Apple released a feeling: don’t take a nap tiger as a sick cat


Text | Neighbors In the past year, Apple experienced a difficult time in iPhone sales. Not only was it ruthlessly swayed by various grades of products at the Friendship Conference, but it also received one negative after another in the Chinese Internet context.Search with hot.It is precisely because of this that many people once again miss Jobs, and the apples under the leadership of Cook are crippled and incompetent. They will be picked up by domestic manufacturers and become the next Nokia.But this “innovation” special event held by Apple at the Jobs Theatre clearly told the outside world: Don’t treat a tiger that is a nap as a cat.Apple’s snoring is frankly speaking. In the past year, Apple’s iPhone has been “a tiger’s fight”.The iPhone XS series product innovation and product price do not match, making the iPhone series products have been unprecedentedly challenged in the past year – from Apple’s own financial report data, it is the fourth quarter last year to cut revenue expectations, the first this yearIn the second quarter, iPhone revenue continued to decline year-on-year; from the market share, Huawei took the second place in the iPhone’s global market share, and in the Chinese market, it also appeared in the top five of the market; from user word of mouth andAccording to media evaluations, their suspicions about the strength and innovation of iPhone products have reached unprecedented heights. A large number of iPhone users have fled to the Android camp; and in the price of products, they have always been at the price of products.On the iPhone, the iPhone series last year also showed unprecedented price loosening, and even the official allowed dealers to adjust prices.Indeed, in a market reality where users don’t look at absolute speed and only look at relative speed, when the competitor’s products in the same period are struggling in functional innovation, the iPhone XS series’s small step jogging is matched with its unprecedentedHigh prices, it is obviously difficult for users to feel sincerity, and it is inevitable that users will vote with their feet.The strength response is also due to this, many users have now regarded Apple as a sick cat.But in fact, even if we don’t talk about Apple’s just-released conference, only from the sales of iPhone products last year, we can also find that although Apple has encountered challenges in iPhone sales, it is still far fromThe extent of “sick cats”, in fact, Apple is still the absolute market leader in the high-end market.In the most global best-selling smartphone report released by IHS Market in the first half of 2019, we saw Apple iPhone XR become the best-selling smartphone. In the first half of 2019, shipments reached 26.9 million units, and iPhone XS Max shipped.The amount has also reached 9.6 million units.With the Apple Special Event on the theme of “Innovation” at the Jobs Theatre, we can see that Apple, which was smashing on the iPhone last year, is now gradually waking up.This year’s new technologies brought on the iPhone 11 series undoubtedly tell the industry: Apple can’t be underestimated, and Hu Hansan is back.For example, the A13 processor, which is the core of all experience, has 85 transistors that allow its CPU and GPU to once again set off the Android camp processor’s two streets in performance, which greatly reduces energy consumption.The iPhone 11 series products have greatly improved their endurance. The iPhone 11Pro has improved the iPhone XS’s endurance by 4 hours. The iPhone 11Pro Max has improved the iPhone XS Max’s endurance by 5 hours.The A13’s eight-core neural network engine allows the machine learning power to reach 1 trillion times per second, which provides a powerful driving force for the realization and experience of the iPhone 11 series camera system, face ID, and augmented reality.As in the image system of the iPhone 11Pro this year, from the perspective of the intuitive appearance, Apple added a 120-degree view of the super wide-angle rear camera to the iPhone, which changed the camera module from the previous double camera to the current one.Yuba three photos, many people also derived from the fact that Apple is following the imitation of domestic, but unfortunately these people only saw the superficial surface, but did not see the strength of Apple behind the Yuba camera module.Of course, it is also possible to see it, but still deliberately bring rhythm.In fact, behind the Yuba camera module is Apple’s strongest upgrade for the iPhone imaging system – 120-degree super wide-angle lens (which brings a larger viewing range consistent with the Android camp), smarter intelligenceHDR function, 4x optical zoom capability, automated night mode, Deep Fusion deep blending with multi-photo synthesis, 4K60 frame video capture, 4 camera simultaneous operation, cinema-grade anti-shake function, etc.These updates, while greatly improving the quality of iPhone images and videos, or making the night scenes that have been plagued by Android camps into a past tense.It can be said that under the support of the A13 processor, this time Apple is particularly capable of playing on the imaging system.Another example is Face ID, which is the hidden black technology under the bangs of Apple’s front panel. This time, Apple increased the speed of Face ID recognition of iPhone 11Pro by 30%, and also allowed Face ID to have a stronger recognition range.Unlock the function from multiple angles.In addition, in terms of charging power, Apple finally abandoned the ancestral 5W power adapter in the iPhone 11 Pro this year, and began to standardize 18W fast charging on the iPhone 11 Pro, which can achieve 50% charging for half an hour.Although it is still lagging behind in the charging efficiency compared with the Android camp’s 25W start-up, which is more than 40W charging efficiency, compared with itself, Apple is still a big step this time.Of course, the serious need to spit is that the iPhone 11 does not come standard with 18W fast charge, and it is still included with the 5W power adapter. If users want to use 18W fast charge on the iPhone11, they have to pay for it.Not to mention, Cook wants to sell power adapters is crazy.Of course, it is worth mentioning that Apple has brought dual cameras, A13 processor, colorful body and longer battery life to the iPhone 11. Compared with the previous iPhone XR, it has lowered the iPhone 11The price of the product, its official website price is only 5499, which makes the iPhone 11 apparently become the existence of true fragrance, of course, further increased pressure on the Android manufacturers.Missing the 5G first bus, the problem is not a problem. Of course, in fact, this year’s iPhone 11 series, its biggest regret is that it does not support 5G, did not catch the 5G first bus.But in reality, this is a problem but it is not a problem.It is a problem. The reason is that some media and vendors have been over-hyped in the early stage, which makes some users seem to be non-5G mobile phones this year. Even if the current 5G does not bring an enjoyable experience, the mentality of these users is “I can not use it, butYou can’t live without it.”Of course, we also need to see that in the transition period from 4G to 5G, for the users who have prepared a product for several years, this year’s iPhone is indeed a tangled existence.It is not a problem to say that the iPhone 11 series does not support 5G. The reason is that whether it is from the actual situation of 5G infrastructure or the 5G tariff standard of operators or the lack of 5G applications, the current 5G maturity can be found.It is not ideal. It is still a long way from the users. In the construction schedule of the 11G 5G base station in the statistics of Zhongxin Jingwei, we can see that even in this core city, users should use 5G freely.Most are around 2021.From the actual consumption, we can also see that although the industry is shouting on the 5G, the sales of 5G products have not shown a blowout trend. Instead, everyone is cautious in the actual mass production of 5G products.Attitude, “small taste” has become the main theme of the current 5G terminal market.As reported in the previous report, Huawei plans to launch two 5G mobile phones this year, with an output of about 2 million units.Here, we can say that the current 5G smartphone is more formal than the actual one, and it belongs to Shantou.Of course, at the same time, we may need to think about: In the current voice of the Internet, how many are the real thoughts and needs of users, and how much is the “noise” created by man.Written in the end of the whole press conference, it can be said that Apple used the strength to prove to the outside world that Apple’s innovation ability still exists, and in many aspects is still beyond the Android camp a segment.Specific to the iPhone11 series products that users are most concerned about, you can see the iOS ecosystem and the system experience provided by iOS 13, the performance guarantee of the A13 processor, and the improvement of imaging capabilities (iPhone 11 Pro), all of which make the iPhone 11The series of products has become the best iPhone ever, and of course this will make friends who are able to hang Apple at the PPT conference this year may be less and less.But in fact, the iPhone is only a product line of Apple, and Apple’s Apple Watch, iPad, AirPods, software services, etc. far exceed the Android line of product lines or services, but also the presence of friends are currently unable to hang, can not afford to exist,So don’t take the snoring apple as a sick cat, not to mention the current apple has woke up.Note: The picture in the text is from the Internet; please indicate the source of the article.Author: o Chapter [micro signal: ZLxgic public number: TMT317], attention smartphones, artificial intelligence, consumer & industrial Internet..