On the occasion of the accident in the Russian submarine, Burns was suddenly recalled: coincidence gave birth to the “Russian-American exchange of fire” rumors

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[Global Times reporter in Russia Zhang Xiaodong Wei Hui Liu Yupeng] A fire broke out in a deep-sea submersible in Russia, killing 14 naval personnel. Although the Russian side did not disclose the submarine model, the media have quoted the sources as saying that the accident may be the AS-12 nuclear-powered deep submersible, which is regarded by the Western media as “one of the most mysterious underwater equipment of the Russian Navy.” The Russian reaction further aggravated the speculation that “the incident was unusual” – Russian President Putin canceled the original event, and urgently met with Defense Minister Shaij, and ordered a thorough investigation; Putin also revealed that 7 of the 14 victims were 7 The man is a navy colonel, and two people have won the title of “Russian Hero”. “This is a very huge loss.” On the occasion of the fog, US Vice President Peng Si reportedly suddenly canceled the scheduled itinerary and was “recalled to the White House.” Some people quickly linked the incidents on social media, guessing whether Russia and the United States were “big things”, and some media even began to spread the news that “the US submarines were sunk by Russia.” What is the truth behind this deep submersible accident?
At the time of the Russian deep submersible accident, the news from the US media caused some people to imagine that the US Vice President Peng Si was suddenly recalled by the White House after taking off on the special plane “Air Force No. 2”. What is the connection between the two? Is there a hidden feeling behind the Russian deep submersible accident? For a time, there was speculation on social media. The US Newsweek said that Putin decided to cancel the activities that were scheduled to be attended. At the same time, Burns also changed the activities originally scheduled to travel to New Hampshire, which caused some people’s concern about what international events are taking place. On Twitter, some users even called the “EU Security Council” to start an “emergency meeting.”
A military intelligence website called “Debka” in Israel even published an article entitled “The United States and Russia submarine exchanges fire, White House Ke Palace urgent consultation”, reported a shocking “message”: the United States opposite Alaska In the sea, an American submarine intercepted a Russian nuclear submarine. The Russian submarine’s escort submarine immediately launched the Balkan 2000 torpedo and sank the US submarine…
In the face of rumors, the White House had to deny it, saying that no one had urgently recalled Burns, and there was nothing to worry about. Pengs never left Washington. “It just happened that some vice president needs to stay in Washington. panic”. Some senior US officials also emphasized that the sudden cancellation of Burns’s itinerary has nothing to do with: 1. The health of Burns; 2. The health of Trump; 3. Putin’s cancellation of the scheduled itinerary and the meeting of the Minister of Defense. Today, Russian TV station also clarified that when rumors spread, it should be seen that there is no institution in the EU called the “EU Security Council.”
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