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An indisputable fact is that new media operators are getting more and more tired.
At the beginning, the new media operators only did Weibo. After the WeChat public account was born, Shuangwei operations became the standard for new media operations.In 2018, with the rise of Douyin, new media operators began to get involved in Douyin operations.
In 2020, an epidemic made live marketing a standard for brand marketing, plus the sudden outing of station B.New media operators suddenly discovered that the official platform they need to operate has formed a “double micro-shaking, one B station, one live broadcast” pattern.
These platforms have in fact formed the entire ecology of brand operation. Weibo-short pictures, WeChat public account-long pictures, vibrato-short video, station B-medium and long video, vibrato, fast hand-Live broadcast.
Some people say that building a brand is getting more and more tired. In fact, building a brand has never been easy.Nike, Coca-Cola, BMW and other brands, the efforts and hardships in the creation of more than one hundred years, how can it be worse than now we operate the official account on each platform?
You feel tired of operating a brand. On the surface, there are many channels that need to be operated. In fact, the problem of media fragmentation has been said for many years. The reason for the tiredness is that the new channels have too much character. McLuhan is “understanding the media”Said: The medium is an extension of man.Put on several different media of the moment, the personality of Douyin and station B must be different.
Therefore, in the past, the strategy of eating a lot of food has ceased to exist, and the way of brand operation will move towards the era of gradual growth.
01. Brand operation from savage growth to gradual growth era
In the traditional advertising era, brand marketing has always been “one source of water for the world.” Basically, a brand has a certain strategy at the beginning of the year. A set of graphic media is used to spread paper media, and a TVC is used to spread TV.In the mind, guide their consumption decisions.
In China, this brand marketing method has created a period of brutal growth of brands. Brands such as Qin Chi and Melatonin have achieved rapid rise during this period. They almost became famous overnight by CCTV advertising.
But today’s Internet media landscape, the user attributes of each platform are not the same, and the content styles that each platform user likes are also very different.Therefore, the “one source for the world” model in the traditional advertising era has become increasingly ineffective.
I think that under such a situation, brand marketing has entered an era of progressive operational growth.Just like Darwin said in the field of biological evolution, “There is no leap in nature”, the brand operation can not become popular overnight.
Progressive operation is to do marketing and services in line with the characteristics of different platforms and different user attributes, and form a close relationship with users for a long time, improve users’ brand awareness and favorability, and enhance brand power.
As shown in the picture below, the huge differences in form and platform attributes make you need to personalize operations, and it is no longer possible to “provide one water source for the world.”
What brands need most for social media platform operations is content and services. “Double micro-shaking, one B station, one live broadcasting” has formed the entire content ecology of brand operation, but the focus of different platforms is different.
From a content perspective, the acceptance of video content is better than the acceptance of graphics, so short video platforms and live broadcasts gradually take advantage.
From a service perspective, the content + applet + service ecosystem formed by WeChat has a service advantage. Douyin is also doing a similar closed loop, followed by capabilities.The details are shown below.
Therefore, in this era, the brand can no longer “eat a mouthful of fat”, but with long-term operation, let its influence and fans’ favorability with the brand slowly increase, forming a cumulative effect of the brand and achieving gradual growth..
This kind of brand operation actually started from the age of Weibo.
02, the next generation of brand benchmarks may appear in Douyin
The most typical representative of the era of Weibo marketing is Durex, Durex marketing is the representative of the brand’s progressive operation growth.
Durex creates different content every day, talks to hot spots, tells love stories to users, interacts with users at a fixed time, sends prizes and so on.Gradually formed a large number of clusters based on their own brands on Weibo.In this process, the Durex brand’s influence, perception and user’s brand favorability gradually increased.
Note that Durex can’t do traditional advertising in China, so the substantial growth of its fans and the improvement of brand recognition are largely due to the long-term operation of the brand on Weibo.
In the era of deepening WeChat marketing, some brands have made the public account a service platform. The early representative brand is China Southern Airlines, and the later representative is China Mobile 10086.
In 2017, “China Mobile 10086” became the first public account with more than 100 million fans. Its success is because it is positioned as a service. It is an online service that integrates self-service query/processing, promotion of preferential information, highlights of preferential activities, and smart + manual services.Service hall platform.The public account provides users with various services and various preferential activities for a long time, which makes users very sticky.
Knowing that marketing is the hottest, Audi also relied on Zhihu to answer various questions related to cars, and won the favor of fans.
These brands that do marketing on social media are not popular, but they have long-term operations, long-term content, long-term contact and interaction with fans, and gradually accumulate their own brand advantages.
The benchmark of Weibo is Durex, and the benchmark of WeChat is “China Mobile 10086”. If I ask who is the brand benchmark of Douyin?Can you answer?
The truth is, Douyin has no benchmark yet.
This is also normal, because the vibrancy of Douyin is about two years. During this time, some companies are watching and some companies are trying. They have not yet found a perfect way to operate Douyin.Some accounts, such as Alipay, Xiaomi, Mercedes-Benz, etc. have done very well, but it is still difficult to become a benchmark for brand operations like Durex in the double-micro era.
In the long run, the industry benchmark of Douyin will inevitably appear because brands will study the short video platform more and more thoroughly, and Douyin also needs the brand benchmark, so that the value of Douyin as a long-term operation of the brand can be more prominent.
Recently, Douyin released a “100-plus increase plan”, which will select 100 head brands from 8 industries and settle in the brand number. This can also be regarded as the action of Douyin to cultivate the operation of the head brand.
In the long run, the brand’s social marketing pattern will be in the trend of coexistence of graphics and video. However, from the above analysis, the brand’s vibrato operation is still in the blue ocean. Next, we will mainly analyze this.
03. How does the brand achieve progressive growth on Douyin?
Many brands regard Douyin as a single marketing platform, but I think it is the same as Shuangwei, and should be used as a refined long-term operating platform for brands to accumulate their own brand effect.
For brands to achieve progressive growth on Douyin, there are two issues to consider.
In terms of content, brands should do their own high-quality content, and should also make good use of the platform’s own tools, and use the power of talents and fans to create content.
From the service aspect, Douyin’s brand number has gradually improved in functions such as shops, applets, and live broadcasts. With the full link function of marketing, the brand should seriously invest in each part to achieve long-term operation from brand exposure to sales to service.
Generally speaking, the brand operation of Douyin should be done together with content, effects and services. Specifically, we will take a few questions to see how the potential Douyin brands carry out brand operations.
Content Operation: Do your own content well, use fans to create
The essence of Douyin is to make content. High-quality content is naturally easy to be favored by algorithms and users, so as to obtain higher exposure, and poor quality content, even if it costs a lot of money to promote, it is difficult to obtain the desired effect.
Premium content is not a brand advertisement on Douyin, but what value your content can bring to users.For example, Xiaomi mobile phone teaches fans to take pictures and photography skills, Make up forever teaches fans makeup skills, etc., all bring real dry goods to users.
There is an account on Douyin—Dr. Lilac is operating very well, most of the content is plots, adding medicine, daily life knowledge and skills, which is both interesting and dry. This kind of content saves users from acquiring medical knowledge.Time, fans are very sticky.Dr. Clove has more than 8 million fans, not worse than some verticals.
In addition to the content produced by the brand itself, fans and experts should be mobilized on Douyin.Brands can initiate activities or topics on the platform to guide fans and talents to participate in the creation.This is actually not essentially different from Weibo marketing, but most brands are not aware of this.
For example, the “brand task” section of the VIVO account is this kind of content creation method. The current activity is to shoot Vlog, and have the opportunity to get recommended traffic and mobile phones. From the page, the user’s enthusiasm for participation is relatively high.Turning back, VIVO has carried out such activities many times, effectively mobilizing the user’s creative enthusiasm and helping the brand communication.
The core of content operation is long-term high-quality content. If you can achieve long-term and medium-quality content, more than 90% of the people will be.
Traffic operation: Settling private domain traffic
As a super APP with a DAU of more than 400 million, Douyin has huge traffic advantages. The problem faced by brands is how to intercept their own private domain traffic from these huge traffic.
You may ask, Douyin is an algorithm-driven platform, and does it have private domain traffic?Of course, if there is no private domain traffic, fans do not need to show it.Luo Yonghao live broadcast, quite a large part of the traffic is his own private domain traffic.
IQOO’s approach is to launch the event #IQOO3硬核宅# through the hard broadcast, to call up the talents to participate in the national mission, and finally deposit the task content in their own brand number.For their fans, long-term operation in the later period.
Therefore, through hard broadcasting, it will attract people and users to participate in brand activities in public domain traffic, and convert public domain traffic into private domain traffic during the participation process. This is a precipitation method.
In addition, live streaming and short video traffic can attract and precipitate each other.Some brands will create and publish content every day after they settle in Douyin. These content can be called content marketing. Interested users will watch and become fans of the brand. Then when the brand is live broadcasting, these fans will come in and watch..
At the same time, some brands will receive additional traffic during the live broadcast. These users will become fans of the brand if they are interested in the live broadcast, and gradually settle into the private domain of the brand.
Fan Operations: Let fans form a circle
I said a personal case in “Influencer Marketing, From KOL to a Talent”, and the expression is called “Dan Neng’s Play Watch Notes”. This expert has been operating vibrato for about a month, and his fans have exceeded 5 million.In the era of Shuangwei, it is difficult for people in this niche field to get such a large amount of traffic and fans.
Such a niche expert has such a large amount of traffic, thanks to the algorithm of Douyin. The algorithm allows the video of this expert to appear in the information flow of users who may be interested in the watch. Although the content is vertical, the high-quality content allowsUsers interested in the watch all received his information stream.
If these fans can settle into private domain traffic, they will form a circle about watches together with the masters.
The brand name of Douyin is gradually doing similar functions, such as Mercedes-Benz. It participates in official activities through talents and fans, deposits these fans, and opens a circle of riders on the homepage, so that the creative usersFormed a circle, for advertisers, this circle can essentially be understood as a private domain traffic pool.
Another mention function on the homepage is actually similar to @ on Weibo, which allows brands to collect related content of mentioned brands on the entire platform and deposit high-quality content on their own pages.
Link operations: from exposure to transformation
In the double-micro era, most brand marketing focuses on brand exposure.The short video and the live broadcast of the fire that started this year have given the brand a complete link conversion path when it is promoted.
Douyin is a content platform, which forms the advantages of content e-commerce.When a user swipes the relevant content of a certain brand on Douyin multiple times, if he is attracted, he will be planted.Modules such as applets and small shops on the brand homepage can directly promote users from planting grass to weeding.
For example, on Douyin, when a certain person introduced a product of Lancome to be planted with grass, you can learn about related products through the brand number and place an order directly through the product window.
For the cooperation of short video and live broadcast, the brand shows the advantages and characteristics of the product through daily video to make fans interested and complete the grass planting, while giving direct discounts during the live broadcast to promote short-term consumption, which meansCompleted the entire link from grass planting to weeding.
In 2020, under the circumstance of the traditional brand building model relying on large-scale advertising bombardment, the role of which is declining gradually, brand building has entered a stage of gradual growth.Based on the platform’s own characteristics and advantages, long-term brand marketing will be necessary. Here, the platform’s own tools and products should be used to help itself, because the platform also understands that only to bring advertisers real and effectiveMarketing value, the platform’s own commercial value will only increase.
Judging from the development time and current status of the platform, the brand operation of Douyin is still in a relatively blue ocean, and the platform also lacks representative representatives of benchmark brands. This is an opportunity for head brands.The next “Durex” may be born in Douyin.

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