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The “powerful” of Apple’s brand power, from products to innovation, from the famous three principles of Apple marketing to hunger marketing, can all be seen.It stands to reason that for a “strong” customer, the brand experience may not be good, but Apple has achieved another high point. The connotation of “brand experience” is far beyond the products and services under the banner of the brand, including customers and brands.Or every interaction between suppliers, how is Apple strong and attractive?
Let us take a closer look at an Apple retail store.
Chunxi Road is the most prestigious business center in Chengdu. The Apple Taikoo Li Store is located in this bustling area, where is the East Square Music Fountain, Taikoo Li’s online celebrity punching point.
When you walk into an Apple retail store, you can really understand what it means to be “immersive”. It seems that this retail store has a unique charm. Time flows here very fast, and the whole person can be immersed in the belief of “Apple religion”Among.
Being in an Apple retail store, you can’t feel the charm of subversion and innovation everywhere, every product you touch, every employee who wears an Apple uniform, you are all passed on to youApple’s difficult brand experience.
According to Western legends, Apple is a tempting fruit. Today, I will give you a detailed analysis of the cheats of Apple’s seven major brands and see where the pirate flag is flying. What a mysterious temptation!
01 Never give users too many choices
Anyone who has worked in the retail industry knows the principle that there must be a lot of merchandise in the retail store, and there must be a lot of things.
Apple retail stores do the opposite, and the products are really not dazzling. No matter which Apple store in any city, there are four categories of iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and mac computers.No matter standing in the store or outside the store, it can be worn at a glance, completely subverting the principles of traditional retail.
Each category of products is the first of its kind, and has completely formed a market standard. For example, the iPhone product, no matter which generation, only provides two options: one is the ordinary standard type, and the other is the Plus type. In fact, think about this.It is also very suitable for psychology. When you really face too many choices, you may not know how to make the final choice.
Apple knows the truth and insists on never giving users too many choices, at most no more than three choices. Faced with a narrow choice space, users can easily make the final choice, at least not let them be dizzy and eventually lost.In the dark forest of choice.
02 Reset the customer’s psychological clock
God, what customers are most afraid of is long-term unattended and waiting!In the Apple retail store, all this is resolved in the reset of the customer’s mental clock service. Every Apple employee knows to approach the customer through a friendly and enthusiastic greeting, which causes the customer’s mental clock to slow down. This is aEasy and effective method.
Let’s take a look at a scene entering the Apple retail store:
Apple Sales Consultant: Hello, welcome to Apple!How can I help you today?
Customer: I am considering replacing a brand new iPhone 11, so I came here today.
Apple Sales Consultant: Great!My name is Linda, what should I call you?
Customer: My surname is Zhang.
Apple Sales Consultant: Ah, Mr. Zhang, I am really happy to meet you!You have also seen that the store is a bit busy now. Please help me. You can go to the iPhone display table over there. Where can you use the prototype, you can try it first.
If I can help you after finishing my work, I will definitely go by.And if you see which clerk is available, you can call them.Of course, I will also tell other shop assistants, Mr. Zhang, you will need to find a brand new iPhone 11, and some of my colleagues will come to help you as soon as possible!
The most critical step in resetting the customer’s mental clock is that after the customer enters the retail store, never allow the customer to wait more than three minutes!
No one cares about customers, he will feel at a loss when he stands there, he must be respected as soon as he enters the store, his mental clock will be reset to zero, and his initial nervous steps in the store will alsoBecause it slows down, this is a very important and amazing psychological principle.
03Always compete with yourself
In other mobile phone or tablet sales stores, salespersons are always chattering to compare Apple’s iPhone and iPad products with their own mobile phones and tablets. It seems that their products are more cost-effective than Apple’s products, which is a victory.
I don’t know if you walk into the Apple retail store, have you found the same phenomenon?
The answer is absolutely no. Apple simply does not make any competitive comparisons with its peers.No matter on any iPhone mockup or iPad mockup, when the customer starts to tap the screen with his hand, in addition to the price of the product, there is a product comparison option that flashes, and the object of comparison is always Apple’s own product.It is definitely not a peer product.
Apple products are always compared with their own products in the same series, and other Apple products in the same category that users have used before.Want to know how to beat and capture the iPhone market?It’s that simple to launch a better iPhone product!
04 Focus on solving problems, not arguing
“This is our company’s regulations, sorry, we can do nothing!”
“Maintenance is a matter belonging to the background staff, we belong to the receptionist, so there is really no way to help you deal with this matter.”
“I’m new here, I just went to work yesterday, so I don’t know how to handle this matter.”
I believe that many people have not listened to such words in the process of receiving customer service. The first feeling is to blame, and the second feeling is to blame. The more critical one is that customers are not respected.In Apple retail stores, every Apple employee is explicitly prohibited from such behavior during training.
Let us look at a small scene:
Apple sales consultant: Hello, I’m really sorry, there are many people today.Has someone arranged to deal with your problem?
Customer: Yeah.You guys said just now that they arranged to help me deal with computer system problems, but now I don’t know where he went?
Apple Sales Consultant: Ah!It turned out to be this way. My name is Linda, sir. Don’t worry. I think it’s good or not, because I didn’t know what happened to your computer system before. Could you tell me now and I will arrange a test for you immediately, After you find the problem, immediately deal with it for you.
Customer: That will do.
Apple attaches great importance to the research of customer psychology. They find that any customer who arrives at an Apple retail store must come with their own needs. It becomes very important to understand their inner needs at the first time.
Never forget a rule: the purpose of the service is always to meet the inner needs of the serviced, so it is a matter of urgency to focus on solving the current problems of customers, and don’t face it with a blame!
05 Create the finishing touch
Jobs is very good at creating the finishing touch, which has also become an important DNA of the Apple brand, and has penetrated into the cell blood of every Apple employee.
Customer: I really want to buy an iPhone XR 64G. How much is it currently?
Apple Sales Consultant: Let me show you, ah!I found it. The current sales price is 4799 yuan. If you pay in 24 months, you only need to pay about 199.9 yuan in one month.Excuse me, sir, why don’t you consider buying the latest iPhone 11 64G?
Customer: That one is more expensive. I didn’t plan to have so much money.
Apple Sales Consultant: Ah!It turned out that way, understand.In fact, the 64G sales price of the iPhone 11 is only 700 yuan more than the price of the iPhone XR 64G, but the iPhone 11 has a more powerful ultra-wide-angle dual-camera system. I will tell you this, it is not easy to understand, then I use the iPhone 11Let me show you.
↑ iPhone 11 ultra wide-angle shot
↑ Screen shot by iPhone without super wide-angle function
Apple sales consultant: Sir, can you see the comparison?I think you have a lot of photos on the phone you are using. I think you must love photography. The ultra-wide-angle function of iPhone 11 will definitely bring you more unexpected surprises during the shooting process.Buying the 64G model of the iPhone 11 directly is only 700 yuan more than your current budget. According to the 24-month installment, you only need to pay 29 yuan per month, so you may consider it.
By connecting the most beneficial functional characteristics of the product with people’s personal lives, you can create the finishing touch.The finishing touch will not only help customers perceive a better brand experience, it will even change the customer’s consumption opinions, buy an Apple computer that was not previously expected to be purchased, or buy an iPhone phone that exceeds the original budget. Apple’s employeesIt is well-known how to create a memorable finishing touch in each product category and apply it to customer-related cases or stories to enhance this experience.
06 Establish a good relationship instead of sales or maintenance
An employee of an Apple retail store summed up this way: “The Apple retail experience is to connect with people. It is not just selling a product, but it is in establishing a relationship with customers.”
Apple companies encourage employees to always do what they think is correct. Only in terms of the calculation of material costs, many retail companies will feel unacceptable, because from the perspective of the calculation of material costs, such encouragement may lead to enterprise materials.Costs increase, and it is difficult to see results and returns in the short term.
Do you know why Jobs registered the Apple Genius Bar trademark?
This is an important part of the Apple brand experience.For the brand experience, Jobs highly esteemed a person-the founder of Four Seasons Hotel Isado Sharp. When the first Apple retail store opened, Jobs borrowed the brand experience experience of Four Seasons Hotel-the lobby bar.
The Four Seasons Hotel’s lobby bar provides drinks, but Apple’s Apple Genius Bar will provide customers and products to establish a close relationship between the two parties to maintain.
I don’t know if everyone enters the Apple retail store and observes it. Apple employees and customers talk more about what benefits you can get from customers, and they are not simple functional features. Apple insists on its consistent ability to simplify and always focus onThe benefits that communication products can bring to the life of users. After all, this is what customers are willing to listen to. As a customer, who wants to pay for products that cannot make their lives icing on the cake?
07 Apple Retail Service Philosophy: Charming Temptation
In 2012, a foreign website accidentally obtained Apple’s internal “Genius Training Manual”, which talked about Apple’s five-step service method. I believe that in many texts that introduce Apple’s retail, it has appeared many times:
Approach——To approach customers with personalized and warm welcome;
Probe——politely inquire the real needs of customers in a logical guide language;
Present——Provide customers with a solution that will allow him to return home at ease;
Listen——Listen to customers’ statements and solve all their problems and concerns;
End-Let the customer remember with a happy farewell and encourage him to come again.
This is a very interesting five-step work method, the first letter is connected together, is APPLE.
Remember the previously mentioned Western legend about Apple being full of temptations?The temptation of Apple’s retail service charm is much more than that. The five-step service method is internally proposed by Apple.
So, what do you think of as a customer?
A retired elementary school teacher in the United States, after accepting Apple’s retail service, also used five words to describe everything she felt:
Awesome (amazing)-Apple employees are happy to listen, guide and guide customers;
Prisine (feeling pure)-every Apple retail store is neat and clean and orderly;
Patience-Every helpful and friendly Apple employee is willing to spend time communicating with customers;
Learned-Apple employees know what they need to know and pass it on to every customer they meet;
Engergetic (Energetic)-In Apple retail stores, Apple employees are always full of smiles and vitality, inquiries and responses are loud, making people happy.
Do you know that employees of Apple retail stores will carry a small card?
On this card the size of a business card, there is a short story: enrich life!This sentence encourages every Apple employee to make concerted efforts to correctly allow customers to enter every Apple brand experience, which is worth recalling and full of temptations!
What is the core soul of the Apple retail store?
To summarize in one sentence of Jobs: concentrate on doing the best!
Finally, a picture is used to elaborate on the attractive service charm of the Apple retail store:

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