Is the birthday card a pyramid scheme?


An app that I have never heard of was reported by the media today as being punished for alleged pyramid schemes.

On March 16, according to the report of Yibang Power Network, the social e-commerce platform Guangzhou Flower Birthday Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Flower Birthday”) was suspected of pyramid scheme (direct sales) illegal behavior, and was taken by the Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce in March. On the 14th, he ordered a penalty of 1.5 million yuan and confiscated the illegal income of 73.065 million yuan.
The Guangzhou Market Supervision Administration disclosed some important information in the administrative punishment decision:
1) Flower birthday is online from July 28, 2017, and was investigated on September 25, 2018 for suspected pyramid schemes;
2) The birthday party membership level is up to 51. By setting the hierarchical management structure of “Platform-Operator-Super Member-Super Member…Super Member”, the multi-level commission accrual system and membership upgrade fee are adopted. More than 21 million members have been developed, covering all provinces and cities across the country, and the commission amount is more than 450 million yuan.
Specific pyramid schemes include:
(1) Develop a member of the Birthday Book APP platform and charge the “Super Member” fee. The birthday of the flower is recorded between July 28, 2017 and January 15, 2018. Members are only allowed to receive coupons for the birthday card platform. Only super members and operators can obtain the amount of money that other people can join and spend from the next level. Extract commissions. If a member wants to upgrade to become a super member, they will need to pay a 99 yuan upgrade fee. During the above period, Huaying’s birthday record totaled 7247 super members, and the fee was 713,500 yuan. After the member complaints, the birthday rules were revised from January 16, 2018, and the members and super members were merged. Once the user was registered, they became super members and no fee was charged.
(2) Flower birthday records manage operators in the form of platforms, and develop subordinate super-members on the top of the pyramids with operators, and finally achieve level-level compensation through member consumption. Huayin birthday records through various channels to develop a number of traffic companies with large traffic and large traffic as their branch offices. The branch is responsible for the development and management of operators based on the agreement with the birthday of the flower, and through WeChat, Weibo, friends circle, fast hands. Social platforms such as Vibrato, and online promotion of platforms or brochures to promote the business model and business philosophy of the birthday card. The operator is an important part of the business model of the birthday of the flower. Its main role is to obtain the commission of the lower-level members through the mass development of the lower-level members…
Subsequently, a woman suspected of spending her birthday notes admitted in the circle of friends that she was punished. “We only dared to promote the peanuts to the money, but it was not in place.” It can be said that it is very frank.
The lady also said that the tuition fee was paid, she will learn the lesson, and work hard for the IPO. Finally, I will not forget the true color. “Try to grow peanuts, everyone will raise their prices together.”
You see, today (March 16th) spent a birthday message on the internal “IPO Road” statement, saying that it plans to be listed on the NASDAQ in the United States in 2020, and proudly said, “Since the gathering The flower birthday note paid the second most expensive tuition fee in the history of social e-commerce (the renewal fee is 8 times that of the collection, and the current collection has been listed on the NASDAQ, with a valuation of 7-10 billion US dollars).”
Then there was a statement on the administrative punishment of the birthday, saying that he fully respected and accepted the punishment of the regulatory authorities. In early 2018, he made great efforts to rectify and standardize. “Social e-commerce is a new thing, in the process of development. Encountering bumps and setbacks is inevitable, maintaining a positive attitude, working closely with regulators, and constantly embracing change…”
This is indeed a rare “positive mentality”. The companies that are generally punished are somewhat ashamed. It seems that spending birthdays from individuals to companies seems to treat punishment as a kind of glory – at least not a shame. This kind of mentality really has a MLM temperament.
Not only that, but also took the opportunity to publicize, take the opportunity to pull new, have to serve.
Tiger sniffs that the current birthday card app has not been offline, can still be downloaded in the App Store. In contrast, at the just-concluded 315 party, CCTV exposed the “714 high-altitude guns” that were even more terrible. Today, these 714 anti-aircraft apps have been off the assembly line and changed skins.
According to Tianyue’s information, Huayuan’s registered capital was 1 million yuan. During the period, there were 2 shareholder changes, and 4 people were added from the first two, namely Yang Xianqiang, Liao Yizhi, Hao Zhan, and Zhang Shuqing. Among them, Yang Xianqiang is a major shareholder with a shareholding ratio of 54.06%. The unseen person shows 8 companies.
The remaining question is, is it a pyramid scheme to spend birthdays?
There are quite a lot of people who have discussed this issue on Weibo and knowing about it. Knowing how to evaluate the birthday of the flower? The more than 100 answers under the post are divided into two camps.
Knowing that the user’s “less stress” answer received more than 400 praises, he said: “Why should everyone bring their own invitation code to speak in disguise, and the coupons in this app are sold 99% of the coupons. It is a thing of the cottage brand, and you can’t get a ticket without registering. The problem is coming. It seems that registration is quite simple, but registration requires a so-called invitation code. Then the so-called promotion reward knows what is going on, charging 99 dollars, upgraded to “agent”, A development B, B development C, C development D, when D replenished into an agent, ABC graded money, typical MLM mode. Do not think that you can rely on this to make money, Seeing that the Shuijun is so active in the sky, and not forgetting to turn you into a lower line, you know that this is a scam.”
He also posted a series of screenshots:
However, there are also many rebuttals for the birthday of the flower. For example, the netizen “Night Charm” said: “It is not a pyramid scheme. We know that the use of the pull head for grading profit is defined as pyramid scheme. And just right, it only takes half of the pyramid scheme, that is, pulls the head. Therefore, it cannot be defined as a pyramid scheme. It is just a promotion model. It is to use those who think about the tens of thousands of monthly incomes to help people pull in. These people have more time to play mobile phones, and Most of the contacts are small, cheap and self-righteous, so that the number of people who use this software can be expanded. As long as the number of views goes up, the volume will not be less. In addition, we will analyze the market reasons for it, and the greed is cheap. This is the reason why it can be listed on the eve of the evening. After all, in China, the people under the income account for the majority, and most of the things of a certain treasure have been blasted, that is, the kind of profit is very low.”
Another example is “Vientiane Zhao Yu” said: “Flower birthday note APP is not a sales scam, but its previous promotion method is similar to the earlier micro-business and MLM, and it has improved. It is actually some Amoy. The customer team relies on a promotion software produced by the Taobao Alliance. All the data is from the Taobao Alliance, which is more convenient to use.”
Many of the comments below, support the flower birthday is not a pyramid scheme, most of the views of the above netizens.
But some screenshots sent by netizens seem to illustrate the problem:
Although I don’t know how far the flower birthday is currently in compliance, it is hard to imagine that there are more than 20 million members. Each person has added this very MLM-like app for a few dollars each time. Just like last night’s “714 high-altitude” super-loan that was exposed at the CCTV 315 party, a woman borrowed 7,000 yuan and the result was 250,000 yuan and the amount owed to 500,000. It was incredible.
At present, the page of the Flower Birthday App seems to integrate the functions of APPs such as Tmall and Taobao, and looks like an e-commerce app.
In the past descriptions of various underlying speeches, everyone seems reluctant to admit that their IQ is problematic, even those who are deeply involved in the pyramid scheme, and believe in changing their destiny and even changing the world.
Therefore, the people urgently need to raise the level of education and open up the wisdom of the people, otherwise the victims can only be one after another.
As for whether the birthday card is a pyramid scheme, what do you think?
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2. Flower birthday is suspected of pyramid schemes! Was fined 74.56 million yuan, billion state power network;
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