He is a million-year-old man, a live broadcast to defeat Ma Yun, 5 minutes to sell 10,000 lipsticks


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The live broadcast community has recently circulated such a saying: “I am not afraid of the sky, I am not afraid of it, I am afraid of Li Jiaqi’s “OH MY GOD!”.
The live-action “small lipstick brother”, as long as the classic “OH MY GOD!” is called out, it means that another group of netizens want to buy a lipstick in the wallet, and his ability to bring goods is even Ma Yun. What is the magical existence of this?
Into the monthly income of 3,000 million
Li Jiaqi, born in Hunan in 1992, originally studied at Nanchang University and graduated in dance. Under a certain opportunity, he became a counter internship makeup artist of L’Oreal. In 2017, Taobao lived with L’Oreal. This is a time of the times. Li Jiaqi, who has excellent business ability, was selected as the main broadcast and started the road of net red.
Live broadcast is the most test of physical strength and skill. In order to attract fans and make high-profile lipstick evaluation, Li Jiaqi uses his face and mouth as a test field. Every night from 19 to 1 am, he stops almost all the time. He does not blindly tout the brand, but expresses his attitude with his own measured results. The speed of speech is fast and simple. For products with poor performance, even big names will directly open up.
It is because of his true attitude that a large number of fans are loyal to him. Many people can’t help but order to buy if they watch his live broadcast for 10 minutes. From junior high school students to 60-year-old ladies, they are all impressed by his straightforward personality and live style. Seeing his live makeup and matching, it opens the way to beauty.
Later, Li Jiaqi went to the L’Oreal Shanghai headquarters to focus on lipstick color test evaluation, focusing on his own anchor business in the headquarters, company and rental room. The income also changed from the original monthly salary of 4,000 to 10 million, and he also I started the company and set up my own team. The company employees started with a monthly salary of 50,000 and realized a myth of wealth after the ordinary 90s.
According to Tianyue data, Shanghai Li Jiaqi Cultural Media Studio is wholly-owned by Li Jiaqi. In addition, he also holds 49% of shares in Shanghai Makeup E-Commerce Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Magnesium E-Commerce Co., Ltd. respectively.
“Lipstick one brother”
Li Jiaqi, who seems to be shining brightly, has indeed paid a lot of hard work behind him. At the peak of the live broadcast, he once tried 380 lipsticks, so that he later felt so hot that even the porridge was hot.
Every day from 12 noon to 5 pm, from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am the next day, after the makeup remover, nightingale, summary, rewind, see all kinds of beauty information, sleep at 4 in the morning, Li Jiaqi is open all year round. schedule.
From the beginning of the no-brain, to the rapid growth of traffic, Li Jiaqi captured 500,000 fixed fans with his strong color test professionalism and lipstick sales ability.
At Li Jiaqi’s first large-scale fan festival, the organizer celebrated him by challenging the Guinness World Record. He opened a fresh live broadcast in the form of “Inside the Variety + Reality Show”. Li Jiaqi successfully challenged the testimony of 3.5 million fans. “Painting the most people in 30 seconds” broke the Guinness World Record for the project, and the name “People’s One Brother” was born.
Open live with Ma Yun
In the 2018 double-carnival season, Ma Yun challenged Li Jiaqi in the form of live broadcast, and compared the live broadcast of “with goods”. This live broadcast, Li Jiaqi tried a total of 380 lipsticks, sold 15,000 lipsticks in 5 minutes, and delivered 3.53 million in 5 and a half hours. He defeated Ma Yun with professionalism and efficiency, and sat down on the throne of “lipstick brother”.
In 2018, Li Jiaqi also opened his own Taobao store, which has more than one million fans so far. It is said that he is about to cooperate with a big foreign beauty makeup. It seems that the fans of “People’s Lips” are also “hands-on”.
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