When I woke up, I could lose more than 20 billion.

From the early morning of January 20th, there were a lot of loopholes in the fight, and users can receive 100 yuan without a coupon. There are a large number of users to open the rhythm of “snap wool”, using the no-door coupon to recharge the phone bill, Q coins.
4 hair can rush 100 calls, crazy people “sleepless night”, use this loophole to reserve enough for more than ten years of phone bills, some netizens even print screenshots, indicating that there are more than 500,000 Q in their accounts. Currency balance. As for the loss of a lot of damage – the current number of losses circulated by the network is more than 20 billion yuan, and even some netizens worry that “there will be a lot of collapses overnight.”
A lot of spells were published at 12 noon on the 20th, “a statement about “black and gray production through the platform coupon vulnerabilities”, said that the tens of millions of platform coupons were stolen, the specific contents are as follows –
On the morning of January 20th, a black-and-grey gang raided tens of millions of platform coupons through an expired coupon vulnerabilities for unjustified profits. In response to this behavior, the platform has fixed the vulnerability for the first time and is tracking the source of the order. At the same time, we have reported the case to the public security organs, and will actively cooperate with relevant departments to crack down on the black-gray gangs involved.
The wool party carnival, the people who did not catch up, said that they “missed a billion.”
Recycling voucher, banned delivery
According to Weibo users, this BUG was only fixed until 10 o’clock this morning. Some netizens groaned, and many of the technicians woke up a bit late. After the BUG was repaired, many measures were taken to take urgent measures. Many netizens said that the current 100-yuan no-entry coupon in the account has been officially recycled.
After receiving the coupon, the protests followed. At present, there are many netizens who are coming to protest. There are netizens who have come to protest. “I can’t use my 100-yuan voucher.” “Deceive the consumer” and “315 see”, but also said that “it was enough to be miserable.” If you want someone else to fail, you can only prove that you are too slow.”
In addition, there are also many internal screenshots on the Internet. I hope that all businesses will not ship: “Today, all the technology will be cut, all businesses will not be shipped, and the goods will be recovered immediately, reducing losses. The platform will give consumption. The person who compensates for 5 yuan has no threshold.”
Can this be done?
It is forbidden to ship goods, can you do it?
According to Article 49 of the new “Electronic Commerce Law”: “If the goods or service information issued by the e-commerce operator meets the conditions of the offer, the user selects the goods or services and submits the order successfully, and the contract is established. The parties have agreed otherwise. The e-commerce operator shall not stipulate in the form of format clauses that the contract is not established after the consumer pays the price; if the format clause contains such content, the content is invalid.”
That is to say, after the consumer pays, the merchant cannot use the “format clause and other means” to stipulate that the contract after payment is not established.
However, in the multi-user code, the same rule stipulates that users should not “use the multi-platform plug-in and/or use the BUG in the multi-platform platform to obtain illegitimate benefits”.
The current question may be, how to define the BUG?
The word “BUG” clearly has a different understanding of the “wool party” that charges 940,000 Q coins and phone bills a night, the unsuspecting consumers who have only received the voucher, and the fight for themselves.
In fact, the “Wool Party” has long been one of the important forces in the network black production. There are countless QQ groups and WeChat groups that share the Wool Line Report. Someone shared the “wool” information in the group full time, and then the wool party collectively dispatched “accounting for cheap.” According to netizens, in this incident, “some big cows have received thousands of 100 yuan without a vouchers, fearing that they will be caught in the public, so they hope to form a “legal blame”. ending.
At present, the company has reported that it has already reported the case and is “tracking the source of the order”. However, the “tens of millions of coupons” mentioned in the statement, I am afraid that many people will put on a question mark – there are a lot of netizens who have hundreds of thousands of orders and millions of orders, and the only way to participate in this wool fight is only How many people?
This incident also puts the “e-spinning” of e-commerce platforms that love to issue vouchers for promotion – risk control, early warning mechanisms, technical and operational anti-knowledge capabilities, all need to be constantly on the line.
After all, the wool is on the sheep, the wool is lighted, what should the sheep do? Will the wool party care?
Xiao Yan is in love, and he is hurt and cherished.

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