Polls: American pride is low, only 45% feels extremely proud

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BEIJING, July 4, according to the US “World News” reported that the American people are preparing to celebrate Independence Day, Gallup announced on the 2nd poll that since Gallup surveyed American adults in 2001 Since American pride, American pride has been innovating again, and less than half of adults believe that Americans are extremely proud.
According to the report, Americans’ high pride in the country has gradually declined in the 21st century. In 2018, it even fell to 47%, and this year it fell to 45%.
In this year’s new survey, 70% of American adults are proud of being Americans, but Americans who are “extremely proud” of the United States have not reached half of their second consecutive year.
Before the terrorist attacks in 2001, the Gallup poll found that 87% of the people were proud of the United States, and 55% were extremely proud; after the collapse of the Gemini building on September 11, 2001, the American patriotism was in 2002. From the year to the highest in 2004, 69% and 70% of the nationals said that they are extremely proud of being Americans.
In the new survey, Democrats’ extreme pride fell to a new low; only 22% of Democrats felt extremely proud, half of what Trump had before winning the presidential election in 2016.
According to Gallup, Republicans are extremely proud of the number of 76%. Although they are 10% lower than the 2003 peak, the Republicans’ pride is never lower than 68%, even in the case of former President Barack Obama. .
In this new study, 41% of independent voters are extremely proud of the United States and set a new low. This is also the first time that independent voters have been less proud of the Republic than the Republicans.
This year’s survey covered a question asking people what they are most proud of in American society.
91% of the people are proud of American scientific achievements. Almost as many people (89%) are proud of the US military, and 85% believe that American culture and art also make them proud. Most people are proud of the American economy, athletic achievements, and the diverse qualities of race, ethnic background and religion.
However, according to Gallup’s new poll, only 32% of respondents are proud of the US political system.
Gallup randomly interviewed 1,015 adults from June 3 to 16, with an error of four percentage points.

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