Carmen Briefing丨Bai Teng more than 1,000 employees were owed 90 million in wages; Mercedes-Benz and Nvidia engaged in autonomous driving; GM sued the FCA bribery case to annoy the judge


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Carmen Briefing
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More than 1,000 employees of Byton Auto were owed 90 million in wages, and third-party human resources companies suspended their provident fund services
Future Auto Daily was exclusively informed that at 2:30 pm on June 23, nearly 100 employees of Bytten Motors in Nanjing gathered in the Nanjing Economic Development Zone, demanding that the company pay the previously owed salary.According to people familiar with the matter, Dai Lei, CEO of Baiteng Automobile, said in the employee meeting held on June 1st that the current wages owed to employees are about 90 million yuan, and the company’s tax refund is 100 million yuan, which can cover 3 months of employee wages.Byton employees said that as of now, when the tax refund will be credited and whether it will be used to pay employees’ salaries, the company has not made a clear statement.In this regard, Byton said to the Future Auto Daily that the company’s management and shareholders are actively responding to strive to properly resolve employee salary issues as soon as possible; the factory is currently on high temperature leave and will resume work after the Dragon Boat Festival.(Future Auto Daily)
Mercedes-Benz joins hands with NVIDIA to develop autonomous driving system
On June 24, Huang Renxun, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, and Ola Källenius, global president of Mercedes-Benz Auto Group, announced in a media live broadcast event that the two companies will jointly develop “software-definedvehicle”.The two parties are collaborating to develop Nvidia’s next-generation DRIVE AGX Orin computing platform, which supports various services from over-the-air software update (OTA) to autonomous driving. It will be popularized on the next-generation Mercedes-Benz models as early as 2024.(Future Auto Daily)
Liu Zhi, BMW’s first Chinese sales president, leaves, and Vice President Shao Bin takes over
On June 24, BMW Group Greater China issued a personnel appointment announcement saying that from July 4, 2020, Shao Bin will replace Liu Zhi as president of BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. Liu Zhi left the company for personal reasons.(Future Auto Daily)
GM sues FCA bribery case to annoy judge: order both CEOs to meet on July 1, don’t take up public resources
On June 24, the CEOs of both General Motors and Fiat Chrysler (FCA) were ordered to meet face-to-face before July 1 to resolve a lawsuit involving bribery of union officials.According to Bloomberg News, the reason for resolving disputes in this way is because the judge “impatiently” litigates, believing that this “wasted time and resources” during the new crown epidemic.For this meeting, GM said it would not make concessions in law, “This is to get GM compensated.”(Future Auto Daily)
Tencent version of the car ecology is here, 3 million+ apps are getting on the car
On June 24, Tencent Smart Travel held an online press conference and released the ecological vehicle networking product TAI 3.0, automated driving virtual simulation platform TAD Sim 2.0, as well as automotive cloud digital marketing solutions and smart transportation solutions.Zhong Xiangping, vice president of Tencent, said that at present, Tencent Smart Travel has cooperated with 29 car companies to land more than 110 mass-produced models; at the same time, in the field of urban smart transportation, it provides 110 cities and 130 million users with ride codes,Ride registration code, real-time bus and other services.According to Tencent, TAI 3.0 includes two in-vehicle apps “Tencent accompanying” and “Tencent Aiqin” and an ecological open platform “Tencent small scene”.(Future Auto Daily)
Chengdu and Baidu Apollo sign strategic cooperation
On June 24th, Chengdu High-tech Zone and Baidu reached a strategic cooperation. Baidu Apollo and Chengdu High-tech Zone will jointly promote the construction of the first intelligent driving benchmark project in Sichuan Province in the future, and launch autonomous driving operations including Robotaxi to the publicServices to accelerate the formation of an intelligent driving industry ecology in western China.After the project is completed, the pilot operation of autonomous vehicles such as Robotaxi will be carried out to provide citizens with many types of autonomous vehicle operation services such as manned connection and site delivery.(NetEase Technology)
Yushi Technology and Tianjin Dongli District Government reached strategic cooperation
On June 24, Yushi Technology and the Dongli District Government of Tianjin formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties will focus on the coordinated development of unmanned driving and the real economy, and jointly create a large-scale unmanned driving that covers many typical real economic scenarios.Operational demonstration area.(36 krypton)
Dongjie Intelligent and Weimar Automobile signed a 196 million yuan general contract
Dongjie Intelligent issued an announcement saying that its wholly-owned subsidiary Changzhou Hayden Sets Coating Equipment Co., Ltd. and Weimar Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the general contracting of process equipment for the painting workshop of Mianyang Base. The total contract value is 196 million yuan.It accounted for 26.62% of Dongjie Intelligent’s audited operating income in 2019.(Future Auto Daily)
Yuan Rong Qixing won the first evaluation of autonomous driving authority
Recently, Fosun Rui is being invested by Yuanrong Qixing, a self-developed perceptual algorithm, and won the first place in the single-scan track ranking of Semantic KITTI “3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation”.On Semantic KITTI’s “Mixed Category Average Crossover Ratio (mIoU)” indicator, Yuan Rong Qixing won first place, surpassing the Alibaba Dharma Institute’s automated driving laboratory.KITTI is the world’s largest self-driving computer algorithm evaluation data set.(Future Auto Daily)
Lifan Motors will recall 3651 650EV300 electric vehicles due to potential safety hazards of battery packs
After the recall announcement issued in mid-June, Lifan Motors will start recalling a total of 3651 650EV300 pure electric vehicles from July 1, 2020.According to the previous announcement, the recall caused a hidden short circuit risk caused by wear on the power battery pack of the 650EV300 model.(TechWeb)
Southeast Asian taxi software giant Grab announces suspension of cooperation with Wirecard
Southeast Asian taxi software Grab said on Wednesday that it has suspended its partnership with German payment giant Wirecard, which is caught in an accounting scandal, until further notice.Earlier Wirecard disclosed a financial black hole of 1.9 billion euros, threatening its future survival.Earlier this year, Grab and Wirecard reached a payment agreement under which Wirecard will process transactions made through GrabPay e-wallets.(Sina Finance)
China Automobile Association released the ranking of the top ten auto manufacturers’ export volume from January to May 2020
From January to May 2020, the top ten manufacturers of automobile exports are: SAIC, Chery, Changan, Dongfeng, Beiqi, Daqing Volvo, Great Wall, Geely, JAC and Sinotruk. Compared with the same period of last year, Changan,The export volume of Dongfeng and Daqing Volvo showed a rapid growth, while SAIC slightly declined, and other enterprises showed a significant decline.From January to May, the above-mentioned ten companies exported a total of 284,000 vehicles, accounting for 87.8% of the total export of the automobile industry.(Sina Motors)
Bentley will push “Beyond100” plan, the new Bentley Tim Yue will be released on July 1
A few days ago, Bentley officially announced that it will announce the details of the new Bentley Tim Yue at 0:00 on July 1, 2020 Beijing time (17:00 on June 30 European time).The new Tianyue will be the first new model launched by the Bentley brand under the “Beyond 100” business strategy, and will release an electrification transformation plan.(Sina Motors)
New progress in Tesla’s Texas plant construction: the local county government will determine the tax subsidy ratio as early as next week
Fox Business reports that Travis County in central Texas will decide as early as next week whether Tesla will provide millions of dollars in tax subsidies to the company if it builds a $1.1 billion car factory locally..(interface)
Domestic passenger car sales were released in May, SUV is still the power engine of the entire car market
Recently, according to the domestic passenger car sales data released by the China Federation of Passenger Transport in May, after experiencing the impact of the new crown epidemic, the domestic auto market rebounded in May.Among them, SUV is still the power engine of the entire car market.In May, the sales volume of SUV models was 759,000 units, achieving double year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter growth, and the increase rate reached double digits (13.7% and 14.8%, respectively).(Sina Motors)
Hainan New Energy Vehicle Purchase Award Application Channel Opened
Hainan Province encourages the consumption of new energy vehicles for guidance: the purchase of one new energy vehicle will be awarded 10,000 yuan.The total amount of incentives for new energy vehicles does not exceed 15,000, and the total amount of incentives does not exceed 150 million yuan.Reward objects are sorted and determined according to the time of declaration of materials for car buyers.The deadline for reporting awards is January 15, 2021.(Sina Motors)
The epidemic may cause one out of six British employees to lose their jobs
The British Automobile Manufacturers and Distributors Association released an investigation report on June 23. Affected by the new crown epidemic, one-third of the employees in the British auto industry are currently on “vacation status”, and one-sixth of the employees may be unemployed.The report pointed out that due to the stagnation of global economic activity, market closures and factory shutdowns, the British auto industry has announced more than 6,000 job cuts since June.(Xinhua News Agency)
Kia, Hyundai and LG Chem jointly launch a global electric vehicle technology competition
Kia, Hyundai and LG Chem have announced that they have jointly launched a competition selection event called the EV & Battery Challenge (EVBC). The aim is to find start-up companies engaged in battery and electric vehicle technology.Startups will have the opportunity to obtain investment and cooperate with them.(Sina Motors)
Gao Shenzhitu and Jingdong unmanned delivery vehicle reached a cooperation to operate L4 autonomous driving unmanned delivery business in Suzhou
Gao Shenzhitu announced that it has reached a cooperation with Jingdong unmanned delivery vehicles to provide customized high-precision map and positioning solutions based on multi-sensors such as lidar, and operates the LA4 autonomous driving unmanned delivery business in Suzhou.(Future Auto Daily)
Changan Automobile Global Software Center and other projects “flowers” Chongqing Yubei, total investment exceeds 33.1 billion
Chongqing Yubei District signed 35 major investment projects including Changan Automobile Global Software Center, with a total investment of 33.11 billion yuan (RMB, the same below).Changan Automobile Global Software Center is the core of Changan’s “Beidou Tianshu” plan. It plans to invest 5 billion yuan to closely follow the development trends of new technologies such as AI, big data, 5G/Internet of Vehicles, and autonomous driving.In addition, the total investment of Changan Kaicheng Automobile Project, which was signed and settled at the same time, reached 10 billion yuan. It is expected that the total sales of automobiles will be 1.48 million units and the operating income will be 74 billion yuan in 5 years.(China News Network)
New product
Porsche Taycan’s fourth model is about to start pre-sale
Following the Taycan Turbo S, Taycan Turbo and Taycan 4S, the Porsche pure electric sports car family will usher in the fourth new member.On June 29, Porsche will release Taycan’s new car through a live show, which is expected to become the basic version of the Taycan family.With reference to the price of 1.148 million yuan of the current entry-level model Taycan 4S, the price of the new car is expected to go further and lower the threshold of the model.(Sina Motors)
Buick Encore S Interiors Announced
On June 24, SAIC-GM Buick’s new SUV Buick Angkewei S announced the interior information.As a product based on GM’s mid-size luxury SUV architecture, Angkewei S uses the new Buick SUV family design language, equipped with the largest skylight of the same level and more than 20 storage spaces.(Sina Motors)
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