Bytes beating “encirclement and suppression” and “anti-encirclement”


Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “Ginkgo Finance” (ID: threemornings), author | Luo Sang榆 editor | Wang Xiaolou, 36 氪 authorized release.According to Tianyue data, the recent byte jump has completed the wholly-owned acquisition of the interactive encyclopedia, directly holding the latter 100% of the shares.Previously, Pan Haidong, the founder of the interactive encyclopedia, also held a shareholding ratio of 14.96%, and the data showed that on August 27, he and the founding team had withdrawn.The departure of Pan Haidong directly declared that the one-year acquisition was finally completed. Today’s headlines are a step closer to the search dream.Before the knowledge of financing, after the headline acquisition, criss-cross, the war prelude between the giant and the quasi-majors is more and more loud, and the smoke is more intense.On the 12th of last month, it was announced that it had completed the F round of $434 million in financing.Leading investors, Baidu, Tencent and today’s capital investors continue to vote.The discerning eye knows that these companies can be united, and the deep logic behind them is that they are curbing or fighting against a common competitor: bytebeat.Over the past few years, bytebeats have relied on content to launch homes, and now they have grown into a towering tree.From the perspective of content form, byte beating products include information, content, video, Q&A and other fields.Valuation is more than 75 billion US dollars, in addition to ant gold clothing, is currently the largest unicorn in the country.The product is the advantage of the headline, and its “internal product matrix” has been invincible for quite a long time. With the subversive model, it succeeded in killing a bloody road in the interception of giants.But at the same time, this rapid expansion has also made today’s headlines “four enemies”, and many Internet companies have direct or indirect competition with them.On the content track, Zhang Yiming seems to have difficulty finding an ally.In “Eternal Dragon and Dragon Slayer”, Du Baidang and Yi Sanniang had a holiday with Qinghai Sanjian. However, during the fighting, they found that the practice of both sides was the same, and they could restrain seven injuries and can be used to deal with Xie Xun.Put down the gap and fight the league.As it stands now, the alliance of “encirclement and suppression” bytes has been formed.In 2019, the market value of Baidu was once surpassed by companies such as Jingdong and NetEase. The industry has a wave of high-sounding voices. Many people have said that the BAT iron triangle camp has ceased to exist.Practically speaking, this statement is too subjective.After all, search, social, and e-commerce have always been the three mountains that lie in the Internet industry, and are a topic that all practitioners and users are unable to open.Although the two ATs have long since gone, Baidu has suffered from a downturn in the market, but as long as no one shakes its dominance in the search field, it is not impossible for the elephant to turn back to the peak.However, when Baidu turned around, the headline hit a punch in its core hinterland.For Baidu, the long-term threat and shaken its BAT status is not Jingdong, nor Netease, but the crazy temptation from the headlines.It can be said that Bytedance against the new war in the search field of Baidu, who won who is the next B in BAT, open a new era of search; who lost, who is the second, is the 2B of this battle.At the beginning of this “hundred-headed war”, the smell of gunpowder was full.In response to the rumors of Baidu’s acquisition, the headline said directly: “This rumor is not wrong, but it’s not Baidu’s acquisition of the headlines, but the headline acquisition of Baidu.” Last year’s “head-to-head” directly smashed the window between the two.paper.One year apart, Baidu once again brought the headline to the court with a paper complaint.Two hundred billion companies, needle tip to Mai Mang, who does not let anyone.This lawsuit has not been fruitful. In August of this year, the headline search engine was launched, and Baidu’s key was cut.Previously, the headline recruited talents to support the development of the search business, showing that it is determined to join the traffic division war, against Baidu.Although the headlines have been in full swing in recent years, no matter how many kinds of products are introduced, it is essentially a company with algorithm + recommendation as the core.In the ecology of information distribution, there are many producers and many novelties.By the precise algorithm distribution, the right content is given to the right person.There are two things behind this: 1. Traffic (to buy a lot of traffic, or have a lot of traffic) 2. Algorithm technology.For users, there are two processes for information distribution: active and passive.Baidu’s distribution is an active process, users actively retrieve to obtain content, referred to as “search + push”; and headline information distribution is a passive process, distributed to users through big data, users passively accept content, referred to as “push + search”.In the past ten years, Baidu has almost monopolized the content distribution right of China’s Internet by relying on search engines. Later, the rise of headlines today has seized a lot of sites in this field, and it has also brought the arrival of information flow.Baidu has money and technology. Some people in the market laughed that if Baidu also imitated the development of headlines in the past few years, there is still something in the market.Unfortunately, when Li Yanhong returned to God, it was already late.Since a monkey has smashed a boulder, naturally no one can stop him from making trouble.When talking about the comparison of the products of the two companies, a Baidu operation staff said: The headline team has a kind of “do everything”.Since the beginning of more and more intersections between Baidu and the headlines, the former has become an important target for benchmarking.In order to meet the user’s information needs, Baidu and Byte Bounce two content distribution platforms have entered the stage of mutual struggle, waiting for the two sides to compete in the comprehensive strength of technology, content ecology and multi-channel channels.You sing me to debut, and there is no shortage of people watching the audience.”Search + push” is like pushing the boat, “push + search” such as sailing against the water.Even so, today’s headlines still show enough confidence to go to the black in the search field.One must be in the upper position, one must be insured, no matter from which point of view, the headline and Baidu this matchup is inevitable.Obviously, no one can help anyone in a short time.No one can slam the pace of byte expansion and expansion?Everyone’s eyes are now on Tencent.Is the relationship between Shantou and Tencent good?The answer may be affirmative before last year. At that time, Zhang Yiming said that he would not be a hostile position with Tencent in public, but he would also like to praise Ma Huateng from time to time.But when the vibrato grew to the second traffic giant beyond WeChat, it all changed: mine is mine, and you want me to turn it into mine.The “Teng Teng War” officially kicked off earlier than the “Hundred Dollars”.Eight years after the “3Q War”, “Zhou Hongjun, who the people missed” did not re-enact and kill the Quartet. On the contrary, Zhang Yiming’s headline is becoming a new “red warrior” at the diversified business level.If Baidu and the headline are seven inches of snakes, they will poke the other’s pain points.That Tencent and the headline this “head-to-head battle” is a tug-of-war, glued to each other, at any time in the dark.At the beginning of today’s headline, Ma Huateng also handed over an olive branch to Zhang Yiming.However, the juvenile sentiment, swearing Fang Wei, Zhang Yiming directly publicly declared that “I created the headlines today is not to become a Tencent executive”, the two also buried the seeds of the killing.At the end of 2017, Zhang Yiming and Ma Huateng appeared in the dinner of Wuzhen.If the menu of this meal is named after the company, Zhang Yiming’s hot dish is still “headline spring water small stone frog”, and Ma Huateng is already “Tencent four-sea steamed lobster”.The two talked at the dinner table, and did not exchange opinions on the quality of the dishes. The outsiders did not know.However, when they turned their heads, the two men played a war of words in the circle of friends. The guns and arrows were all out, and no one would be willing to show weakness in the verbal. In the following time, the struggle between the two families was never interrupted.So far, Tencent has had a total of 12 encounters with the headlines, and each time the plot is exactly the same.Tencent blocked the headlines for various reasons and complained about the headlines.”Brothers” are screaming at each other, but a relative who can’t beat the gossip can’t stand it. People’s Daily has commented: “The Internet giant is big, it should have a big look.” Whether it is Tencent’s repeated ban, it is still headline.The overall protest, the competition between the two has been completely upgraded to the bayonet on the table.Some people say that headlines should be combined with other companies to sue Tencent for unfair competition. Others say that Ali hopes to buy headlines to completely suppress Tencent.People are not much, and the rumors of the rivers and lakes are not convinced.In the final analysis, behind the “Teng Teng Battle” is actually a battle for traffic.For Tencent, its core business is social. At present, WeChat’s monthly active account has reached 1.327 billion, and behind the huge data is its concern about bottoming out.Tencent has been laying out the short video field for many years, with the intention of developing new user mains through it, but the effect is not obvious.Micro-vision started early but caught a late set, and the content sag algorithm recommendation was overtaken by the headline.The vibrato turned out and quickly occupied the market, taking away a large number of young users.Later, the struggle between the two rose to the game field. In February of this year, the first small game “Yue Yue Ball” was launched on the line. Then the headline acquired the Shanghai Mok, the latter of the page tour company. The latter CEO Yang Dongmai also worked in Tencent in 3D.Engine development work.In the domestic game industry, Tencent has always been the overlord. In the latest second quarter, the game revenue was 27.307 billion yuan, and its “Glory of the King” has always been the leader in the game industry.According to data from game market analysis company Newzoo, Tencent’s game revenue continued to rank first in the world last year, accounting for 15% of global game revenue.Different from Tencent’s development of medium and heavy games, the headline is in the game industry, mainly based on the traffic entry extension game direction industry chain, from operation and live broadcast to the development of lightweight games (no need to install, can be accessed through a mobile browser).Headlines have channel advantages, compared to Tencent, still lack experience in user operations and retention.The development of the light game further deepens the Matthew effect of the industry. The channel determines the lower limit of the user scale. The relatively simple gameplay makes it difficult to establish a moat in the direction of R&D.According to gamma data, in 2018, there were 34 mobile games breaking through 1 billion mobile games, 18 of which were Tencent and Netease self-developed games, and the number of top rankings was still mostly heavy games.In addition, among the top 50 new products in 2018, Tencent and NetEase’s self-developed products accounted for about 44%.Zhang Yiming once described the entrepreneurship as “a miracle” on the 7th anniversary of the headline. It seems that it is not so easy to grab the game board from Tencent.Tencent’s product “people” set off, and then connected “content” to connect everything; and the headline starts from “content”, touches the user’s emotions, and then connects “people.”The two faced each other, but eventually they reached the “strategic hinterland” of the other side.In the same year, 360 “3Q War” was for survival. After World War I, it achieved 360 status and market position, and also played an open Tencent Ecology.Nowadays, the headline is playing the “head-to-head battle”. Who can say that it is not for survival and industry status?Recently, Tencent and the fast-handed cooperation negotiations came to an end, and some details of the negotiations were exposed.According to several media reports, Tencent will eventually invest between $1 billion and $1.5 billion. After the investment is reached, the quick estimate will reach $26 billion.In the short video field, Tencent’s most regrettable is to miss the best investment period of the fast-handed, it is a great intention to lose Jingzhou.From the support of the past to the ban, and now to the “half life”, Tencent is a bloody one. The pro-son does not give force. Although the female niece can look after the nursing home, it has to consume a lot of skill.Looking back now, Tencent’s strategy seems to be “cleaning the house and then treating the guests”: kicking out the outsiders and then welcoming them back.After all, the embarrassment between the fast hand and the headline is not a day or two.In 2018, when the vibrato has not yet become the industry’s number one, the saying that Nan Yaoyin North Fast has been circulated in the industry, but in fact the two show a big difference.The fast hand is like a temple fair, everyone is noisy together; the vibrato is the stage, everyone is applauding the young lady, the former is participating in the latter is watching.The user value of fast hand and vibrato is not high and we can’t judge.In terms of positioning, there are also great differences, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.Knowing that it is the largest knowledge-sharing platform in the country, it seems that there is no connection with the fast-handed, but it does not prevent them from having a common competitor – today’s headlines.In June 2017, the headline question and answer formally changed its name to the Goku question and answer, and the question and answer were answered.In order to better participate in the competition, the former has not hesitated to use the trick of dig money.In one breath, Hao Jin signed more than 300 knowledgeable big V, and the annual income is higher than ordinary white-collar workers. After the signing, all the contents of these big V can not be sent to know, and the money can be done in the money.It seems that the headline is not a thing.The high subsidies in the early stage made the Goku question and answer quickly stand firm, but with the subsidy retreating and its own tonality, it was quickly returned to its original form by the peers despite the headline blood transfusion.Even so, the ambitions of today’s headlines to know how to eat on the plate have not diminished.Nowadays, a world window outside the five rings, and a closed knowledge circle within the five rings have come together. “Out of the circle” is the common demand of fast hands and knowing.Fasthand has always been regarded as one of the “Four Great Kings” outside the Five Rings. By arranging the contents of the second element, the electronic sound, etc., relying on the “rural encircling the city” strategy to capture the first- and second-line white-collar users, but in the face of the strong competition of vibrato, thisThe road is like a ceiling that is invisible but tangible.For the sake of knowing, the face of knowledge is boring, although trying to separate from the graphic question and answer, set up a video zone.However, the main focus is on card-type video waterfalls, which lacks vividness.Now the two come together, knowing that the information is presented in the form of short video content, which can improve the quality of the content and the active discussion of the topic, especially the popular science and knowledge topics. The short video form is more stereoscopic and can also lengthen the user.Stay longer and increase user stickiness.Quickly invite excellent short video knowledge producers to settle in, through the high-quality professional knowledge content, the knowledge production threshold is lower, the content selection is more diversified, and the two complement each other.In fact, the relationship between Zhang Yiming, Zhou Yuan and Su Hua can be traced back to the “Dongxing” dinner of the Wuzhen Internet Conference in 2017. At that time, Zhang Yiming was also very interested in knowing it. Later, because the price did not talk about it.But this meal has laid the foundation for quick hand and knowing the future marriage.A year later, Zhou Yuan and Su Hua attended a meeting together.During the dinner, the two looked at each other and smiled. So you are using the small brush to know, and I am using the small brush to quickly, the frequency is not low.It’s really a long way to meet, and both of them have seen business value from each other.Soon after, the two people gathered together again to eat lunch, which is really the “marriage” that God is destined for.For almost an hour, the cooperation was settled.Everyone is talking about business at the wine table. They are talking about the future at the lunch table.This cooperation, which finally finalized 434 million US dollars, may not be a shocking number in the investment circle, but it will draw a lot of Internet slogans.Directly or indirectly formed the “Headline” Avengers Alliance.At the same time facing Tencent, Baidu, fast-handed, knowing the four sides of the attack, the headline will face a “encirclement and suppression” and “anti-encirclement.”As for the final result, either the anti-“encirclement and suppression” success, sit firmly in Jinggangshan.Or you must go through the 25,000-mile long march to regain the old rivers and mountains.Of course, the premise of realizing the latter vision after defeat is to cross the Dadu River.From the bare hands to the 770 million yuan of wealth, to enter the top ten of the rich list, Zhang Yiming alone battle, the land has only spent seven years.But his ambitions don’t stop there.Zhang Yiming has always believed in “no borders, always starting a business”, and he invested and acquired 58 companies in the past seven years.Headlines are in the information flow battlefield, in a leading position, single-handedly several giants, the recommended algorithm is the housekeeping skills, completed the import layout in the traffic dividend period, quickly set up a sales team of 10,000 people, with the most complete PGC in China+UGC content ecology.But China’s content platform has never been a moat, and it will always be the flag of the city.There is a gossip that OPPO and VIVO are rapidly building an information flow team, and they are partners in two brother companies to build a content pool.This month, Huawei just released its own content platform, the number of flowers, pointing to the information flow.Xiaomi has previously set up a content center and has been testing the information flow business.This can be regarded as a small test of information flow in hardware manufacturers.The combination of mobile phone manufacturers may not be like the headline subversion of Baidu, but once established, it is likely to tear open a gap in the empire that headlines are built.Before the giants were chasing and intercepting, there were also chasing soldiers and eye-catching one-acre three-point land.The header image is from pexels.