China Unicom is eager to shut down 2G network will be in a disadvantage


China Unicom is actively taking measures to promote the remaining 2G users to switch to 3G or 4G, emphasizing that the 2G network will be completely shut down by 2020. Considering China Unicom’s current unfavorable market position, this aggressive approach will cause it to further entangle Unfavorable situation.
2G plays an important role in China Unicom
Among the three major operators, China Unicom has the lowest number of 4G users, accounting for the lowest proportion of the total users. As of December 2018, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom’s 4G subscribers were 220 million, 713 million, and 242 million, respectively, and the number of mobile subscribers was 315 million, 925 million, and 303 million, respectively. The ratio was 69.8%, 77.1%, and 79.9%, respectively.
It can be seen that a large proportion of China Unicom’s users are using 2G and 3G networks. This part of the users mainly have a large demand for voice services. It is estimated that mainly the rural elderly and other people who have low demand for data services. .
China Unicom currently operates three networks of GSM, WCDMA and LTE-FDD at the same time. However, since GSM uses 900MHz low-frequency construction, it is estimated that the coverage of 2G networks is far better than that of WCDMA and LTE-FDD. In terms of 4G network coverage, China Mobile has done the best, followed by China Telecom. The number of 4G base stations is 1.8 million and 1.15 million respectively, while China Unicom has only 852,000. China Unicom has prioritized development in 2016. After 4G, its 3G network has basically stopped construction, and now it is rashly shutting down the 2G network, which may lead to further deterioration of the reputation of its signal.
Compared with China Unicom, China Mobile chose to gradually shut down the 3G network and continue to maintain 2G and 4G networks; China Telecom also announced that it will gradually withdraw the 2G CDMA network. However, the latter two operators have no clear timetable for shutting down 2G or 3G networks. This is mainly because 4G networks are based on high-band construction and cannot match 2G networks in terms of network coverage. It can be seen that the latter two operators are shutting down 2G. The prudence of 3G networks.
China Mobile and China Telecom are also the most active in promoting VOLTE voice services based on 4G networks. However, the two operators are still cautiously maintaining 2G networks when 4G network coverage is far better than China Unicom and VOLTE services have gradually begun. Service, while China Unicom, which has poor 4G network and 3G network coverage, is more active in promoting 2G network retreat.
Urgent to shut down 2G network will trap China Unicom in a disadvantageous situation
Among the three major operators, China Unicom is increasingly in a disadvantageous position. As mentioned above, China Unicom has bottomed out in terms of the number of 4G users. According to the data of December 2018, China Unicom is also the bottom of the number of broadband users, China Mobile, The number of broadband subscribers of China Telecom and China Unicom were 157 million, 146 million and 81 million respectively. It can be seen that among the three major indicators, China Unicom has only a few mobile subscribers ahead of China Telecom. The other two indicators, 4G subscribers and fixed-line broadband subscribers, have already reached the bottom.
In 2017, China Telecom’s net increase in mobile subscribers ranked first, China Mobile ranked second, and China Unicom ranked last; 2018 data showed that China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom’s mobile users net The increase was respectively 0.38 billion, 53 million, and 31 million, and China Unicom’s net increase in users continued to bottom.
China Unicom is eager to shut down the 2G network, which may lead to further decline in its net increase in subscribers. Among the three major operators, China Unicom has not transferred the 4G mobile subscribers to the highest proportion, and its plan to close the 2G network may exacerbate the remaining users from the network and transfer to China Mobile or China Telecom, resulting in users. The loss, which in turn leads to a net increase in the number of users will be less than the other two operators.
In fact, China Unicom has been affected by its poor coverage of 4G networks. In 2017, it announced that Tencent Wangka, which cooperates with Tencent, brought nearly 50 million users. However, its net increase of more than 20 million users in the past showed its user loss. The rate is high, and the factors may be related to the poor coverage of 4G network. After the coverage of the better GSM network is removed, if the subsequent 4G network coverage cannot keep up, the risk of such user loss may be aggravated. .
Of course, for China Unicom, its closure of 2G network may also be a helpless choice. Among the three major operators, its revenue, net profit is the lowest, and debt is the highest. At the same time, operating multiple networks does bring huge The cost pressure, at this time choose to close one of the networks is also unobjectionable, but Bai Ying Technology believes that it may be more appropriate to close the 3G network, after all, 3G network coverage is not as good as 2G, 4G, Internet access rate is not as good as 4G, the situation is 尴尬I don’t know why the 3G network has won the support of China Unicom.

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