biggest winner of the opportunity, originally should be at least a razor, a Yuba and an induction cooker brand, the uncle looked at their official Weibo, very miserable.In the CCTV 5 sets of crazy advertising @飞科 razor updated a microblogging at 9 o’clock this morning, can not understand this soul chicken soup, but the only two messages, and netizens reminded it to explain Apple,No response at all… The Yuba category is too small, Uncle or Baidu has a keyword, only to find this brand called @欧普, to see its official micro, have sent the content, 0 comments.The official Weibo of @美的电磁炉 has been stopped for another 3 years. Last year, some netizens reminded us of the message from Apple.What can you bring with the potential poster?This is a question that all Party A will definitely think about when cutting off the new media team. Because there is no standard answer, cut it off first.This is the status quo of today’s new media circle: either bad, or lazy, say poor… Welcome to leave a message..