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At 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on June 23, Apple held a WWDC20 conference online, announcing software update plans for iOS 14, iPad OS14, Watch OS, and the self-developed chip program “Apple Silicon”.Intel chip.
The five highlights of iOS14 are the life of car keys.
At the online press conference, Apple executives from all walks of life debuted, introducing the highlights of each software one by one.
Among them, iOS 14 has five highlights:
Launched APP resource library function, which is convenient for users to organize APPs, and commonly used APPs can be placed on the top, and provide APP search function. After searching, click directly to open the APP;
With the video picture-in-picture function, the iPhone can finally do some chase while sending WeChat and other operations. Simply put, it is both entertainment and work;
The voice assistant siri function is enhanced, and it is more deeply integrated with system software and applications. Not only can it record, but also social media (not specified whether WeChat or QQ is supported)., Let users choose whether to send voice or text, global communication has fewer and fewer obstacles;
I like to have a richer expression and can stick to my favorite friends or leaders;
The iPhone can use NFC to completely replace car keys. In Apple’s words, car keys have been used for over a hundred years. They are big, bulky, and heavy. If something goes wrong, you have to run to a 4S store.As long as the iPhone is close to your car, you can open the door, put it on the charging board in the car, and press the engine start button to start the car.
What’s new is that Apple has also authorized the iPhone “car key” to authorize Wang Sledgehammer or Zhang Xiaohua to drive your car through the Internet.
In the future, the iPhone will be equipped with self-developed U-series chips to make the function of replacing car keys easier to use.
What if I lose my iPhone?Report the loss online, the car immediately turns into scrap iron at the car thief, and maybe you can even catch the turtle in an urn.
However, such a cool feature currently supports a car: BMW 5 Series, launched in the second half of 2020.After feeling Apple’s thighs, the new BMW 5 has to increase the price in the second half of the year to make an appointment.
Two highlights of iPadOS 14, one pen can write at will.
iPad OS 14 has a full-screen search function (not a global search), including search APP, website, etc.;
The Apple Pencil with a retail price of nearly a thousand yuan has finally been expanded. You can use handwriting in any text box, and it can recognize English and other languages ​​at the same time.From the demonstration, English and Chinese characters can be written in the text box at the same time, which is convenient for groups flying across the Pacific Ocean.At the same time, handwritten content can be easily converted into text.
However, the iPad Pro’s splendid keyboard that the spoilers broke reveals that it supports shortcut keys. It was not mentioned at the press conference. Apple may still want to make the iPad different from the Mac in terms of interaction.
AirPords Pro supports cinema sound effects.
AirPords Pro adds a new function on the basis of call tools and music appreciation to support theater sound effects.Apple introduced that through the new spatial audio function algorithm support, AirPords Pro can simulate the surround sound effect of the theater, that is, not only can hear the sound of the front, rear, left and right, but also can hear the sound above the head.
Under the special situation of this year, for the global Apple users who can not enter the theater, the launch of this function is simply advancing with the times.
The four highlights of .watch OS, mom no longer has to worry about not washing my hands.
In the update of the watch OS, the introduction of the App Store makes the Apple Watch more independent. Secondly, the dial sharing function also looks cool. Not only friends, but also social media can also share the dial. Since then, there has been a new way of spreading dog food.
The newly added dance function makes the specialty of dance fans useful.
The most advanced function of watch OS is the hand washing function.This function can not only remind when to wash hands, but also detect the sound of running water through the chip to determine whether to wash hands.
Since then, my mother no longer has to worry about not washing my hands, because I opened the Apple Watch, the data is clear, and there is no room for laziness.
“Apple Silicon” plan announced: We quietly did it for many years.
The most important part of the conference is of course Apple’s self-developed chip program “Apple Silicon”.In order to highlight the importance of “Apple Silicon”, CEO Tim Cook personally introduced.From Cook’s firm eyes, firm tone, and strong gestures, Intel should know that Apple is coming this time.
Cook said that Mac has undergone three changes, from PowerPC chips to Intel chips, and now from Intel chips to self-developed A series chips. The reason for the conversion is to obtain a better performance-to-power ratio (meaning IntelNot good?).
Cook also said mysteriously, “Apple Silicon” is a project carried out by Apple under the condition of deep secrecy for many years.This means that in the time Apple is quietly working, Intel may also be kept in the dark like a fool.
Subsequently, Apple announced the secret laboratory for self-developed chips. From the press conference, the room was full of spider web-like connections, and it had a fight with the server room in the 1980s and 1990s.
The laboratory supervisor introduces the benefits of self-developed chips:
High performance and low power consumption;
With advanced power management;
Strong security;
The chip can be combined with neural network, more intelligent;
For the series of chips designed for Mac, the same architecture is convenient for software optimization, and users can use it across devices at a cost.
Intel is quite old.
How to ensure software optimization and transition?
The answer given by Apple is to ensure the smooth operation of the APP through the integration of the three major technologies of Xcode, Rosseta2 and virtual machine.Apple said that developers use Xcode to compile native apps in just a few days.
In order to give developers a peace of mind, Apple also demonstrated that the compiled Photoshop handles 5GB pictures and uses video editing software to edit 4K videos. The whole process is very smooth.
At the same time, Apple has determined a two-year transition time. After two years, Apple’s software will be converted from Intel’s X86 architecture ecology to Apple’s ARM architecture ecology. At that time, Intel chips will completely disappear from Apple’s hardware products, and Apple will alsoComplete the unification of software and hardware ecology.
In the second half of 2020, Apple will launch the first Mac equipped with the A12Z chip (also used on the 2020 iPad Pro): Mac mini, 16GB memory, and 512GB hard drive.
At Apple’s pace, MacBook products using A-series chips may be launched next year.
For Intel, this is definitely a painful day.
Intel was defeated by Qualcomm on the baseband chip. On the PC chip, it was first attacked by AMD, and now abandoned by Apple. It has been defeated one after another. Is it really a hero who is late and Lianpo old?

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