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Special Observer Duan Mingjie
Since 2020, Station B has continuously zoomed in, and the May 4th Youth Festival’s super-combustion video “Houlang” has continued to screen. Station B took advantage of the difficulty to cooperate with young singer Mao to launch “Into the Sea” and went out again.The market value of Station B has also continued to rise, currently exceeding 14.5 billion US dollars, and on May 25, a “Silver Hair Recruitment Announcement” at Station B caused industry attention.
Silver Hair Recruitment Announcement at Station B
On the surface, it is a gimmicky marketing event, but looking deeper, including the short video promotional video of “Houlang” that was previously screened by station B, behind it, station B expanded its user circle and sought incremental markets.Urgent needs.
In fact, this pain point exists between several short video platforms at the same time.
Under the overall environment of platform e-commerce live broadcast and rapid pace of realization, the market between stocks maintains market competitiveness, further seizes the incremental market share, and the war to expand the overall influence of the brand has quietly started and entered a fierce battle.Coupled with the advent of the 5G era, video is the general trend, and short video has been fully integrated into all aspects of the life of the Internet audience.
In the future, the largest incremental market will come from middle-aged and elderly groups.No one wants to miss this rare market window period.
For middle-aged and elderly users, large platforms such as Station B, Douyin, and Kuaishou continue to work hard to attract them in order to increase overall user growth.
On the one hand, large numbers of professional MCN institutions have entered the market, taking advantage of the short video live broadcast, and selecting highly recognizable middle-aged and old people for incubation, and taking a differentiated route to harvest young traffic; on the other hand, the elderly industry has come acrossThere are more and more entrepreneurs with strength and background. They continue to dig deep into the needs of the elderly, use short video as a way to reach and connect, gain trust traffic, and lay the foundation for the future business layout.
Overall, competition in the middle-aged and elderly short-video market is intensifying.But for their respective positions and purposes, the battlefield is clearly layered, with different needs and different points of effort.I think that in order to truly win over middle-aged and elderly users and win the market, we need to stabilize, sink, and put user needs first.This takes time.Of course, you also need to have the strength to pay the time cost.
Short video majors are out of the circle for middle-aged and elderly people, but high-quality old-age content is still lacking
After Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance, Kuaishou and other big manufacturers, the B station, which has always focused on the younger group and the second-dimension culture, also clearly showed the middle-aged and old people: on the one hand, the content of the circle for middle-aged and old people is endless; on the other handThe number of middle-aged and elderly UP masters in the station has increased rapidly.Due to the further penetration of the epidemic home + network into the crowd, and the station B’s own active search for breakthroughs, it successfully achieved the effect of the circle-in the first quarter of 2020, the monthly live users of station B exceeded 170 million, an increase of 70% year-on-year.Reached 51 million, an increase of 69% year-on-year, both data hit a record high.
More than station B, for all short video platforms, everything can’t bypass the growth of users and traffic.According to data from QuestMobile, the monthly active users of short video in 2019 have exceeded 820 million, reaching the ceiling. For head players like Douyin and Kuaishou, the degree of user overlap is getting higher and higher, and the competition is becoming fiercer:
Within Kuaishou, the target of 2020 e-commerce GMV was originally set at 100 billion, but learned that Douyin had set a target of 200 billion GMV, Kuaishou immediately counterattacked and raised the target to 250 billion.
Urgent business anxiety has led to an urgent need for incremental markets.All along, the proportion of fast-handed middle-aged and elderly users is significantly higher than that of Douyin.In particular, a series of operations such as naming the Spring Festival Gala and grabbing red envelopes at the beginning of this year have further increased the proportion of fast-handed middle-aged and elderly users:
· As of the third quarter of 2019, Kuaishou users over 40 years old accounted for 8.14% (the same period of Douyin’s data was 5.93%);
· After the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat, the proportion of users who are over 40 years old reaches 10.3% (41-45 years old 5.6%, 46 years old over 4.7%);45 years old 12.3%, 46 years old over 8.9%).
Acquired middle-aged and elderly people, seize the “first foothold” when users have needs, can quickly occupy the blank use space, priority to seize the time of middle-aged and elderly people on the Internet, easier to retain them.Once it becomes a “non-blank” field, the cost of acquiring customers for middle-aged and old people will be much higher, and various thresholds and barriers will follow.
Take specific user examples:
A 50+ aunt in a new first-tier city told AgeClub: This year’s Spring Festival, because of the red envelope grabbing activity of Kuaishou, she downloaded Kuaishou, and then according to the fission rules of red envelope withdrawal, she also downloaded Kuaishou Express Edition.After comparing the two softwares, because of the similar content, she only left the Quick Speed ​​version, “you can get gold coins for cash while swiping the video.”Because of the limited memory of the mobile phone, although she often sees her sisters sharing small videos of Douyin in WeChat group, she no longer has the intention to download new software, “all are similar things.”
According to specific analysis, this wave of customer acquisition activities during the Spring Festival of Spring Festival is allocated to each new user and the new amount is about 10 yuan. The “Quick Hand Speed ​​Edition” can continue to receive cash rewards, which is attractive to the elderly in the sinking market., Effectively help users to survive, and continue to ensure the activity of these new users.
In addition to customer acquisition and access methods, another reason why the proportion of elderly users in Kuaishou is significantly higher than Douyin lies in the content distribution logic:
Douyin follows the 28th law and maximizes the commercial content of the head; while Kuaishou focuses more on the long tail effect.For example, the introduction effect of Kuaishou against acquaintances has a more obvious absorption effect on this group of people than Douyin, which objectively enhances the participation of “non-mainstream groups” in Kuaishou platform.A large part of this “non-mainstream population” is middle-aged and old people who love to share and express.
Overall, Kuaishou has gained many middle-aged and elderly users in the sinking market due to the long tail effect, while the rapid growth of Douyin mainly relies on the head creator, and the waist and tail are “successful.”Douyin clearly discovered this.
At the beginning of this year, Douyin insiders revealed to the media that they will focus on penetrating the middle-aged and elderly users in the sinking market. They are strengthening the operation of local customs and content, and will focus on the provinces of Anhui and Henan.But what has to be said is that as far as the overall development strategy and focus of the short video platform are concerned, middle-aged and elderly users are temporarily unable to become the main service targets of the short video platform due to their small size and volume.
The platform has a demand for middle-aged and elderly customers, but the degree of attention to user content and needs and the proportion of investment are still limited.Therefore, in the seemingly hot field of middle-aged and elderly short video, there are not many high-quality content that truly bases on solving the needs of middle-aged and elderly people.
Short video portrait of middle-aged and elderly
High-quality content is conducive to the precipitation of loyal users, but the cost is relatively high; low-quality content is conducive to expanding the size of users, but it is easy to fall into homogeneity.
The large platform needs a long-term development process to tap and recognize the needs of middle-aged and elderly users and provide services that match it.Of course, in this process, the platform will give more and more support to vertical content entrepreneurs targeting middle-aged and elderly groups. This is an opportunity for elderly entrepreneurs.
The old man on the head is not connected to the old user
In addition to middle-aged and elderly users, the middle-aged and elderly celebrities on short video platforms are another gust of wind on the market.
A large number of active middle-aged and elderly accounts were registered in the second half of 2019.In the short video ecology, the creative group is concentrated between 18 and 30 years old, and there are not many contents with the theme of the elderly, but less high-quality.It is for this reason that middle-aged and elderly Internet celebrities have embarked on a differentiated route due to “scarcity”.
I made a comparison of the middle-aged and old celebrity IP on the head of the three platforms of Station B, Douyin and Kuaishou:
Station B, Douyin, Kuaishou Senior Celebrity IP
· Douyin and Kuaishou are more similar overall. The old netizens have a high degree of coincidence, which is easy and entertaining.Elegant grandma and exquisite grandpa are more popular in Douyin, and the local funny videos are more popular with quick users.
· Station B focuses on transferring knowledge, experience and other “dry goods”, showing interests and daily life.The threshold of the senior Internet celebrities at Station B is relatively high: they have a strong skill, have a certain reputation in their respective fields, and have strong professionalism and personal characteristics, such as military, finance, and food.
Senior Citizens at Station B
Who is the target user of the middle-aged and elderly Internet celebrities?
Behind this problem is actually the understanding and grasp of the two key points of “acquiring customers” and “realizing” by entrepreneurs in the elderly industry.
In fact, at present, most of the user groups of the elderly celebrities are young people.
Based on the attributes of young people with short video platforms such as Douyin quick hands, and the professional MCN institutions behind them as push hands, this kind of middle-aged and elderly Internet celebrities can easily accumulate as “head net celebrities” of millions of fans.According to a survey, in 2020, my country has more than 10,000 MCN institutions.”2019 China MCN Industry Development Research White Paper” shows that more than 90% of Internet celebrities have joined the MCN institution or established their own MCN institution.Content from MCN institutions accounts for more than 60% of the traffic on mainstream social platforms.
The MCN organization incubates middle-aged and elderly Internet celebrities to make content, and the ultimate goal is to realize advertising and live broadcast:
Some insiders said that behind any personal broadcaster’s video, there may be an MCN organization with a clear division of labor and various functions. Some seemingly random videos may be industrial products produced by standardized content production lines.
· Entrepreneurs in the elderly field have bluntly told me that these middle-aged and elderly netizens who quickly accumulate fans have professional MCN institutions behind them, harvesting young traffic and buying impulses. “A live broadcast may make more money than the elderly industry.I’ve made a lot of hard work a year in offline education.”
But the question before the elderly entrepreneurs is, how much of these powerful, experienced, and streamlined products really focus on the needs of middle-aged and elderly people?
The MCN agency enters the field, competing for short-term video bonuses for the attention and purchasing power of young people.
He Daring, who incubated the “fashion grandma group”, was frank, and the image and quality of life concept conveyed by fashion middle-aged and old-time net celebrities were “too grandiose” in the eyes of the old school elderly.Another personage in the industry also said that letting the elderly do things that “they wouldn’t have done in the past” is a kind of content core for middle-aged and elderly institutions to incubate the old Internet celebrities and entertainers.
Take the IP “Grandma Wang who only wears high-heeled shoes” as an example.The MCN organization’s positioning of Grandma Wang is a fashion international grandma that is different from the aunt of the square dance and breaks the stereotype.But if you really look at the reality, there are very few middle-aged and elderly people like Granny Wang. She can only become a young man’s idol with a “contrast”, and cannot be the spiritual and image leader in the minds of middle-aged and elderly people.
This is “too far away” for a large number of middle-aged and elderly people, which is why this kind of content cannot actually connect the real needs of most middle-aged and elderly people.
The MCN organization eager to monetize, the e-commerce IP with goods attributes, is very effective for young people who are easy to be “grassed” and greedy for freshness, but for the elderly with high trust costs, the content, form, and positioningNone match.This is the question that middle-aged and elderly entrepreneurs should calm down and reflect on the seemingly fanatical middle-aged and elderly short videos and live broadcasts.
There are elderly entrepreneurs who have hatched millions of old Internet celebrity traffic, but are caught in the difficulty of realizing it.There are also elderly entrepreneurs who are embarrassed when using the old-fashioned red belt to broadcast live goods: the vertical fine-grained broadcasters who truly focus on the needs of middle-aged and elderly people can accurately attract a large number of middle-aged and elderly groups, but the fan volume is not large and can only be maintained at a few.From tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, this kind of waist and tail broadcasters do live broadcasting, and the platform will not give traffic blessing and boost.Trying to cooperate with the more influential influencers and trying to expand the circle, the result is “not pleased on both sides”: For example, when selling clothes, young people can’t see their favorite styles, and middle-aged and elderly people can’t adapt to the young people.Fast-paced live broadcast.
This seemingly paradoxical problem, for elderly entrepreneurs, how to solve it?
Entrepreneurs who have stepped on these pits told me that short video live streaming is certainly hot, and once the effect is good, it will be realized quickly, but this is just a sales method of “more connection with users through content.”For the elderly business, it is more important to do a good job with people, produce content according to people’s needs, and use content to enhance the awareness and trust of fans.
Means and goals, don’t turn things upside down.The data on the head of the middle-aged and elderly Internet celebrities prove that it is not the needs of the elderly.In the future, with the intention to operate users, in the future, the “waist” middle-aged and elderly Internet celebrities who meet the habits and preferences of middle-aged and elderly people in the vertical field will have more commercial value.
Opportunities for short videos of middle-aged and elderly vertical content
More vertical subdivisions are the main “angle field” for middle-aged and elderly people.Faced with middle-aged and elderly users, the most important thing is not to attract attention and go out of the circle, but to continue operation, trust and user precipitation.
In the feedback of many entrepreneurs I interviewed, they all said that in the face of middle-aged and elderly consumers, more sincerity and patience are needed.On the road operated by middle-aged and elderly users, there are two levels that are the most difficult to break:
The first one is to retain customers and users; the second one is to cash in.
The first level is to test the ability of entrepreneurs to accurately grasp the needs of the elderly and gain user trust; the second level is to test both the closed loop of entrepreneurs’ business logic and the comprehensive strength-the consumption upgrade of elderly users is inevitable, and the upgrade of demand is also inevitable, But no one knows at what time the real explosion occurred.
For practitioners, before the onset of the outbreak, it is necessary to constantly insight into the needs, deepen the content, and accumulate middle-aged and elderly fans.
Internet-based methods such as short video, live broadcast, and online education have greatly improved the connection efficiency between practitioners and middle-aged and elderly users.
1) On each short video platform, vertical content at the waist and tail is gathering more and more accurate middle-aged and elderly fans
On the short video platform, the vertical content that really has an appetite for middle-aged and elderly people has tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of fans, but the proportion of middle-aged and elderly users over 41 years old can reach 50-80%.For example, calligraphy, opera, old-age clothing display and other categories, I have specifically studied this content before.
In my interviews with entrepreneurs, I found that the true vertical content of the middle-aged and elderly celebrities, according to the current proportion of the overall platform of middle-aged and elderly fans, at this stage it is impossible to reach the top ten million.But the potential explosiveness and transformational power of these “waist and tail celebrities” with only hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of fans cannot be underestimated.
I learned that some entrepreneurs do content operations for the Douyin account “Sister Li Wei”. Although the fans are currently only 35,000, the basic deposits are the middle-aged and elderly users who are in pursuit of fashion wear, and the positioning is accurate.
The needs of these subdivisions have not been fully tapped, and the quality content associated with them is even less.Those who find and connect to the needs of these vertical areas will inevitably have more advantages in connecting with middle-aged and elderly users.
2) Obtain trust traffic and precipitate fans. Platform integrators will appear in the elderly industry
For middle-aged and elderly people, the “sale scenario” is very critical and subtle. It must be built after the trust mechanism, and it happens particularly naturally. For the middle-aged and elderly people who are relatively “stubborn” and clearly know what they need, “strong push””Can’t produce the “planting grass” effect, and even produce a reverse effect.
People Network, which has entered the elderly industry across the border, has made a good demonstration of this.At the end of last year, it launched Fancy People, focusing on serving the retired middle-aged and elderly.
During the epidemic, Fantasia people began to try short live video content. Users were very interested in the courses of clothing, body and temperament, and the interaction was positive.Prior to this, Fantasia has gained tens of thousands of loyal fans based on offline research and model contests.
The first time I tried a makeup live class, the students’ reactions were unexpected, and they asked the teacher about the product brand and purchase channel used, “seeking recommendations” and “seeking links.”
Because of this opportunity, the Fantasia team was “pushed away” by user needs, and opened the e-commerce section, recommending high-quality and cost-effective preferred products around demand, but in short supply.
Based on trust, being actively asked to open the e-commerce section by users is the first difference in the actual needs of users; the second difference is the user’s recognition and recommendation of senior brands based on high loyalty.
While serving users, Fancy People discovered two pain points for users:
First, through the sharing of WeChat groups and friends circles, users are happy to click on the video or live content they are interested in, but there is difficulty in the “look back” link.The live broadcast of Fantasia is based on the WeChat applet, but most elderly people do not have a clear understanding of the applet. They want to watch and learn again, and there is no way to find the entrance.
Second, the current live streaming apps and applets are aimed at the mainstream population not middle-aged or elderly, and the live streaming page settings have almost no aging details.
Some live-streaming courses require PPT assistance, but the PPT page generated by the live-streaming software is too small to be seen clearly by middle-aged and elderly people.Paying attention to and improving these details, in the process of serving the middle-aged and elderly groups, it will be more competitive in the market than other software, and it will be easier for users to develop unique user habits.
Based on this, the pit of “spending millions of apps” in the early years is now considered by some entrepreneurs as an opportunity to accumulate fans and integrate the industry.
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