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On the North Sea coast of Guangxi, the sound of seagulls bursts.Wu Xiansheng, dressed as a fisherman in the sea, wore a straw hat, rain boots, and a small bucket. He bent down and picked up a sea duck egg from the beach.He introduced in authentic Nanning Mandarin, “Salted duck eggs are very Q and very springy, and the taste is not fishy at all.”After the introduction, he ate the duck egg yolk raw to the camera.
Wu Xiansheng in the short video is simple and true.This short video was posted on Douyin on March 12th and received a total of more than 8,000 likes.6 salted duck eggs, 9 pieces of 9 bags of mail, in the next three days of live streaming of Douyin, it broke the record again on March 14, and sold 3221 orders in just one hour.
Wu Xiansheng is a native of Beihai, Guangxi. Born in 1987, he came out of a small fishing village under Beihai, Guangxi to go to university.After graduating, he packed the bedding in a snakeskin bag and entered the state-owned enterprise Liugong for sales. He sold hook machines and forklifts. In 2009, he started working as a construction machine, making big money and losing too much money.
Wu Xiansheng loves tossing and is an ambitious person.Selling fishing ports is Wu Xiansheng’s third venture.Selling Fishing Port focuses on group purchases in Nanning Tongcheng Community. It has been established for 3 years and its annual revenue can reach 10 million.In February of this year, the unexpected epidemic situation disrupted the pace of Wu Xiansheng’s entrepreneurship.
In order to survive the enterprise, Wu Xiansheng and his six colleagues began to shoot short video of Douyin.Regarding the short video, Wu Xiansheng told “Shenwang” that he is a true white. He only downloaded the Douyin software in February this year. At the moment, his sea duck egg is on the Douyin platform.Video, sales have exceeded 3 million.
Wu Xiansheng bumped into the air of live broadcast e-commerce.But obviously, he is not the biggest beneficiary of this outlet.On April 1, Luo Yonghao’s Douyin e-commerce brought goods for the first time with sales of 170 million.On May 8th, Zhuguagua sold 24.767 million yuan of sales in live streaming of Douyin.
Such achievements are remarkable.However, there is still a gap if it is compared with Kuaishou and the brothers and sisters who live with Taobao.Simba will bring more than 2 billion goods in the Double Eleven in 2019; Wei Ya Taobao live goods 2.7 billion, and Li Jiaqi’s sales exceed 1 billion.
According to third-party reports, Taobao’s live broadcast e-commerce GMV will reach 180 billion in 2019, fast-hand e-commerce is expected to reach 40-50 billion in the year, and vibrato e-commerce is expected to be only 10 billion in the year.
This means that the 400 million daily live Douyin, in the field of live broadcast and delivery, has a gap with Taobao live broadcast, and is not in the same position as Kuaishou.But to some extent, this also means the opportunity, whoever can eat the first wave of dividends, who can become the head player.
In March 2020, Li Zheng (pseudonym) established his own MCN institution, and his MCN institution has many artist resources.Prior to this, Li Zheng has been an investor for many years.Li Zheng felt that Douyin’s e-commerce live broadcast was a low-flow area, and it was a large area of ​​gold mine yet to be tapped.
Li Zheng has seen a set of data. The scale of live broadcast e-commerce last year was about 450 billion. This year it is expected to approach 900 billion. In terms of growth rate, it is 600% in 2018, 226% in 2019, and 122 in 2020.%.
According to Li Zheng’s analysis of “Deep Web”, at this rate, the bottleneck should be around 2.5 trillion.Until it reaches 2 trillion, this market will always be a dividend period.At the moment, it is this dividend period, and the vibrato live broadcast platform that has just liberalized various restrictions is a blue ocean compared with Kuaishou live broadcast and Taobao live broadcast.
Chun Yu, who graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, is the first batch of seed users of Douyin. In May 2017, she started uploading 11 videos to add 120,000 fans a month.Two months later, she went abroad to study and missed the increased traffic bonus of Douyin users; and the same period of Douyin Internet celebrity Zhang Xinyao, in October 2017, after becoming popular with the video of “Do I want to be my girlfriend,” fans monthlyIncreased by 1 million, and exceeded 8 million by January 2018.
At the moment, opportunities are also appearing on Douyin’s e-commerce live broadcast. Anchors of different identities such as celebrities, WeChat, and Internet celebrities are rushing in, dreaming of becoming Lijiaqi and Weiya of Douyin.But do they really have a chance?
According to “Shenwang”, several domestic content MCN agencies have tried to make some new accounts of Douyin e-commerce live broadcasts, but almost none have been done, there are no fans, and the sales are very poor; there are many content anchorsClaiming to be millions of fans, the car is directly overturned with the goods, and the sales are about 100,000. For Wu Xiansheng, after the popularity in March, the subsequent sales have entered a stable period, which makes him very confused.
For Douyin, the platform may not need a brother.
Nuggets new battlefield
Fighting, entry, confusion, and anxiety, the amateurs who started to vibrate live e-commerce, or MCN organizations, they all feel that they are facing a new gold mine.
After Luo Yonghao announced on March 19 that he had entered the live broadcast to bring goods, various rumors came.First, it was reported that Taobao 80 million signed Lao Luo, and then it was rumored that Kuaishou founder Cheng Yixiao personally communicated with Luo Yonghao and gave hundreds of millions of quotations.However, Luo Yonghao finally fell into the live streaming e-commerce of Douyin.
Douyin’s signing with Luo Yonghao is conducive to expanding the sound volume in the live broadcast circle, and Luo Yonghao also has the opportunity to become the icon of Douyin’s live broadcast delivery field. Compared with Kuaishou and Taobao live broadcast, Douyin is not yet iconic in the live broadcast delivery field.character.
The news that Luo Yonghao’s Douyin premiered made Li Zheng, who was in the MCN industry, feel particularly excited.In the middle and late May, Li Zheng began to travel on business. He went to Yiwu and saw a few amateurs who were selling goods live on Douyin.One of them is an amateur, who looks beautiful and can endure hardship. He broadcasts live for 9 hours a day; he is good at selling products with an average price of 30 yuan, and sells 300,000 a month.
The girl vaguely made Li Zheng see the shadow of Wei Ya’s early years. Li Zheng was very excited. He wanted to sign this girl and make her a Wei Ya live broadcast.While in Yiwu, Li Zheng saw many anchors, and Douyin Live is becoming the battlefield for their live online broadcast.Li Zheng knows that these little girls who live broadcast at the stalls don’t really understand e-commerce, and they don’t understand short videos and live broadcasts, but they know how to sell the goods quickly.In Li Zheng’s view, they are all gold diggers of Douyin Live E-commerce.
Li Zheng also contacted Zhuguagua, but he did not see Zhuguagua himself.Zhuguagua was a veteran anchor of the fast player, with 741,000 fans in the fast player.In March of this year, she switched from fast hand to vibrato, creating a single record of 500w, 1000w, 1500w up to 30 million.
Zhuguagua, which has accumulated on WeChat, has gained a lot and has nothing to do with the entire Douyin platform’s efforts to broadcast e-commerce.According to “LatePost” report, in 2019, byte beating realized total revenue of 130-140 billion yuan, of which commercial product advertising revenue was about 120-130 billion yuan, and the setting of Douyin’s advertising space has reached 10-20% of the implanted amount.Ceiling.
Douyin is looking for the next revenue growth point, and it has become the most convenient option to force live e-commerce.In 2019, the broadcast permission will be opened, and it will not be restricted by the number of fans. In January 2020, it will be connected with the small video of the volcano, 1 billion live broadcast subsidies, and help offline retail stores to carry out “non-closing online” and other activities.
Zhuguagua apparently ate the first wave of dividends from Douyin Live E-commerce. This April, Zhuguagua has been in the center of the stage.At present, many Douyin masters such as Zhu Xiaohan, Langweixian, and Bigger Research Institute have started live streaming.
Entrepreneurs have also seen opportunities.Zhang Xianwei, a serial entrepreneur, has more than 10 years of experience in Internet operations and has been in Zhengzhou for many years.He is also the co-founder of UU’s errands. The team has incubated multiple Douyin IPs: “Running Bear”, “Running Leg Peng Yuyan”, “UU Running Leg (Blue V)”, with a total of more than 10 million fans.
In 2019, Zhang Xianwei started his business again, creating a community seafood convenience store chain brand “Little Monster in the Sea”.In early 2020, the outbreak broke out, and the expansion of offline stores under Haili’s monsters was hindered. Zhang Xianwei also began to think about how to continue the project during the outbreak. He also began to try to vibrate “store + live broadcast”.
Recently, Li Zheng intensively met with the head of the MCN agency and some head anchors, but he still felt that he was too slow, making Li Zheng anxious and accelerating his pace.
Seeing this opportunity, there is Tian Shi Interactive COO Mai Shien.Tian Ge Interactive is an established live broadcast company. Mai Shien joined Tian Ge Interactive in 2012 and cooperated with Tian Ge CEO Fu Zhengjun in 2014 to promote the Group’s listing in Hong Kong.
Mai Shien told “Deep Web” that both KOL and MCN hope to find a Viia or Li Jiaqi belonging to Douyin as soon as possible on Douyin.”At present, it is not known who will kill Deer.”
Does Douyin need a brother?
Can Luo Yonghao and Zhu Guagua be brothers and sisters of Douyin Live E-commerce?One is the official invitation of Douyin to spend a lot of money, and the live show’s first show is blockbuster; the other is the rising star of the future.But whether it can become the head of a platform needs to be tempered in practice.
Time is a dimension that cannot be crossed.
The headquarter of addiction food culture is located in Chengdu, a head MCN institution deeply cultivating food.Xu Linfei, CEO of addiction food culture, believes that “each company wants to create its own Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi, but some things can not be copied.”
Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi belong to Taobao Live Broadcasting’s first anchors in 2016.They grew up bit by bit from within the Taobao platform.
At the beginning, Weiya sold all kinds of things, chairs, cups, cakes in the live broadcast room… It was difficult to attract investment at the beginning. Do it slowly and guide the sales data from 10 million to 30 million.By the time of the “Double Eleven” in 2017, Wei Ya led a transaction of 70 million.
Different from Wei Ya playing steadily, Li Jiaqi suddenly burst into popularity.Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast has not been improved for a long time and wants to leave. At that time, Taobao was all female anchors. In order to enrich the ecology, Taobao gave male anchors a three-day traffic recommendation. Li Jiaqi was one of the male anchors who got this traffic recommendation.Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast on Taobao rose steadily, but Li Jiaqi became famous for Douyin.Weiya, Li Jiaqi and their fans have established a trust relationship through “buy, buy, buy” time and time again.
The head anchor brought hundreds of millions of goods a year, but which one did not stay for three or five years, Wei Ya once told “Shen Wang” that she could broadcast 360 games 365 days a year, almost all year round.
Is it possible to become one brother and one sister after entering the game for the first time?Because the Douyin traffic is distributed based on content and algorithms, the headline celebrity traffic is dispersed, and private domain traffic is not established, which is not conducive to private domain traffic operation. It is difficult for e-commerce MCN operators to use private methods to operate private domain traffic.
This means it is difficult for Douyin’s head celebrity to establish his own private domain traffic pool. Luo Yonghao and Zhu Guagua are.
This is even more true for non-headline celebrities Wu Xiansheng.
Wu Xiansheng incubated 6 numbers on Douyin, with a total fan count of about 100,000. In his view, the number of fans has no direct relationship with the amount of goods brought.For Wu Xiansheng, after the popularity in March, the subsequent sales have entered a plateau, which makes him very confused.
For a long time, the number of fans obtained by Douyin creators does not determine the actual traffic they own. Users passively recommend watching, and anchors do not have stable private domain traffic; creators rely on content to speak and are pushed away by algorithm recommendations.Therefore, the soil where one brother and one sister grew up was not fertile.
From the perspective of the platform, does the platform need a brother?
A person in charge of fast-moving online celebrities told “”, “Taobao’s anchors can take more than 30% of the entire platform, but this kind of ecology is definitely not so healthy for Taobao live broadcasts.Therefore, Taobao Live is currently encouraging store owners to cultivate their own anchors. Only when the anchors of the store develop, can the entire platform’s ecology be considered healthy.”
Is the Douyin live streaming platform, which is still growing wildly, urgent for the birth of one brother and one sister?
On the whole Douyin platform, one brother Zhang Xinyao and one sister were rigorous at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, but now, Douyin’s head has become popular overnight, and no one is called by the outside world.A brother or sister of Douyin.
In other words, Douyin does not need a brother or sister now.
Half is flame, half is sea water
One flower is not spring, the traffic of Douyin’s live broadcast e-commerce is also tilted towards ordinary merchants.
Two months after the live broadcast of Yang Yahui’s Braised Meat Store in Yuzhou, Henan Province, the boss found that about 10% of the off-line dine-in guests every day came from the live broadcast audience, and the daily online sales of Braised Meat gradually increased to 1,000 copies.Above, the operating income is basically the same as offline.
During the epidemic, Yang Yahui and his wife in Yuzhou, Henan found Zhang Xianwei, the founder of the “Little Monster in the Sea”, through his friends.Yang Yahui’s couple started from dozens of small shops and became greedy early, turning this braised shop into a local net red food shop with an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters, with a daily turnover of about 30,000.
Even so, Yang Yahui and his wife still have some anxiety. They have a branded noodle shop in the town next door. Last year, they recruited students through quick-handed short videos and live broadcasts. It is said that they earned nearly 10 million training fees a year.They hope that they can be sold to all parts of the country through short videos or live broadcasts.
Zhang Xianwei found that the proprietress of the meat stew shop is hearty, quick and quick to speak, and the voice is also very recognizable. It feels very good to live on the vibrato.So she suggested that she maintain her true color. Every day she can live broadcast for 4 hours, highlighting her interaction with customers and employees, and recording the scene of the hot field sales.
Zhang Xianwei believes that the daily broadcast of the storefront is for diversion. Douyin itself will push some local traffic, and short videos will also have the location tag of the store.The live streaming of Douyin live broadcast is different from the short video. Live broadcast does not require a long process of raising a number, but it can’t create a personal setting. You can only tap the recognizable aspect of the anchor’s personality.
“Live streaming of Douyin needs to be popular, as long as the short video must be popular, so it is very easy to start live broadcasting when the amount of short video is started.The entrance is relatively deep. Only when the short video explosion is brushed, the shallowest entrance of the live broadcast can be seen at the most conspicuous position of the attention button,” Zhang Xianwei told “Deep Web”.
After two months, Zhang Xianwei summed up his experience and lessons, and online sales are increasing little by little.
Xu Linfei, CEO of addiction food culture, told “Shenwang”, “The live streaming of Douyin is very hot right now, and addiction food culture is also being tested, but it will not blindly enter the game.It’s good to bring goods, and it’s not good to have no fans. Sometimes the opportunity to see is not necessarily an opportunity.”
After the epidemic occurred, the anchor Xiao An (pseudonym) stationed on Douyin to broadcast live and started selling clothes on Douyin.The clothing will be complained occasionally because of the color difference, and the platform will be fined.She spends about two hours a day on Douyin live broadcast, and now her fan base is slowly rising, but now Xiao An has not made money on Douyin live broadcast, and even lost some money to go in.
“Shenwang” contacted several domestic content MCN agencies to understand their investment and progress in live delivery of Douyin, but they were basically rejected because they tried to make some new numbers for Douyin e-commerce live broadcast., But almost did not do it, there are no fans, and sales are very poor.
“Creativity required for content live broadcast, live broadcast with delivery requires cooperation of the supply chain, live broadcast conversation and live broadcast duration, the two’s ability circles are different, which is why many content anchors claim to have millions of fans, and take delivery directlyIf you roll over, the sales will be 100,000.” An MCN agency founder told “Shenzhen”.
Seen in this light, Wu Xiansheng, who got in three videos with one head in his head, was lucky to see it. This luck gave Wu Xiansheng the goal.
Wu Xiansheng changed his WeChat profile picture to Sun Wukong in “The Big Journey to the West”. In the WeChat circle of friends, he also sent a photo of Sun Wukong in “The Return of the Great Saint”, holding a golden hoop and standing on the top of the mountain..Below the picture, Wu Xiansheng wrote a sentence-Douyin has no brother.

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