Trump and Congress are facing a full escalation. Is the United States going to a constitutional crisis?


Yesterday, Bar refused to attend the hearing of the House of Representatives. His position was put on a model of a chicken. Chicken was a coward in English proverbs. #ChickenBarr also became a hot word on the day.

Two weeks ago, Muller reported the deletion of the book. Unsurprisingly, the debates and struggles surrounding the Muller report have just begun and are increasingly fierce.
On Thursday, Justice Barr (William Barr) refused to attend the hearing of the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, which is under the control of the Democratic Party, on the details of the Muller report. He also refused to submit the unremoved Muller report and evidence to the House Judiciary Committee, pushing the contradiction to the top. .
Last week, Trump made it clear in front of the camera that they would reject all the subpoenas issued by the Democrats in Congress, “because they are too bad for me.” So far, at least five Trump officials have rejected Congress’s request, in addition to Barr, including Trump immigration policy maker Miller, an assistant to the Justice Department, and former White House legal adviser Meghan was banned from testifying. Ramp’s finance minister also refused to hand over the Trump tax bill.
Trump personally, and his children jointly initiated a lawsuit, boycotting Deutsche Bank and Capital One bank to hand over Trump’s financial documents to Congress.
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Trump tries to get rid of Congressional supervision
The founders of the United States believe that the principle of separation of powers they design can maximize the balance of power, legislation, justice, and administration, and balance each other. The fundamental purpose is to guarantee the functioning of the democratic system, protect the freedom of the people, and avoid the emergence of totalitarian figures. One of the main tasks of Congress as a legislature is to monitor government operations and urge administrative agencies to take responsibility for their decisions.
Historically, this principle has occasionally been challenged, such as when the American Civil War and the Watergate incident of the Nixon era occurred, but most of the time was observed and enforced, otherwise the United States will not have it today.
However, after Trump took office, people suddenly realized that this system is supremely binding for those who respect the Constitution and respect the law, but for Trump, he seems to be enjoying the privilege – not subject to law and Moral constraints in the traditional sense.
Barr testified in the Senate on Wednesday and accepted the question from Kamala Harris. (Image courtesy of CNN)
From the current point of view, Trump will obviously continue to fight against the constitutional power of the Congress – because his unconstitutional practice is not punished. It is impossible for the House Democrats to leave the administrative power completely uncontrolled. This will inevitably lead to a frictional collision between the legislative and the executive. It is no exaggeration to say that the United States is on the road to constitutional crisis.
Yes, Trump is a saboteur. His daring and true villain is a major test for the US Constitution. Once the executive power is out of control, it will create an emperor and a dictator.
In the Watergate incident, the dignity of the US Constitution was preserved; this time, what will happen to the more ferocious Trump?
Pelosi: The Minister of Justice is lying, it is a crime
After the release of the Muller report, the most important news was that on Tuesday (April 30), the two major newspapers, the Washington Post and the New York Times, reported as the free air vane of the US media, as early as 3 On the 27th, the third day of Barr’s release of his four-page Moller report, Muller sent a letter to Barr, expressing dissatisfaction with Bar’s personal summary and saying, “You misrepresented me.”
Muller’s letter said that Barr’s summary did not reflect the “content, nature and substance” of the Muller report and caused confusion to the people.
This is Muller. It is said that Muller and Bar have been working together for many years and they are old friends. However, Muller still formally protested by letter, in order to leave a written record.
After receiving the letter, Barr called Muller and the two talked for 15 minutes.
After the two Democrats learned about Muller’s letter, they accused Barr of lying (picture from Twitter)
However, after that, on April 9 and April 20, Barr swore two times to testify in Congress, but said to two Democrats: “I don’t know if Muller supports my summary”; Said: “I don’t know what the Muller team is dissatisfied with”. What else to say, “I didn’t pass this and Muller Ditch” – Balming knows that paper can’t hold fire, why should I do this? Is it because he swore to loyal to Trump?
After the Muller letter was exposed, Bar had to submit a Muller letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee before the Wednesday hearing.
However, on Wednesday, when the Senate Judiciary Committee testified, some Democrats asked about the 15-minute call between Bar and Muller – whether they could hand in the call records.
Barr replied arrogantly, no.
Then, on Thursday, he refused to accept the question of the House Intelligence Committee. The reason given by the Ministry of Justice is that the Democratic Judiciary Committee cannot be accepted to invite Congressional lawyers to ask questions about Barr.
My feeling, this is just an excuse for Bar. He is reluctant to attend the hearing and is being questioned. In that case, he may need to lie more to ensure his loyalty to Trump.
Prosecutor Mickey, who accused Cavana of sexual assault and the Republican Party invited to ask questions. (Image courtesy of CNN)
If you talk about the form of the hearing, you may remember that last year, in the hearing of the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Kavano, the Republican Judicial Council hired a female prosecutor to fight for the alleged invasion of Cavana. The professor asked questions. As a senior prosecutor, Barr is a CIA, how can a congressional lawyer be scared when asked?
The Democratic-led Congress responded strongly on Thursday. House Speaker Pelosi spoke at a press conference: Justice Minister Barr lied at a hearing before Congress. He misled the public, and if you change to someone else, this is a criminal act.
After Barr’s testimony, the prisoner’s photo of the Justice of the Nixon era began to appear on the Internet.
Pelosi’s statement this time is much tougher than it was two weeks ago. It seems to indicate that this situation continues, only to impeach a path. Ted Lieu, a member of the Democratic House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, also said that if the Republican Party wants us to impeach Trump, we will stay with it.
The chairman of the Democratic Judiciary Committee, Nader, is also very clear. They will give Bar a day or two to hand over the uncut version of the Muller report, otherwise they will first issue a subpoena to Bar. If Bar, who is the top official of the US Department of Justice, refuses to subpoena, the Democrats will begin accusing him of defying Congress. By the way, the Minister of Justice of the Nixon era (John Mitchell) went to jail for contempt of court and perjury.
With his many years of experience in the Ministry of Justice, Barr read the Muller report and was able to draw the opposite opinion from almost all lawyers and legal experts who spoke in the media. It’s also a must – no wonder Trump praised him as “best Minister of Justice”. However, the political commentator is worried that Balbunt Ramp is smart and very aware of the government’s operation. If he uses power to check the checks and balances, it will be dangerous.
Komi: Trump eats your soul
Coincidentally, on Wednesday, the former FBI director, Komi, who was expelled from Trump, wrote in The New York Times to analyze how Trump turned senior legal professionals into his private lawyers.
Komi cited the examples of Roshenstein and Barr. The general idea of ​​his article is that if you are not strong enough to resist the official position or the temptation of money, you will easily fall into Trump’s trap; once you start to make excuses for yourself to compromise with Trump, you are finished. For example, the initial compromise may be private, Trump lie, you remain silent; then it may be an open occasion, Trump said who agrees with me – is probably another lie, You also kept silent. Then, he wants you to do something, you think about it, agree; but Trump’s request will be even more excessive – you may be struggling inside, and Trump will start to humiliate you in public. At this time, do you agree? When personal interests and principles conflict, how many people can uphold the principle and refuse the temptation of interest?
Komi praised Trump’s former Defense Minister Matisse. Trump did not discuss with the Pentagon. After suddenly declaring a full withdrawal from Syria, Matisse quickly resigned and did not give Trump a chance to humiliate himself.
Trump’s former Attorney General Sessions, who evaded in the investigation of the Russian-Russian door, had been subjected to Trump’s bullying and humiliation for nearly two years – the liberals certainly did not think of it, they would think This guy, who is very conservative, seems to have at least not interfered with the Muller investigation, but has kept the legal person’s minimum name.
Look at the newly resigned Deputy Minister of Justice, Roshenstein, who has been attacked by Trump. He once reported that he suggested carrying a wiretap device as evidence of the impeachment of Trump. But in recent months, he has reconciled with Trump, and on the day of the Muller report, he stood behind Bar. In the resignation letter, he also praised Trump. Is he so long-sleeved?
For Barr to announce the Muller report platform, Roshenstein (after) eyes hollowed out. (Image from Twitter)
Another eye-popping is Greenham, the current chairman of the Republican Senate Judiciary Committee. He is an old friend of Senator John McCain who has passed away. Just a year ago, he was also righteous and strict, saying that Trump was a Fxxxing fool.
But now, he often goes to and from the golf course with Trump, and he has to defend Trump. After the hearing on Wednesday, he said directly that Muller would not be required to testify and turn the investigation into a Russian investigation.
And if it is considered that the best prosecutors in the United States can be easily incorporated, it is not impossible for Trump to do whatever he wants and become a dictator.
Komi’s article concludes that Trump is eroding your soul like this, eating them one by one – isn’t that the devil?
Republican Senator Grimham (right). Some people say that McCain did not take people with his eyes.
Baldish Black History: Violation of the Guardian has a criminal record
What happened to the former professional judicial people such as Roshenstein and Grimham, the author has not fully figured out that human nature is complicated.
But looking at the history of Barr, the feeling is that, indeed, Trump will eat away your soul, but Bar, this man, does he have a soul?
Before being selected by Trump as his Attorney General, Barr applied to serve as Trump’s private attorney – of course, this position is now easier for the president, and Barr is also a wish.
Six months before he was appointed, Barr wrote an 18-page long article, indicating that Muller’s investigation was illegal—this could be counted as his name.
The 69-year-old Bal is a CIA agent, and then entered the Ministry of Justice, the official movement is still very good. He is known in the Ministry of Justice for his strong maintenance of executive power, which is the power of the president, and he therefore does not hesitate to cover up and do everything.
In 1989, Bar began to serve as legal counsel for Bush. In October of that year, an article by Barr was “disappeared”, expressing support for the FBI “to enter other countries to arrest US wanted criminals without the consent of foreign governments”. This article caused great controversy, but also paved the way for the US military to enter Panama to arrest the military dictator Noriega. Later, Congress asked Bar to provide the full text of the opinion of the Ministry of Justice. However, Barr refused, and only provided his own “summary” – is it familiar?
Later, when Congress finally got the full text of the Ministry of Justice, it was discovered that Barr’s summary was completely contrary to the opinion of the Ministry of Justice. At that time, he had already left the position.
From 1991 to 1993, Barr served as the Minister of Justice of Bush. Soon, the Iranian-Iran-Contra Affair, which sold weapons to Iran during the Reagan era, broke out. Reagan’s Defense Secretary, Caspar Weinberger, testified to escape the jail and testified that Bush not only knew about the sale of weapons to Iran but also participated in it.
As the Minister of Justice, Balti Lord Bush gave an amnesty to Weinberger – he announced that he had specifically convinced Weinberg before the trial began, and he shut up.
The matter is accumulating over time. The US Congress is too tolerant of such problems. For example, Barr concealed the Iranian scandal for Bush, and then he was not punished. Perhaps this is why he is now intensifying. For him and Trump, They themselves are not bound by law.
As the hearing, the senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono, said with anger: You and Conway and Sanders around Trump, for a liar, a lie, a guy, only A little shame has been lost. The words are heavy, but they are well-founded.
Therefore, you can see that when it is misleading, sophistry, or even lying, Barr does not change his face.
The Democratic Party has limited choices and even has no choice
The Democratic Party is currently disagreeing on whether to impeach Trump. And around the Muller report and subsequent debates, it may be time to make a impeachment decision.
Sometimes commentators commented that the evidence referred to in the “Muller Report” is enough to impeach ten Nixon or any other normal president.
The two parts of the report, the first part, are a large number of statements about how Trump and his children, the campaign team colluded with Russia. They exchanged election intelligence with Russian intelligence agent Putin, “helping to condone and slap” hackers to release Hillary black materials to help him be elected; the second part is Trump’s eleven investigations into judicial incidents, including multiple orders. The special prosecutor, Muller, was fired and threatened or tempted witnesses. Former White House legal adviser Meghan, former Republican governor Chris Christine, and former Attorney General Sessions are witnesses.
Network spoof: Muller said to former CIA director Brian, “Then, Trump pushed and completely cleared my charges, thank you!”
Muller is a legal fundamentalist. For example, the Ministry of Justice stipulates that a special prosecutor cannot sue the current president. Therefore, even if he has a large amount of evidence, he said that he will leave it to Congress.
A diligent and rigorous legal person brings truth and resolves disputes during normal times. However, the Trump era is characterized by anomalies. It is a lie that spreads faster than the truth, and the United States is splitting like never before. The author hopes that Muller will say in the report that if it is not because I have no power to sue the current president, I will certainly sue him.
The most dissatisfied with the author’s investigation is that he did not sit down directly with Trump to talk – so the investigations in the United States and the interference in the judicial system did not go through the end.
There are recent reports that Congress will invite Muller to go to testify in mid-May – but that is to be with Trump and Barr.
Yes, the election has consequences. Trump is not a conservative in the general sense. He is using populism to incite hatred and extreme thinking to achieve totalitarian purpose. The United States is heading towards a constitutional crisis, and most of the silence may not realize that May 2 is a very crucial day in American history.
As the Democratic Judiciary Committee Chairman Nader said in his statement: The challenge we are facing now transcends Barr’s personality and goes beyond the Muller report. It is President Trump’s decision to ignore all parliamentary summons and is undermining the supervisory role of Congress.
Author: Yan son (senior media person / translation)
Edit: Jing

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