8k TV + tri-color laser Hisense quality stunning 2019CES


BEIJING, January 9th, picture quality is the undisputed focus of TV big screen competition. Hisense, which holds high image quality in the global color TV industry, today launched a three-color laser TV and a new ULED TV with 8K resolution and 5376 partition in the CES exhibition, which is known as the global technology wind vane, explaining its image quality. The ultimate pursuit of the road, detonated the visual feast of CES in 2019.

Among all display technologies, three-color laser TVs are the most realistic representation of the rich colors of the objective world. On January 8th, the US local time, the CES exhibition was officially opened. The Hisense exhibition hall was popular, and the three-color laser TV 100吋L9 became the focus of the whole audience. The product completely removes the phosphor wheel. The RGB three colors are completely powered by three colors of laser light, which can accurately display various colors, and almost 100% reach the BT.2020 standard, making the picture look more realistic than ever before, which is called the top quality experience. .
Hisense also will display this recognized high-end display solution for three-color lasers for the first time to small and medium size. At the exhibition site, Hisense 70 吋 three-color laser TV L5 is also onlookers. From the perspective of image quality, Hisense 70吋 three-color laser TV L5 is clearly ahead of the same size LCD TV. According to Hisense staff, the 70-inch tri-color laser TV L5 will be more intimate in terms of price, allowing more consumers to truly enjoy the visual experience brought by the three-color laser display.
With its self-developed ULED super-quality technology, Hisense has set a new benchmark for global image quality. At the exhibition, Hisense launched the 75-inch U9E TV, achieving 8K resolution and upgrading the picture quality to a new level. Hisense’s unique ultra-high-area backlight control technology is a highlight that distinguishes it from other 8K TVs.
The 75-inch U9E TV has a 5,376 partition, and the image is more refined, giving users better contrast and detail. The use of quantum dot high color gamut technology brings a wider color space and can more realistically restore natural colors.
One-hand three-color laser TV, Hisense 8K ULED super-quality TV, further established its leading position in the global picture quality field.

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