What is the product of Alibaba?


Most of China’s top 10 Internet companies have a representative product.The product of Tencent (00700.HK) is the glory of the king, is WeChat, is QQ.The byte-beating product is today’s headline, which is a vibrato.The product of the US group (03690.HK) is a US group takeaway, which is a public comment.Netease (NASDAQ: NETS) products, is 163 mailboxes, is “Fantasy Westward Journey.”Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) products, is the search box, is … … Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) also has Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, rookie, box horse, Alibaba Cloud and so on.It seems that Ali’s product matrix is ​​no different from other companies.However, Ali’s internal understanding of “products” is not consistent with what outsiders think.Ali has always felt that their real product or the most important product is “people”. It is an 18-Arbor, about 40 partners, more than 500 members of the Ali organization, and more than 100,000 employees.”Your biggest asset is not how much money, not how many products, how many services, but how many employees you have.” In the past 20 years, Ma Yun has repeatedly expressed similar views.In fact, a little bit we can feel that Ali’s talent pool is as high as its business focus, and it seems that there will always be a wave of business peaks and matching characters appearing.This reflects the high organizational capacity. The words of Wang Huiwen, co-founder and senior vice president of the US Mission Review, are: “In an objective way to look at the organizational capacity building of today’s Internet companies, except for Alibaba, companies including the US Mission.It’s all off.” So how does Ali polish his most important products?Ali does have a comprehensive internal training system that claims to have more than 600 courses in 4 lines and 13 lessons. It has various system guarantees from the apprenticeship system to the rotation system to the organization department to the partner system. It has the ability to repair people and borrow fakes.A variety of people who value talents… Re-reading that these techniques are important and can be used for reference, but not so important.The founders of many companies who have studied with Ali often take away the technique and ignore it.More important is the degree of commitment.It includes time.Take Ma Yun’s wind-clearing class as an example – Ali’s internal leadership training course for senior managers.During the 20-month lecture period, nearly 30 high-level managers in Ali attended about 15 classes, each of which lasted about 1-2 days.As a teacher, Ma Yun did not show his face for an hour to withdraw, but basically accompanied the whole process.The third phase of the Qingqing class, Chen Liang, vice president of Ant Financial Group, told rereading, “What is the content of each course is Ma Yun’s determination, such as how to train people, talk about cultural values, talk about mission vision, talk about competition, etc.Wait. You will find that Ma Yun has invested a lot of time and energy in it. Do you say that Ma Yun’s investment in manpower has no peaks? From the 11 years I joined the company, I don’t think it has changed.”Students in the Qingyang class often also serve as teachers in other courses within Ali.”From the beginning of April 1st of this new fiscal year, I went to talk about 5 lessons on September 1st, about three hours each time. If you count the whole year, count the lessons for the people in my team, IThere are hundreds of hours of lectures in a year. This does not include many new employees from the 100-year-old Ali and the 100-year-old lakeside. We are busy, and we have time to answer many of their questions, usually one.More hours.” Chen Liang said that there is no statistics on how much Ali has invested in this product, but the investment of the Ali people in teaching and learning is called “huge.”Also includes money.A case I also described in the book “Alibaba”, which is quite representative of Ali’s in-house training, is that in 2001, Ali’s cash flow was only five months away from the collapse and not far away.Still decided to take out 1 million to open a century-old curriculum to train those sales staff.That was the third year that Ali was founded.It also includes trial and error space.Compared with the loss caused by the failure of a certain business, Ali is more willing to take the perspective of human resources to judge the gains and losses.For example, Hu Yuling, senior director of the Alibaba Group’s talent development team, thinks that it is just a business failure, but considering most of the people who came to the team went to the nail team, so “we used a failed thing and grew a group of people.We believe that from the perspective of people, (coming) is a success.”The employees in this perspective are, to some extent, wrong and have some people who are so eager to go forward to explore. Many of the management departments at the Ali organization level have repeatedly indicated to the re-reading work in Ali.Obvious feelings are more opportunities. Regardless of whether you feel imaginary or not, you should focus on the construction of the human echelon in the perspective of Ali’s future trend. For example, Zhang Yong’s emphasis on organization and human resources will be some kind of signal. If for some timeThere was a problem with the development of the block business or the entire group. Most of the problems were caused by the earlier human resources training system. On the contrary, new leaders were emerging. Recently, they re-read and some media interviewed the students of Ali Wind Qing Class.And some of the 80-year-old executives, let us now look at how they have become the new generation of Ali’s leading figures in their eyes. Zhuang Zhuoran: With the experience of hand-washing wireless to go to Youku Zhuang Zoran Introduction: Huaming Nantian. 2009Joined Alibaba in the year, since 2011, he has served as the technical leader of Tmall Double 11 for three years – as Taobao architect and Tmall.The chief of technology, the senior technical director of mobile phone Taobao, and the Taobao class committee are one of the main promoters behind the transformation and upgrading of Alibaba’s mobileization. Now he is the vice president of Alibaba Group, the CTO of Ali University and the COO of Youku. The following is the oral narration of Zhuang Zhuoran.Joined the company in 2009, started in Taobao from the first-line engineers, participated in the stage of Tmall’s rapid rise, and was responsible for the entire consumer-side products and technologies. In August 2013, the full-link pressure measurement scheme was simulated.Success, which allows us to deal with the operation of “Double 11” at a certain scale in the next few years, there is no problem at all. This huge milestone also makes me feel that it is really a good time to finish in 2013.In the “Double 11” incident, my mission was almost completed. From November 12, 2013, just after the “Double 11”, the next day, I was transferred to the Wireless Division, ready to rebuildMobile phone Taobao. By 2014, our team was basically neat. Jiang Fan came over for the product, I was responsible for the technology, and Qingyun was responsible for the design. 2014 was very big for me.Where is the encouragement? Our team is really a wave of newcomers. I came to Ali for five years, although there are “double 11” and Tmall’s exploits, but I am still a newcomer to the whole group. Jiang Fan is also a newcomer, Qingyun is also a newcomer.Taobao is a class committee. All three of us have personality, and we also have some similar hobbies – drinking, chatting, watching the show – can talk together. Jiang Fan has a lot of shining points,He has a lot of different leaders from the beginning of the group. We also have our advantages, so they can complement each other. But at first, it must be a break-up. In that year, the entire group in the all in wireless strategy, givenWe created a very good environment, but we are three after 80, have not brought such a big team. I remember the old man (rereading note: Xiaoyao Zhang Yong) called me, meaning you did not bringGo through such a big team and practice well.I said that if you are so courageous, let me go directly to practice.He said that it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, you can make it.In fact, the class committee also benefited from the old man in front.Many of the decisions we make may not always be fully recognized by the old man, but he will agree to let us try it.So it is really three children in their early 30s who have decided a lot of things.We split the entire mobile Taobao business into several small sections, allowing small businesses to run flexibly, so there are several small class committees in the small business.They came to discuss, and after the discussion, they went to three of us.In this way, we will continue to dismantle the small and constantly to ensure that the entire team is full of vitality.In the end, the three of us chatted clearly, the general direction was roughly correct, the organizational vitality was guaranteed, and the whole went forward.I think this is a more effective play during the breakout period.In 2014 we put a lot of pressure on the team.WeChat’s DAU in 2012 has broken through 100 million, and is also targeting retail cuts.Our hand rushed to the beginning of 2013 and just broke 10 million.At that time we cut a lot of business.For example, cut the business of O2O.I think that 10 million or 20 million DAUs will do O2O, which is not enough to support the needs of a business.Then (for DAU), we chose to do something like this: At the time, 80 million people who came to Taobao on the PC moved to the mobile, I have DAU.When this thing is done, it will give the team confidence and bring a lot of confidence to the whole organization.On this basis, we will think about what to do in the future.After clearing the general direction, what the product is going to do, what the technology is going to do, what the design is going to do, and then it is clear.At that time, the team discussed a lot of programs, and there was no problem in the discussion. When we pushed forward, we encountered many difficulties.There are a bunch of people who come to show me the secret class community (employees speak).I will call everyone over: Do you have a better way?Is this the most effective path we see now?If it is, do it.When we do anything, there will be people who are embarrassed.This matter has nothing to do with whether you change is good or bad. As long as there is change, there is doubt.If you think it is right, do it forward, don’t be afraid of someone.In that year, we did a lot of moves forward, and then we went from victory to victory, and the small win was a big victory.Moving Taobao to the mobile side is a very good opportunity for Taobao, making the breadth and depth of our connected users even stronger.Then there are two very core things: the first one is how I guarantee a healthy and effective market environment.Health and effectiveness does not mean that there is no competition, but represents clear competition.The second thing is to be able to continue to give businesses and give our partners more effective tools.We want to use some new product solutions to support the ecology and move forward, from the definition of mobile (top design) to what Taobao looks like.A year later, the hand-picked DAU rose to 110 million.At this time, we went to see thousands of people, to watch Taobao live broadcast, to see the content, it is a natural choice.At the beginning of 2016, three of us chatted in the conference room for two days, your thoughts, my thoughts, his thoughts, and then summed up the big ideas, and then began to mention the three big ones of content, community, and intelligence.direction.Participation in the transformation and upgrading of the Group from PC to mobile in 2014-2016 is something that I feel very fulfilling.In April 2016, we completed a wholly-owned acquisition of Youku.In November, in order to speed up the integration, Xiaoyao let me go to the CTO of Youku.At the beginning of 2017, I had an exchange with Ma.Teacher Ma said that you heard that you went to Beijing?I am right, I will tell you about it.I am actually talking about “terrible”.Because we spent three months, all of Youku’s overall computer room and infrastructure were replaced by Ali’s system, and there were huge challenges in the middle.Then Youku’s operating system at the time was still the editorial idea of ​​the portal, neither for the user nor for the content.I think the ideas of Youku’s top-level design need to change, including organizational culture.Teacher Ma’s first reaction is very good, indicating that we have a lot of space, so exercise well.At that time, I was in Hangzhou halfway and half in Beijing.By September 2018, I was responsible for the products and technologies of the entire entertainment industry, including the overall operation of Youku.Upgrade the company’s product system and technical system. This is my second time. For the first time, we can solve problems by using people and solve problems with organizations. The second time is more experienced, but it has not yet reached 2014.I went to the hand of the year to score the results.I sometimes think about this matter. Teacher Ma said that it is a knives for organizational and personal growth.Some of the problems are that our company will have its own accumulation in the past. Some things are unacceptable, some are internal reasons, and some are external market environments.In fact, in the industry of entertainment, no one has made money for so many years.You said that there is no success in terms of income ability and business standards.So I think the opportunity is always there. The key is to see how Youku can cope and adjust in this process.This is more critical, don’t compare with e-commerce, don’t compare with the successful business of the group, the forming business, and compare yourself with yourself.Don’t stare at others, I see my own changes, the speed of my own growth, take these things to compare, from here to find confidence.Business has a natural and objective law. I pay more attention to and care about things. I always have more confidence in the team during this time period. Does this result bring more confidence?I have a particularly big experience in the scene of Youku. E-commerce and content itself are two very different platforms.E-commerce itself relies on the long tail effect. It doesn’t mean that there is no product that can be played on our platform.But the content is different, it is the head effect is too obvious to the user no loyalty, who has good content I will go where to see.So in this content itself has to become a core competence of ours, whether it is buying, cooperating or self-made.As a platform, how do we meet the demands of each consumer rating?For example, you (rereading the note: refers to the live media people) may not see, but users in the third- and fifth-tier cities are extremely fond of monster movies such as big snakes and giant crocodile.”Chang’an Twelve Hours” is a successful case, but a single case is not able to represent anything.Some are not so good.I think (single case success or failure) this is normal.The more important thing is the creation of an organization.As Mr. Ma has been talking about, the mission, vision and values ​​supported by organizational capabilities are the core competitiveness.Whether we can complete the transformation with everyone’s recognition of the mission vision, this is the key to determining whether Youku can continue to succeed in the future.Business integration is relatively easy, but the penetration of culture is a quiet process.In fact, the establishment of culture is also a process of winning a small victory. It is also starting from a small matter, going through several major events, becoming the value orientation of each person for the same thing, and choosing a unity above.Cognition.I think that all the trends in the integration of big entertainment and Ali culture have been improving this year.I am quite satisfied with this summer.The success of Summer Youku comes from the success of the experience. The success of the upgrade of the entire operation system comes from our growth rate today, and “Chang’an Twelve Hours” and “Street Dance” are all helping this.Hu Xi: I am looking for the successor Hu Xi profile: Huaming aunt.In 2007, he joined Alipay and participated in the planning and infrastructure technology platform of Alipay’s various generations of technical architecture, and created the first generation of Alipay middleware.Since 2013, Hu Xi led the ant basic technology team to cooperate with Alibaba Cloud to create an ant financial cloud platform.He is currently a partner of Alibaba Group and a deputy CTO of Ant Financial Group.The following is Hu Xi’s dictation.I majored in English at university and spent two years feeling that I was not good at it.Learn English in the future or do translation, either go to school as a teacher or go to foreign trade.I feel that it is not suitable for me, and I decided to drop out of school.My mom still doesn’t know that I have dropped out of school today.What can I support my family?At that time, I saw the advertisement on the “Computer Newspaper”: learning computer, with a monthly salary of 8,000 yuan.This sentence has attracted me.So I rented a house in Dalian Tiger Beach for about a year, and the family gave me a living fee of 600 a month. I taught myself C language.Then I found an outsourcing job for Japanese companies, and my life changed.I should have joined Ali in 2006.At that time, Ali went to Dalian to recruit, I tried it, and passed.But I just want to see what kind of company Ali is, not ready to go.But the following year made me feel the culture of Ali.Every time the festival is over, Ali’s manpower calls me.Don’t ask me when I come, just ask me if I am doing well.This makes me think that Ali is still quite good.It’s just that I am a Jiangsuese. I am a little closer to my home in Hangzhou, so I joined my luggage with my luggage on April 26, 2007.I came in with P6, which is to write code.What is the best state for programmers to write code?In the morning, open the editor and start writing. After 2 or 3 o’clock in the evening, do not go through any debugging, click a running button, all over.I have to write the code the next day. I will write all the things I want to write in my head before going to bed the night before.I was very excited when I thought about it, I just wanted to hurry to write code.I have spent five years in this way.Not tired.I really like to write code.Lu Su (Rereading Note: Cheng Li, Chief Technology Officer of Ant Financial) is my master.In Ali, Master may not give you a KPI, he just helps you to land.If you have any questions, ask him, what method and software down code, how to solve the problem, and so on.The most important point in Ali is that there is a mentoring system. Your Master’s perception and understanding of the problem will affect you a lot.Lu Su taught me that I want to do things to the extreme and have the responsibility.For example, when we do the third period of accounting, we must rewrite the ant’s accounting system.This is one of Alipay’s core functions. If there is a problem with this system, it is equivalent to a problem with the user’s balance.It should be at the end of 2007, when we were ready to stop the release, we had a problem: the general ledger was unbalanced and it was 3 cents worse.We checked for a long time and did not find the reason.As the person in charge of the business, Lu Su’s pressure is the biggest, but the whole process is very calm, giving us the feeling that he can solve anything with him.This will allow more people to solve other problems with peace of mind.Finally, Lu Su saw that a formula was reversed and had problems.I have just started to do several projects, Lu Su is the main person in charge, and in the end he is the person in charge after he withdraws from the position of the person in charge.why me?It is because Lu Su’s commitment, responsibility, and ability to do things have affected me.There is also a gradual exercise.Around 2010 and 2011, my supervisor asked me to talk and must let me bring people.I will bring a few teams from a few, with more than 20 people to bring hundreds of people, more than a thousand people, and now almost a technical team with more than 3,000 people.My master is Lu Su, the master of Lu Su is Lao Miao (Rereading Note: Miao Renfeng, Ni Xingjun, President of Ant Financial Service Alipay).Then I will influence other people, and I have apprentices.This is the process of a little inheritance.I have been in Ali for more than ten years to solve problems and then set new goals for myself.In 2007, the e-wallet system carried all of Alipay’s projects, with 57 subsystems.When ants have begun to support customers other than Taobao, everyone’s research and development continues to be based on the e-wallet system.I thought about precipitating the unchanging things, so it took half a year to dismantle the trading system first, and then I could develop it separately.The transaction volume of the accounting system is relatively high, and we have taken it out again.Later, I encountered the double 11, which is more than 100 people using the scorpion way “this machine is not enough”, “that took the opportunity to add machines” for human flesh cloud computing, which is certainly not suitable for future development.How to do?We said that we need to disassemble the system more delicately, upgrade the relevant infrastructure, and then buy the machine to solve the problem of skyrocketing transactions.It is such a little bit of problems to solve the problem, gradually and gradually, our technology is completely self-developed.Originally we used more open source software, but an open source software only uses 5% of the functions inside, and can not meet the requirements.How to do?We have to change that 5%.After the change, the 95% was changed again.The final change is beyond recognition, and bugs are everywhere.Later, there was no way, I rewrote it myself, solved it in my best way, and finally came out of Alibaba Cloud.I have been in Ant Financial for 12 years. To sum up, I have done a few remodelings at the technology-related level.The first reshapes the payment.What ants do is constantly reshaping the form of payment.The second reshapes micro-loan.Previous loans were for large and medium-sized enterprises, and it was difficult for small and medium-sized businesses.The third remodeling technique.We overturned all the ants’ systems and overturned them.Ali has a saying that the highest performance today is the lowest requirement tomorrow.You said that Ali has been a constant breakthrough for so many years, and then continue to learn and break through.This trait, I feel is (Ali has today) a key point.I am most annoyed when I am doing things, looking for a lot of excuses.We don’t have enough staff resources. We didn’t have this plan in our previous planning. Now there are a lot of problems… This is the most I can’t tolerate.When doing things, everyone feels that the farthest place is the goal. The most crucial thing is that we are the ones who are going to rush forward.Don’t ask the difficulties in the process, the difficulties are solved by people.It is difficult to do a lot of things, it depends on whether you can do it with one heart and one heart.At this moment, it’s none of me.This is the biggest difference I think Ali has.You have to be responsible and have any problems. The first one will jump in and do it first.I am now responsible for the entire ant’s technical team. What is the technical direction of Ant Financial in the future, what is its business direction, what is its final technology bearing, and what kind of talent structure it needs.It turns out that we always say that the future is always evenly distributed in the present. In fact, the architecture is the same. The architecture is based on the continuous summary of all the things that have been done in the past.But the downside of doing this is how to deal with future uncertainties, and the future is always changing.If you don’t catch a wave, for example, the past PC moves, now the IOT or blockchain may be completely over.This used to be my biggest anxiety.I later thought about it, the most important thing is talent.I found someone with a future consciousness and he will help you get things done.So at the moment my most important point is to find someone who is right, find the right person, and then train the talent.When Lu Su was the ant Jinfu CTO, he considered who his future successor was. He might have found me.In the next three years, I will find out who is the successor of the next generation. Who can make ants and Ali’s technology and business go forward very well.After 2015, I went abroad more and looked at how others did it. How much difference we have with others, and looking for talents by the way.In these three or four years, I estimate that there are nearly a thousand people – not domestic – but only about 5% of the last recruit.My employment standard is very simple.You can say, you can do it, this is NO.1.You won’t say it, but you can do it, and it’s good.You will only say that you will not do it, and that is nonsense.I won’t say that I won’t do it, then it is impossible to enter the ant gold suit.At the beginning of 2017, the teacher of Ma asked me to find that Teacher Ma wanted to see you.There are four people in it, Fan Yi, I, Laojiao (rereading notes: Zeng Songbai, Huaming Xiangru), Wen Jia.Later, Lucy (Rereading Note: Peng Lei) told us that Congratulations to all of you as a partner of our Ali.The four of us were surprised.Anyway, we are ignorant and come in.Joining the partners for more than two years now, I am more and more aware that the biggest point of the partners is to adhere to the mission, vision and values.Ali has to go for 102 years.102 years is very long, and there will be many problems in the middle.When the crisis is not terrible, the terrible thing is that the hearts of the people are scattered. The terrible thing is that there is no culture and no mission vision.In the most difficult time, can we stand up and walk with everyone and tell them that this is Ali, this is the way we do things.I don’t even have to use any major events. I use everyday words and deeds to make everyone feel that we are full of confidence in the future. We continue to encourage everyone to know that we are a company with great vision and expectation.It is more vain, but this is my understanding of the partnership system.Chen Lijuan: Xiaoyaozi prevents me from falling into the pit. Chen Lijuan Introduction: The name is light snow.Joined Alibaba in 2003, is the first generation product manager of Taobao.He has served as the general manager of the Taobao product team, the general manager of, the general manager of Alibaba Smart Life, and the founder of Alibaba IoT.In 2016, Alibaba’s artificial intelligence laboratory was established. In July 2017, the first AI consumer product, the Tmall Elf, was released.He is currently the vice president of Alibaba Group and the general manager of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.The following is the oral narration of Chen Lijuan.When I watched TV in 2000, Teacher Ma spoke with 163, Sohu, and Sina.He was really ugly, and he was the CEO of a small company, but the e-commerce company was particularly grand.So let me remember him deeply.In 2003, I entered Ali after graduating from college. After going to B2B for a while, I went to Taobao.Nowadays, many people are used to Taobao, but the entire e-commerce system is completely different from today.It was difficult at the time, and everything didn’t know what to do.The company is relatively open, giving us a lot of opportunities to explore and try on it.How to design the rules of the entire business, how to get involved, and how to buy, how much credit credit system we have.We use what we can, but there are no innovative ways we have seen on the market to greatly enhance the trust and transparency of the entire network.Let me give you an example. At that time, in order to ensure the credibility of the business, everyone needed real-name certification.How to authenticate?I will copy all your ID cards and send them to Wensan West Road. We will get the Public Security Bureau’s verification.This is very troublesome.Later we made innovations.When you come over as a merchant or user, tell me your bank card, I will make some money into your card, then you can confirm how much money is in your card, then go back to our system and do the input..The first one is verified from the amount, the second one is checked with the card number, and the third bank system is opened again.I will probably confirm your identity.At that time, there were a lot of B2C companies outside, and we said that it is possible to do a price comparison in the future, so the company adjusted me to do a panning.Later, there was not much left in B2C. I continued to be a Tmall, and Amoy became part of the Amoy Alliance system.After that, I believe that the era of Internet of Everything will definitely come, it will be a network parallel to the Internet.The pace of development of this industry is faster every year, a bit like the early Taobao.So I started doing things related to the Internet of Things and fumbled for a few years.In 2016, we have a team of 5 people who are working as voice assistants.Our CTO feels that this project is not bad. If we want to increase investment, we will merge the original data team with us and become the predecessor of the artificial intelligence laboratory.We have determined that this matter has a lot to do with the AI ​​algorithm, so a lot of industry scientists have been introduced.Including MIT TR35 scientists (rereading notes: “The MIT Technology Review” selected “the world’s 35-year-old technology innovation 35” list), Microsoft Asia Research Institute returned scientists and so on.Teacher Ma should be very forward-looking. He should point to one direction with our CTO. Our laboratory and Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, Dharma Institute, etc. were all brewing and preparing at that time.Our own slogan is “Technology creates new business.” Our department must be done in the same way as the reserve scientists of the Dharma Institute, and we must also productize our technology.(Choose me) Because I am a product background, I will be closer to the market in the whole organizational form, and I also like to do innovative things.Moreover, I have been in Ali for a long time. I am familiar with Ali and I am familiar with how our company develops. It can prevent them from entering some misunderstandings.Everyone has a sense of trust in me. In Ali, we call the elderly to do new business.When things have not yet been made, many people will have questions. Are we going to develop artificial intelligence?What is the relationship between big data and artificial intelligence? At this stage I think culture will play some role.The culture of our company is not strongly suppressed, so everyone will come to explore.Once there is this atmosphere, a lot of things go in.We will find that the voice is really a bit interesting.In this way, in the case of uncertainty and ambiguity, everyone can roll forward and there will be more and more people willing to join.Incubation products require the company’s patience, confidence and soil.This product of Tmall Elf is not officially established.At that time, we thought that this direction was not bad. Yes, I took the algorithm and tried to make hardware.At this time you will find that the boss will not come to gesticulate or say no.When we have made a better demo and then show the boss another round, he feels that this thing is very good and he is very happy to invest.So in this process we played the role of exploring the market, and then organizing more is to use its vision and judgment to let us go one step further.I think the collaboration between me and my bosses may be at this point.After the product is made, our company will not discuss with you whether it is going to be 1 million or 5 million today. It is more to say whether this thing has meaning and value.For example, Xiaoyao usually asks me that your strategic positioning of the Tmall Elf is definitely not that number.He will also prevent me from falling into the pit. “Shallow snow, you are not selling.”The boss fully understands that the purpose of making innovative products is not for the analysts to come up with the figures.Because everyone is rushing through the performance, it will definitely fall into the pit.Now as the head of the artificial intelligence laboratory, I continue to explore the possibilities of the future of the laboratory.It is new, relevant to consumers, AI-related, and chip-related.What kind of business form is it?(Reporting to Xiaoyao last year) We need more interaction with Xiaoyao.There is a sentence in Ali that must be combined for a long time.All of our organizational forms are for what you need for the entire team at this stage.They asked me why I can stay in Ali for so long?From the perspective of working hours, I was very slow in the early and late stages of Ali’s promotion.When I entered Ali, it was P2.In the early days, Ali’s promotion mechanism was not mature. Although there were not many Taobao people, we were not promoted.Maybe Taobao has been quite big, and it took a lot of years to enter the first level.When I was promoted to P6, my face was really very shiny. Most of the product managers were P5.Then I went from M5 to P11 – it can be understood as M6 – this experience is quite good.So I am from P2 to P11.I often encourage others. I should have experienced and experienced problems and challenges.But my mentality is better, my values ​​are closer to Ali’s values, I will find problems from myself.I heard a lot of things that Teacher Ma said.First of all, you have to look at whether you are not doing enough. Others are really better than you.The second one I really think is not an environmental issue.If you change it yourself, the environment will naturally change. This is called hug change. First, give yourself a hug. You have to make some changes yourself first.This is my value, I will ponder over the values.Kyle Smith: Values ​​are quite useful Kyle Smith: Flower Name.American, senior content planning expert at Ali New Retail Design.Ali’s well-known “China Pass”, a century-old Ali lecturer.Chinese level 6, you can read “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” and Wang Xiaobo in the case of a dictionary.The following is the dictation of Kyle Smith.I came to Shanghai, China in 2011, when I just graduated from college.I have advanced a German company for a year and a half.Shanghai’s international atmosphere and English level are relatively high.I sometimes speak Chinese with local people and they will answer in English.So I decided to leave the first-tier cities and find a Chinese company to learn more about China.The best company in China I could find at the time was Alibaba.First of all, Ma Yun is very attractive. He is very capable on the stage and is very convincing.Second, he has a global dream.(Other than that) I didn’t know anything about Ali, and I didn’t bring any ideas at all.I came to Alibaba in 2012 and left after a year and a half to go and my brother to realize the dream of traveling around the world.Then I returned to China and Ali gave me a second chance.I am still in the same team, the new retail design division, which is a large user experience department.We are tied to our business side. We are responsible for user experience design, copywriting, and research. Our business is responsible for the user’s strategy and marketing, and then together to promote this business.My team is called the content planning team and is a relatively small part of the design department.We are responsible for the copywriting and content of AliExpress – a bit like overseas Taobao – including multiple languages.My team has 12 people from 8 countries around the world and uses five languages ​​internally, including English, Russian, Portuguese, French and German.One of the more painful points I have seen overseas employees is how to adapt to the rapidly changing environment in Ali.Overseas students, especially those from more traditional companies, will expect a more certain environment.What are you doing today, what to do next week, all the meetings are full.Just do this and it will be fine, there will not be too many changes.But Alibaba’s culture is ultimately based on entrepreneurial culture, which is full of uncertainty.There are many changes, including business strategies, competitors, and so on.The speed of change is really fast.I also spent a little time to adapt myself.Ali gives you a lot of challenges and gives you lots of opportunities.You can go and do what you want.When I first came in, we might do more simple translations. Slowly, we started to do some tools, do some strategic things, and do social, video, and other aspects.It is not from top to bottom (arrangement), but from the bottom up, we ourselves influence this position and expand its scope.Those who come to Ali to succeed are those who can embrace this entrepreneurial environment.I think Ali is quite attractive to such people.When I came to Ali for a year or two, I had the opportunity to bring a team. This is not possible in traditional American companies.Overseas students will definitely encounter different obstacles in language and culture in Ali.Ali has his own native language. (Understanding) The point of difficulty is not necessarily in language, but what is thinking behind it.When I first joined the company, the first understanding of the customer was that the customer was our overseas buyer.At the time, I had some different opinions from the business side, and some minor conflicts occurred.My boss asked me to talk about it. He said that the first thing you want to see is a bit more. Our customers are not only buyers, but also sellers and our internal partners.We are a platform and we have multiple roles.This matter still gives me a big inspiration, and I really want to look at it from a higher angle.Values ​​sound abstract, but when you actually implement them, you will find it useful.At first, overseas students will definitely resist the values.So be sure to recruit the right person.The purpose of coming to this company is to understand what Chinese companies are all about.Although there are cultural conflicts and difficulties in adapting to the environment, I am happy to accept and embrace these difficulties.After the newcomers come in, we will arrange some brothers to share practical experience.Values ​​are written very abstract and have no sense of body.But when a more experienced person tells you how to look at these things in our actual work, I think this will be more physical.At the time, I interviewed five or six managers at the Binjiang Park, and most of them were still in the company.I still keep in touch with them, and they will continue to give me some guidance and help, even if they transfer jobs.My impression of this is still relatively good.Ali will do a lot of activities. When I first came in, I didn’t know much about these things.At that time, there were not many people, but our OC team always came to me to sing, dance, or preside over the annual meeting.Some foreign colleagues said that I don’t want to do this, it is a waste of time. Everyone wants you to come to power. It is to look at your strange look and feel more repulsive.But with curiosity, I still did it, although I totally don’t understand why they did these things.After doing it slowly, the purpose is to let everyone play together, the relationship is closer, including wearing some strange clothes, everyone dances very badly, but you still feel that everyone is a big team.Why mention this?I think Ali still hopes that we have a slightly deeper relationship with this company, for this team and for our partners.Ali is very concerned about the relationship between major families and sees the major environment as a whole.Maybe overseas companies such as the United States, you are here as a colleague, everyone can complete the task together, the other does not have much to do with.(Adapt to Ali’s culture) Not only overseas students, but also Chinese students.This is why it takes only three years in Ali to be a real Ali employee, because you need a certain amount of time to adapt and understand the company’s culture.The most common phrase I have used in Alibaba is “the highest performance today, the lowest requirement tomorrow.”Ali won’t let you feel that you have done so many things and then you will continue to do it.You have done a good job this year, can you do it very well next year?You must be constantly challenging yourself.I actually think that Ali doesn’t want it to have a fixed, big business, slow-paced thing, so it is very deliberate to create this culture.This is more attractive to me, but also a request for my team.(Alibaba’s working hours) I think it’s okay.If you just want to complete the task, the company’s vision does not attract you, overtime will certainly be very painful.But if you think that we are really doing something very bullish here, I am also affecting the progress of internationalization. In fact, overtime has become a very fulfilling thing for you.I can stay in Ali for so long, I feel that the company’s dream is very attractive to me.Most of the companies that used to be globalized were in the West.How to make a Chinese company go global, and secondly, how to do some international things internally, I think this is still very attractive to me.I think that the influence of Teacher Ma on the company culture has been fixed. This basic thing will not change.Even if the company will revisit the values ​​(the expression) in the next ten or twenty years, it is necessary to adjust, but the basics I think will not change..