“I dedicate my first live broadcast experience to selling a house,” Xu Lei, CEO of JD Retail, told the micro story.

On May 22, Zhongjun Yunjingtai Jingdong Real Estate’s self-operated flagship store opened a live broadcast for sale, and Xu Lei personally stood on the platform.But this first show even “has no detailed and thoughtful planning.” Xu Lei said that he was a colleague’s suggestion at the time. “In order to support his work, he was eager to try and went on the field.”
As a result, in just one hour, the live broadcast watched more than 4 million people, with a turnover of 2.6 billion yuan.
After the first show, Xu Lei seemed to “love” the live broadcast.On the eve of 618, he also “decrypted” his own refrigerator in the office with Ma Dong, Zhang Wei, and Guo Qilin in the “Love” live party on JD 618.
Xu Lei’s “live show” repeatedly set off a climax of Jingdong 618. When the minute hand and the hour hand crossed the 0 o’clock position on June 19 at the same time, the “2699.2 billion” Jingdong 618 new record accumulated order amount figures, andOnce frozen and recorded in history.
Also on this morning, officially landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and completed its secondary listing.”Thank you for the great era, which has given countless individuals and companies the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve themselves.” Xu Lei preached at the scene.
It is only on such important days that “there is no encounter in a hundred years” that Xu Lei will rarely wear a suit and leather shoes and speak “seriously” on the spot.This is said to be the second time he went to Jingdong to attend the company action in a suit.
On the day JD Hong Kong went public, Xu Lei put on a suit
In the stereotypes of people, the CEOs of large groups always wear a straight suit, tie, and speak a long tone… but Xu Lei is completely different. He has 3 tattoos.The brave man who “screamed” on the court.
People who have played with Xu Lei say that Xu Lei is the “big brother” on the court, and often can see the player’s tactical and strategic problems in advance and directly scold.
In a 30s video filmed in a game, Xu Lei pointed at a member of the team and yelled at him until he ran into the right position, successfully making a long pass.
But Xu Lei is very casual.He took off his suit and tie since his second year of joining and wore loose clothing.
When Jingdong held an annual meeting at a resort in 2008, Xu Lei took his wife and Teddy at home. Of course, when he was in a meeting, his wife walked Teddy in the resort.
In an interview with Microstory, he wore an orange printed limited-edition t-shirt and khaki wide-leg pants. He wore different styles of metal and braided bracelets on his right wrist, and metal chains and beads on the left wrist watch were wrapped around his neck.Wear the Indian style fashion classic GORO’S “feather leaf” silver necklace.
He said that this kind of self is the most real and there is no need to hide it.
But it was such a middle-aged trendy man with strong contrast and full of contradictory features that first proposed “6.18”, which also transformed this festival from Jingdongdian to the annual carnival of the entire e-commerce industry.
If you must give Xu Lei a label, whether it is “618 Godfather”, “Music Obsession”, or “Crazy Maniac”, it is not enough. Only Xu Lei can tell how much he really looks like.
“Rebel” from Shuxiangmendi
Xu Lei grew up in the military compound. His parents and elder brothers are soldiers, but he is not.
Xu Lei’s parents were all teachers of the military school. According to others, he was his brother.The people in the army compound come from all corners of the world, and everyone’s living habits are different.
Strictly speaking, because he was born in such a small Chinese miniature environment, Xu Lei is not quite like a pure Beijing native.
In addition, the children who come out of the military compound have several characteristics. They follow the rules and have a particularly strong sense of time. However, they are more likely to produce talented and rebellious talents.
Xu Lei is just like that.You said he rebelled, but he was also very disciplined, and even set a time for himself even playing football, once a week.Every Wednesday, the schedule for the next week will be determined.
He likes to plan everything, not like unplanned changes, even surprises.”I hope everything is under control. Suddenly something good falls on me. Others will find it a surprise. But for me, it feels more uncomfortable. Only I can predict it is the”.
You said he was disciplined, but he was not willing to follow the rules.Xu Lei said that from a young age to the old one, he most disliked the words: “Everyone else is like this, and you want to be like this.”
“I don’t know why, since I was a child, I developed a point of view: I must analyze it when I encounter any craze. I always like to make judgments independently.” For Xu Lei, the disciplined army compound environment,It also urges him to maintain independent judgment when encountering anything.
There are not many similar people.”Some people look like’hybrid’, but after a long time you go to watch, in fact, they are the most disciplined and know the rules of the game,” Xu Lei said.
However, the rebellious character brought him a little trouble. “As soon as I came home, my parents criticized me. I felt that I was rebellious, but I did much. Of course I don’t say much now,” Xu Lei said.
After graduation, Xu Lei entered a state-owned enterprise.The state-owned enterprise’s rigorous system and well-defined levels made Xu Lei “serious” a lot after entering work.
Wearing a suit, tie, and a handbag every day, “is the “old state-owned enterprise fan” you often see on TV, like a foreman”, Xu Lei said that this dress habit has been maintained from graduation to 2009.
After working for 3 years and catching up with the Internet wave, Xu Lei especially wanted to go to the Internet company.Basically, Xu Lei has submitted a resume now that he has developed into an Internet company of a big manufacturer.
“How popular was the Internet at that time? As long as you worked in the last Internet company for a week to apply, the company would dare to ask for it, but no one in the Internet company, no one wants you,” Xu Lei said.
In 2000, Xu Lei went to Lenovo.He said that Lenovo’s management is even stricter than that of state-owned enterprises.”All my vocational training was completed in Lenovo’s two and a half years.”
All changes occurred when Xu Lei was 32 years old.
That year was the second year for Xu Lei to join The environment of Internet companies and all the past experiences changed qualitatively from quantitative changes in this year. Xu Lei felt that he was alive.
Xu Lei recalled that there was nothing particularly big happening at the age of 32, but he suddenly felt that he should be more real, “I want to understand something, I am not doing myself”, Xu Lei told Microscopestory.
In the company, he is a manager, but in his own “sky”, he is a “die loyal” music and football, do not like to follow the waves, independent thinking.
So, that year, Xu Lei of Scorpio tattooed himself with the first tattoo-an “independent” scorpion. At the same time, he also “run towards” himself in both sides of work and life.Persistence and love.
“I want to understand one thing. If I just get better results for my work, I am not doing myself,” Xu Lei told Microstory.At that time, he didn’t want to be bound by the rules on the other side of his work.
“Ashes” rock fans and football “Old Cannon”
A person’s hobbies can often see the other side he hides in the workplace and society.
Xu Lei has loved music since childhood and has heard almost all types of music.
Xu Lei loves to listen to hip-hop. What he liked at the time was MC Hammer, a famous American rap singer in the late 1980s.
“Basically, when he was hot, I started listening to his songs. At that time, it was not called hip-hop, it was also called rap music.””.
When he was in college, “China Fire” had a music premiere at the Wangfujing Children’s Theater. A girl who often communicated with Xu Lei for rock music got two tickets and took Xu Lei to the scene.
“I’ll’collapse’ when I get to the scene,” Xu Lei said. It was the first time he saw legendary punk hairstyles, big cockscombs, tattoos, rings on his mouth and ears. “I think all BeijingThe “demons and ghosts” of the city are here.
But it was such a scene that made Xu Lei still fresh in his memory.At that time, everyone at Magic Rock Sanjie sang three songs. “In addition to those music, I still remember the DJ on the spot, the feeling of that summer, the sensation of the sun shining on the body, and the smell in the air.” Xu Lei saidIt was still very intoxicating at first.
In order to study the classification of rock and roll, Xu Lei found a copy of “The History of Rock in the World” and turned it in his dorm every day.
He also thought about making music by himself. In order to play Cui Jian’s “The Girl in the Flower Room”, he got a guitar.But after practicing the first chord, he gave up. “It’s too painful, the fingers are sharply grinded, not that piece of material.”
In order to save money and buy magnetic tape, he split the 1 yuan of pocket money that he gave every day into two parts, one of which “clenched his teeth” to buy the cheapest “nice kitchen” instant noodles at that time, and the rest was directly stuffed into his pocket.Here, I turned around to play football. The money I saved was used to buy a tape of 4.5 yuan.
“At that time it was time to grow my body, but I only eat instant noodles, don’t look at my fat now, it’s all virtual,” Xu Lei quipped, and that must have affected his physical development for a while.
Xu Lei loves watching football and playing football more.He played as a striker in JD’s internal football league.
Xu Lei has a teammate Liu Zi (nickname) who often confuses “stubble balls” in Beijing’s major fields. When it comes to Beijing’s football stories, he always talks.For striker Xu Lei, he has a word, “Old Cannon”.
“Xu Lei really likes football. He plays, thinks about, and loves watching.” Liu Zi introduced that Xu Lei is the “seat guest” of the Guoan game. He buys joint tickets all year round and sees an excited game, and then sends a circle of friends.
But Xu Lei does not regard playing football as a pastime. He is more “real” than anyone on the team.
“He often sees the tactics and player strategies of the team early and then scolds.” A Xu Lei football teammate said that everyone is “feared” by Xu Lei.I can see it, and I will scream into your heart.”
On August 14, 2019, Jingdong Football League group stage, after the game, Xu Lei and the team members took a group photo
Another teammate Along introduced that in addition to playing as a striker, Xu Lei also often served as a “coach”, “off-court guide” and even “on-court guide”.
“Take a board to arrange tactics, adjust the personnel and formation of the entire team, always pay attention to the changes in the two teams on the field, and then give orders” Along recalled, sometimes, when the player kicks a good ball, Xu Lei will alsoFollowed by the excitement “scream”, excited like a child.
According to Xu Lei’s own explanation, “Whether it is a game or not, we must be serious in doing things, especially if we play badminton and table tennis ourselves, it’s okay to play blindly. But if it’s a team, one person is not serious, to everyoneAre influential.”
“So I can’t stand being kicked by others. I put my emotions in exercise here, so much effort, and I can’t stand it with you,” Xu Lei told the micro story.
The growth of years did not kill his love for football and music, but the increased experience made him more “thief” in playing football and “more rational” in listening to music.
“Old Xu is very smart on the court, and even has some “cunning””, Liu Zi introduced, the striker Xu Lei often encounters the “siege” of the defenders.”But old Xu has four people who are almost five. With their strong defense, they can often use their skills and’cunning’ strategies to easily create positions and grab points.”
Xu Lei also admits that he is more “thief” in playing football. Unlike the young man who runs desperately, he begins to pay attention to the rhythm and skills of attacking, defending and running.
“When attacking, someone must be bothering you. What small skills do you use to make him particularly tired. You see it is the same for all professional players. At a certain age, they don’t run very much. Messi. So far, Messi.The whole court is not running as much as I did,” Xu Lei quipped.
Xu Lei always wears different styles of metal and braided bracelets on his wrist
Listening to music most of the time is the same rational.
Xu Lei likes to listen to the scene, as long as it is the concert of his favorite band, as long as it is in Asia, he will fly away as far as possible.
But no matter how excited the fans around him are, he rarely follows his emotions out of control and shouts. Instead, he quietly watches, and he can calmly analyze things at work.
Only one concert made Xu Lei cry from beginning to end.In 2006, Cui Jian held the first concert after learning about Feng Feng. The first song was “Rock on the New Long March”.”As soon as the melody comes to mind, I can’t do it”, Xu Lei recalled.
“This person has been with you since he was young, but you can’t see him, you can only listen to his music. Listening to his songs, you have gone from a young boy who has not matured to college, love, and work.His voice has been with you for many years,” Xu Lei said.
This is why he likes music: not the music itself, but the memories brought to him by music, not only hearing, taste, but also temperature and emotion.
For such a rationalist, a hobby is not a busy pastime, but a persistence that requires the cost of time and effort.
“A lot of young people talk to me about their hobby is music during the interview”, Xu Lei thinks that it is not a real liking, “What is the real liking? To pay, time or money, if not paid, it is not a hobby,It’s just pure enjoyment.”
“Teasing” Ma Dong, “618 Godfather” sponsoring the Chinese Super League
Some time ago, Xu Lei took a picture of eating and drinking with Ma Dong, Zhang Yadong, and Song Ke in the circle of friends. Several friends in the photo laughed happily. The circle of friends also attached “Only music companion is worth celebrating.”
Xu Leifa’s network of friends
Everyone guessed, could it be that Jingdong is going to sponsor the next season of “The Exotic Flower” and “Summer of the Band”?
Xu Lei responded with a smile and said that he was very relaxed and happy to meet these friends.The first sentence he said when he met Ma Dong in his early years was to “ridicule” Ma Dong, saying that he had never seen “The Wonderful Flower”.
Under the strong recommendation of Ma Dong, he insisted on watching for half a season last year, but finally did not persist. “No one program can cover everyone, I just happen to be not its audience.”
The dinner of Xu Lei and Ma Dong, Song Ke, Zhang Yadong and others
“Marketing is not my specific jurisdiction anymore. Whether or not to sponsor or not is up to me,” Xu Lei said.But in fact, it belongs to many marketing cases of Jingdong, including many investment and cooperation related to sports and music.
Liu Zi said that in the office of Xu Lei, he saw jerseys and shoes signed by Messi and Guoan sponsored the Chinese Super League in 2010 and the World Cup in 2018. Xu Lei was a guest of the game every time. He also promoted the sponsorship and investment of the capital’s traditional youth football team Beida.
Messi uniforms hanging in the conference room of Xu Lei
“No matter how bad Chinese football is, it still depends on the future. Xu Lei knows this,” Liu Zi said.
But no matter how much Xu Lei loves sports and music, when facing rational decisions, he is by no means the emotional one.
On March 17, 2010, Jingdong once announced its sponsorship of the Chinese Super League, which was the most embarrassing time since Xu Lei started marketing.
“At that time, Chinese football was scolded by everyone like shit. We announced the sponsorship of the new Super League and received great media attention. Everyone is wondering why someone will sponsor Chinese football,” Xu Lei recalled.
At that time, marketing expenses accounted for 30% of Jingdong’s annual marketing expenses. “If this money is spent and has no effect or brings negative effects, will the company’s traffic and marketing bring disaster to the top?”
For a whole week, Xu Lei could not sleep all night.”I’m thinking, deducing, and calculating whether this carrier can help us achieve maximum profits and returns.” After a week, Xu Lei decided to “do it!”
Another thing that makes Lei Xu rare and sensuous is that first proposed to do “6.18” in 2013.
That time he choked.”At the beginning, only three people recognized me.” Xu Lei remembered his original state and was so choked with excitement. “Maybe because I have been doing marketing, and when I was emotional at that time, everyone agreed and agreed.”
Xu Lei believed at that time that the truth was in the hands of a few people.”Since I am studying this every day and have a clear judgment, this truth is in my hands,” Xu Lei said, marketing is also one of his passions, he is willing to give everything to achieve all the things he loves.
When Xu Lei has not formally joined Jingdong, he sent an email to Liu Qiangdong as a consultant. The first sentence he now remembers: “What is marketing? It is a combination of reason and emotion, a combination of science and art.”.
“You can’t be too emotional or rational, you can’t just look at the numbers, you should look at it as a science, but you can’t just pursue artistic expression.”After that, in 2009, Xu Lei became a “”, and the CMO of went to the CEO of
“Today, ‘618’ has become a concept that the entire industry will have. I think it is very good, proving that my persistence was correct at the time,” Xu Lei said.
He has tattoos integrated into the “body” and established a new order of Jingdong retail
At the age of 32, Xu Lei tattooed a scorpion on himself, but left it in a place covered by his clothes.
Then, the position of the tattoo gradually revealed, and the third tattoo was that he simply left it on his arm.
“I generally don’t want to talk about the meaning of my tattoo. What do you think is what it is? It is already a part of my body,” Xu Lei said.
Xu Lei is like a contradictory complex, with internal rationality and external sensibility, so that between the Jingdong Retail Group he leads and Xu Lei, an unspeakable tacit rule has been formed.
“If I join Jingdong now, with my qualifications, I may not be able to pass the interview,” Xu Lei said.
In 2007, needed to grow at the fastest rate, prove its vitality, and gain a foothold in the “bloody” e-commerce industry.At that time, there were not too many rules, “as long as it can grow quickly,” Xu Lei said.
But now Jingdong is different.It’s already a behemoth with 220,000 employees, “It’s such a large volume, the complexity of the personnel is extremely high, and frankly, it’s great to carry everyone out, but you will find out why everyone is together, but it is possibleCan’t play it out,” Xu Lei said.
In 2018, Xu Lei served as CEO of JD Retail Group (formerly JD Mall) and began to rethink the structure and rules of JD Retail.But in the past six months, he did not come up with the “three fires for the new official”.
He gave an example, “The various gears and pinions in the watch have an error rate of plus or minus one second over the course of a year. How is this done?”.
“Because there are rules, everyone has their own value and positioning. If every gear doesn’t turn around according to the rules, it’s definitely not allowed to turn there.”
Xu Lei believes that the higher the complexity of the business, the larger the organization, he must build, strengthen and implement rules.
On the evening of December 21, 2018, issued an internal letter announcing that (now “ Retail Group”) had undergone large-scale organizational restructuring, turning the vertical integration structure that originally focused on categories into aCustomer-centric front, middle, and back office architecture.
The entire Jingdong Mall has become more and more like a “watch” defined by Xu Lei, each module has become a gear, and Xu Lei is responsible for the “watchmaker” who does calibration and observation behind it.
“The entire strategic meeting, I am equivalent to the chief director, divided into several chapters, discuss what, and draw conclusions, I have no control,” Xu Lei said.
Today, this “precise watch” is gradually moving towards the rhythm he hopes to achieve under Xu Lei’s “calibration”.Faced with the downward pressure on the economy in 2019,’s full-year financial report for 2019 has delivered the best answer in recent years:’s full-year net income in 2019 is 576.9 billion yuan (approximately US$892.9 billion), a year-on-year increase24.9%.
“The more I look back, the more confident I am,” Xu Lei said.
“I walk on rainy days and never hold an umbrella; I have my own sky and it never rains.”
Looking at Xu Lei’s circle of friends, his WeChat signature has been kept for ten years and has never been changed: “I walk on rainy days and never use an umbrella; I have my own sky and it never rains.”
The source of this sentence, Xu Lei has not remembered, but he is indeed a person who does not hold an umbrella on rainy days.
“I especially like rain. The melancholy state and temperature when it rains are unique,” Xu Lei said. At that time, he did not wear an umbrella, but only wore a raincoat.Even now, he has a variety of sports raincoats.”When I go out, the person next to me is holding an umbrella. I don’t do it. I like the rain.””I’m not afraid of these things”, Xu Lei said.
Xu Lei, 46, is in charge of one of’s core businesses, retail.
Facing the tedious work and intricate competitive environment, Xu Lei always had the “indifferent” disdain on his face, but the people familiar with him could deeply feel that his judgment and decision-making are as deep as the sea.The calm, and a “fearless” “ferocious” force.
As Xu Lei’s third small seal tattoo tattooed on the inside of his right arm said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t fear it.”
This sentence incorporates Xu Lei’s “body” tattoo, which comes from the abbreviation of the first sentence of “If you don’t care, you won’t be afraid; if you don’t have anything, you won’t be afraid”.
Indeed, Xu Lei, who doesn’t care and fearless, walks on rainy days and never uses an umbrella.
“I am gradually reconciling with this world.” For him, from the age of 32, in his work and career, he has found rules and order.”This world does not operate in the way you understand, you have to accept some things, but you will not go with the waves, which is very important.”
He is still persistent and determined about things that are persistent and passionate.The love of music and football since childhood, and even the love, care and promotion of China’s music and sports career, they are like Xu Lei’s “tattoo”, integrated into their “body”, firm and calm.
Xu Lei has his own “sky” and it never rains.
Interview | Fang Yuanjing
Article | Fang Yuanjing, Tangshan
Editing | Fang Yuanjing

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