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Since the original OPPO Global Marketing President Shen Yiren stepped down in April this year, after the “veterans” Liu Bo and Liu Li took charge of OPPO China, the internal adjustments related to OPPO continued.
36 Krypton learned that OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu has now returned to Oga Holdings as the Chief Product Officer, and his position at OnePlus will not change.
Rather than returning to Europe and Canada, it is better to say that Liu Zuohu will return to OPPO.Oujia (full name “Guangdong Oujia Holding Co., Ltd.”) is the parent company of OPPO, OnePlus and Realme. It was established in 2004. Several OPPO individuals indicated to 36 Krypton that Liu Zuohu is already managing multiple product lines under OPPO..
Liu Zuohu is no stranger to OPPO. He used to be a tiger general of OPPO and founded the OPPO Find series.In 2013, Liu Zuohu left OPPO to start a new business. OnePlus, founded by him, took the high-end + high-quality model route and established a firm foothold in overseas high-end markets such as the United States and India.
In response to this, OPPO responded to 36 krypton, saying that Europe and Canada are the investors of OPPO, OnePlus and Realme, and will be responsible for investment, supply chain manufacturing, and brand pull-through; Liu Zuohu will provide more feedback to the product next.
This adjustment is related to the difficult situation facing OPPO.
IDC data shows that OPPO’s shipments in the domestic market have continued to decline since 2018, of which the domestic shipments in 2019 fell by 20.4% year-on-year.
In the global market, although OPPO’s global shipments have rebounded since 2019, it is difficult to withstand the Xiaomi offensive overseas. OPPO’s global share has been overtaken by Xiaomi after entering Q4 2018.
Domestic and foreign difficulties, this time transferred back to the “tiger general” Liu Zuohu, proving that OPPO is the time to unite the European and Canadian soldiers.
The picture of the changes in the global share of the top five mobile phone manufacturers since 2018 comes from IDC
What happened to OPPO?
The decline in OPPO sales almost coincided with the R series being cut.
After the R series, which is responsible for sales, was cut off in 2019, OPPO opened the “next decade” of the Reno series.However, the young Reno series has had problems with inconsistent product selling points and hasty release rhythm in the past year.
In the past year, the Reno series has been intensively updated for four generations.But looking back at all the products, we can see that although the Reno series is still deeply focused on the shooting function, the product characteristics are still a bit confusing. For example, the Reno series has also appeared the classic Reno 10X model, which has greatly improved the camera function, but thenReno Ace was launched horizontally, and the selling point was towards games and performance.
“The second and second generations of the Reno generation have their own styles, and there are no more in the third and fourth generations.” An employee of OPPO said, “I feel that OPPO’s products are always not hard enough to find consumers’ points.”
Reno series model price and release time 36 krypton drawing
OPPO is clearly aware of this problem.In the first quarter of this year, OPPO made Ace’s self-supporting portal a separate series, and Reno3 and Reno4 have a relatively unified style in product design.Previously, Liu Bo, president of OPPO China, also said in an interview with 36 krypton and other media that the frequency of Reno’s engine will return to the rhythm of two rounds a year.
Reno4 bears the role of OPPO’s granary, and vivo’s latest vivo X50 equipped with a micro gimbal is the main camera function, and the chips are all Snapdragon 765, the price of 2999 yuan is not low, but it is still a little cheaper than vivoX50Hundreds, according to 36 krypton, the pre-sale and first sales of OPPO Reno 4 are not bad.The clerk of an OPPO flagship store in Shenyang told 36 Krypton that Reno currently sells 30-40 units on the 4th. This store is also the best local store in Shenyang.
In terms of products, the Reno series is slowly sorting out its positioning, but it is still squeezing toothpaste on high-end and low-end products. Compared with the frequent Reno series of new machines, the release of other series is too slow.
This year OPPO restarted the Find series with no new products for more than a year, focusing on high-end users.However, OPPO Find X2 is not the same as Xiaomi 10 next door, becoming an explosive product of OPPO, nor is it a product currently promoted by store owners.In addition, in the first half of this year, 5G mobile phones with a price below 2,000 yuan have also become a must-have for Xiaomi and glorious military strategists. Even Huawei also came out in person and United MediaTek launched the Imagination series.
Vivo now also has a YG 5G model of less than 2,000 yuan, and OPPO Liu Bo previously said that OPPO will fill in the entry-level 5G model in the second half of the year.The speed at which such new machines are released is not satisfactory to OPPO: “It doesn’t matter if it’s slower than Huawei. The problem is that it’s slower than vivo.” The aforementioned employee said.
What can Liu Zuohu bring to OPPO?
Liu Zuohu’s return to Ouka may help a little.
OnePlus, Realme and OPPO have developed independently, and each has formed its own market and audience.For OPPO, although the performance of the Indian market is acceptable, overseas market performance has always been OPPO’s shortcomings.OnePlus and Realme are mainly engaged in overseas markets and online channels, which is clearly separated from OPPO.
In the launch of the new machine, OnePlus maintained the rhythm of two high-quality models a year. Attempts on the high refresh rate of the screen also attracted some geek fans.According to Counterpoint’s report, OnePlus ranked fourth in the global high-end smartphone market share in the third quarter of 2019, after Apple, Samsung and Huawei, and overseas shipments also reached 70% of OnePlus’ total shipmentsabout.
OPPO and OnePlus are originally a family, so the cooperation is naturally not a one-way output: how to do high-end and how to regain the overseas market share eaten by Xiaomi are all places where OPPO can learn from Liu Zuohu.
The demand for OnePlus is “out of the circle”. Previously, Liu Zuohu revealed on Weibo that the mid-range Z series will be launched in the second half of the year. This mid-range route is OPPO’s long-term strength.
An OPPO person told 36 krypton that Liu Zuohu would provide advice to the product before, and he could provide better feedback after joining the EU and Canada.Another person close to the OPPO top told 36 krypton, “In the future Liu Zuohu may also be responsible for all products”, “His right to speak on the product is higher than Tony (Chen Mingyong)”.
According to Tiger Sniff News, at the product development level, OnePlus OPPO will also try to integrate their respective advantages in system UI, photography, charging, and industrial design.
In addition to collaboration at the product level, more important is the channel.
After experiencing the store closure at the beginning of the year, OPPO is currently reorganizing offline.36 Krypton learned that recently, OPPO has also taken back shopping malls located in first- and second-tier cities from agents and turned it into self-operated. In June, OPPO also launched a series of policies to encourage agents to open stores in county and township markets.
“Encourage agents to change their face, give subsidies to store image materials, encourage store opening, set a certain target value, (the number of stores opened) will be rewarded if they are exceeded and ranked high in the country,” said the OPPO employee.
A person familiar with the matter told Krypton that both Realme and OnePlus will strengthen offline channels in the domestic market in the second half of the year.Realme has also entered some OPPO stores.
For OnePlus and Realme, if you take offline self-built channels, the cost is too high, and currently there are not enough mobile phone types to support a complete store, and with the reorganization of OPPO offline channelsIn the future, the three brands will have more room for integration in offline channels and after-sales.With OPPO’s mature after-sale system and offline channel blessings, Yijia and Realme can add more users.
From Liu Zuohu leaving OPPO to start a business, and then returning to Europe and Canada recently, an obvious action for Europe and America is to gather the chips that were originally scattered.”In the past, the three brands (OPPO/Realme/OnePlus) suffered a lot from fighting alone, but now the general direction is that the three sub-brands work together and the soldiers are in one place,” said the person close to the top OPPO.
For OPPO and even the entire Oka Group, it is good for Liu Zuohu to help control products and accelerate the integration of the three sub-brands in channels and products.The question is, with the addition of OPPO, can it be recognized by the original audience, and whether Liu Zuohu’s methodology can be applied to the entire Oujia Group, these are the thorny problems that Liu Zuohu will face next.
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