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Software is still the theme of this year’s WWDC. At this conference, Apple fully released the system updates for each of its terminal platforms, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. This article will review this content from related cars and related chips.Excellent press conference.
That amazing apple is back.
At 1 a.m. Beijing time, Apple hosted the first online WWDC at the Jobs Theater in California.
I held an Apple conference for 33 years offline. This time I moved to Apple online to make preparations. During the two-hour live broadcast, the camera moved between different areas of Apple Park headquarters. The switch was very easy. Look back at the process.There are as many as five kinds of subtitle voices.
As in previous years, software is still the theme of this year’s WWDC, and Apple announced the system updates of its various terminal platforms, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS at this conference.
This article will review this excellent content conference from the car and related chips.
iPhone to open BMW, better CarPlay and map
WWDC gave enough information about the connection between Apple and cars.
In the new iOS14 system, Apple first announced the map-related updates, the new map adds roads, trails, landforms and other details.
Apple Maps has been greatly improved, it has become a strong competitor of Google Maps, some people say that it has a better user interface, and its privacy policy is definitely far ahead.
Apple announced that it will promote the new map to more countries and regions later this year, including the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.
In addition to rich details and higher accuracy, the new map also lays the foundation for many new features, including: finding users’ favorite places faster and helping users reach their destination in a more environmentally friendly way.
Let’s first look at finding places that users love more quickly. The Apple Maps team will work with some of the most trusted brands in the world to provide better guides. The new maps can be easily called in the future after keeping the guides and added.After the new location, they will automatically update, and users can always get the latest recommendations.
In addition, the new map adds a cycling map, which helps cyclists to travel through the city. Apple added professional cycling options to the map, which allows users to ride along bicycle paths and roads. The map alsoConsidering the riding altitude, this allows the rider to know whether he is performing challenging crawling fitness training or is riding on a comfortable level ground.
At the same time, in the process of riding, you can also check the path through the map to confirm that you are riding on a quiet, busy, or road with steps in front.
It is worth noting that the current cycling function is only open in Shanghai and Beijing, and more cities will be added in the coming months.
For new energy vehicle users, the new map adds an electric vehicle route planning function: EV routing.
It is reported that the new function will help electric vehicle users to eliminate the anxiety of mileage. The map of iOS14 will track the current power of the vehicle and calculate whether it is facing crawling height and weather and other factors, so as to realize automatic navigation to the charging pile service in the path.
The new map can also help users understand which types of charging stations are suitable for electric cars driving today, to ensure navigation to compatible charging stations.
At present, Apple is working with multiple manufacturers to support its electric vehicle path planning services, including BMW and Ford.
Unfortunately, Tesla is not supported for the time being.
The new map also adds a congestion function, through which you can view its location and alternative route options. In addition, for the road conditions in China, the new map also adds a number limit reminder function.
CarPlay is a new intelligent interactive experience launched by Apple for the automotive industry. In the United States, the function usage rate is as high as 97%. In the global market, this function can be used for more than 80% of new cars.
This time iOS 14 added a wallpaper option for CarPlay, and added support for new categories of CarPlayapp, including parking, electric car charging, and quick ordering.
Finally, Apple introduced the function of the iPhone to replace the traditional car key. The first car to support this function is the new 2021 BMW 5 Series.
This function mainly uses the NFC function of Apple’s mobile phone, just need to close the phone to the car lock to open the door, and then put the phone on the charging board in the car to start the vehicle.
This function is very safe, it is based on the security element of Apple’s mobile phone, if the phone is lost, users can also turn off the car key function remotely through iCloud.
The digital car key also has a sharing function, users can share the key through iMessage anywhere, and can set options.
It is reported that the new BMW 5 Series will launch the digital key function to users next month, which is compatible with iOS14 and iOS13 systems.
Of course, Apple hopes that these features are applicable to any car, so Apple is developing ultra-wideband technology that will use the Apple U1 chip to achieve precise space perception, which will enable Apple phones to safely unlock and start cars in their pockets.
Mac’s fourth revolution, self-developed chips
Mac has undergone three major revolutions: PowerPC chip, mac OSX operating system and migration to Intel chip.
This time, Apple Mac ushered in a self-developed chip, named A12Z.
Johny Srouji, senior vice president of Apple’s hardware technology, said that we spent more than ten years creating and optimizing Apple chips, and finally brought a scalable architecture, a chip customized specifically for Apple products, in terms of features and performance power consumption ratioAchieved industry-leading.
Apple’s scalable architecture includes a number of custom technologies, including video display and graphics processing engines, which will be integrated with Apple’s software to bring maximum performance and battery life to the Mac.
At the same time, compared with similar products, Apple’s safe compartment will achieve maximum security, and high-performance graphics processors will bring higher graphics performance to Mac.
Johny Srouji said that we are designing a series of system chips for the Mac product line. Secondly, like iphone, ipad and watch, good technology will be applied to the Mac.
All of Apple’s apps, including professional applications with the highest system requirements, such as Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are now running smoothly as native apps.
How did Apple do it?Xcode is the key.
That is, everything developers need to use when developing apps for this new chip has been built into the new version of Xcode.
Developers only need to open their own app project and recompile at the beginning. In this way, most developers only need to spend a few days to make their apps run on the new system.
In order to develop these apps, Apple also created Universal 2, which is a new type of Universal binary program code that can be run on Macs with Intel chips or Macs with Apple chips.
Therefore, developers can use the native performance of the new Mac to run their own apps, while still supporting Macs based on Intel chips, which use the same set of binary codes for all users.
Next, let’s take a look at the operation of MacOS supported by the Apple chip:
First open “About this machine” on the Mac desktop, we can see that it is running on the Apple Development Platform.
Open Wode and see that the system is running very smoothly, scrolling up and down is also very smooth, and the impact of all operations is also very smooth.
Next we look at Excel.
This is a complex form, which is completed instantly when the data is updated.
Apple is also working with Adobe to allow the new Mac to run Creative Cloud creative applications.
The following picture is Lightroom running directly on the Apple chip. It is very fast when browsing large DNG image libraries.
Here all the editing controls of Lightroom are available, here to make an adjustment to the picture, only one step operation, you can batch edit all pictures.
Photoshop software.
The following picture is a file made by photographer Stephen Wikkes in Photoshop, the size is 5GB, which contains multiple layers.
Now we add a bird here.
Here you can see that the animation effect when the picture is zoomed is very smooth.
Finally, Apple Mac ran Final Cut pro.
This is the first time Final Cut Pro runs on an Apple chip. Below is a 4K video. It can be seen that the video playback is very smooth, and all fiters can be applied to the video in real time.
Add animation subtitles and lens flare here. It can be seen that these operations can be performed in real time, and there is no lag.
The software can also analyze and intelligently trim the video, allowing the camera to perform important actions such as alignment at all times.
Final Cut can make full use of the multi-core architecture of the system, and can play more than one video stream on an A12Z processor at the same time, and all use the full-resolution 4K ProRes format.
We know that when Apple transitions from PowerPC chips to Intel chips, the most important part is Rosetta.
This technology makes it possible for PowerPC apps to run on Intel-based Macs, and Mac osbig sur also includes a new version of Rosetta, which is Rosetta2.
Rosetta2 can automatically translate the existing Mac app, so it can run on the new Mac with Apple chips. This time Rosetta is faster, more powerful and more compatible than ever.
It will translate the app when it is installed, so that the installation of the app is more effective, and Rosetta2 can also translate the running code when needed.
For example, translating a browser or Java code that uses an on-time JavaScript compiler can be said to handle no matter how complex a professional application and its plug-ins are.
Eventually, with the integration of Universal, Rosetta and virtual technology, the Mac equipped with the new system will be able to run a variety of apps.
This is more like an Android.
Of course, the reason why Apple wants to make bold innovations is for a simple but powerful reason, for better products.
Cook finally said, “Apple Mac products will use self-developed ARM architecture chips in the future. The first Mac with Apple chips will be available at the end of this year. Apple will not immediately give up all Intel processors. Mac chips equipped with Intel chips are also the same.In development, the transition period from Intel chips to Apple self-developed chips is expected to be two years.”

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